Non-market Strategy: an Integrative Review and Future Directions

Sinziana Dorobantu (New York University)
Aseem Kaul (University of Minnesota)
Bennet Zelner (University of Maryland)

Abstract: We use a novel theoretical framework to synthesize ostensibly disparate streams of non-market strategy research. We argue that faced with weak institutions, firms can create and appropriate value by either adapting to, augmenting, or transforming the existing institutional environment, and can do so either independently or in collaboration with others. We use the resulting typology of six distinct non-market strategies to provide an integrative review of non-market strategy research. We then extend this framework to examine the choice between non-market strategies, arguing that this choice depends upon whether the existing institutional environment is incomplete or captured, and discussing other drivers of non-market strategy choice, the relationship between these strategies, and their social impact, so as to provide an agenda for future research.

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