Modeling Production in the Creative Commons

Massimiliano Gambardella (M5S, Legislative Office, Chamber of deputies (Italy))
Matthijs den Besten (Montpellier Business School)

Abstract: Creative Commons (CC) licenses are increasingly used and the number of works under these licenses is growing. However, for each successful project there are many others that fail because they are unable to attract user contributions. Soliciting the contributions of users is a challenge for the management of a CC project. The aim of this paper is to shed light on the factors that contribute to the success of a CC project. To do that we develop an agent-based model that simulates the hidden dynamics of the production of CC works. This model is able to replicate stylized facts of CC production. Moreover, the model shows that characteristics of the CC project, such as the effort necessary to complete the project, the prestige of the producer, and its legal status are fundamental to its success.

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