Governance of Perspectives in a Partnership Society

Pieter H.M. Ruys (Tilburg University, Netherlands)

Abstract: The Perspective Partnership vehicle allows for comparing widely different organizations that are all transformations of a partnership. It also characterizes these organizations by the degree in which they focus on businesslike economic values and resources, on cooperative or emotional human values and resources, or on imperial mentality public values and resources. The observation that any organization contains a composition or an amalgamation of these identities makes it hard to govern such a hybrid organization. This hybridity of the partners’ perspectives and identities, can be resolved by making a partner accountable in her appropriate behavioral domain. For that purpose the fiscal regimes related to profit and non-profit enterprises have performed satisfactorily for some time. But there is more. The Partnership Perspective modeling vehicle allows also for the expansion and evolution of the partnerships, by identifying and analyzing specialized partnerships, that are internally ordered according to the level of influence: public, social, and private, or according to cross-sector influence: the cross-sector partnerships. An input-output table of values and services is constructed, resulting in a well-being or ‘relational growth spiral’ in the evolving societal partnership. These partnerships together form the hierarchical societal partnership.

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