Morningness-evenigness Pay Gap in Creative R&d Jobs

Aaro Hazak (Tallinn University of Technology)
Kadri Männasoo (Tallinn University of Technology)
Markku Partinen (Helsinki Sleep Clinic, University of Helsinki)

Abstract: People differ from one another in their daily sleep and wake regimes. Various social norms, regulations and other institutional factors imply on the behaviour and equality of treatment of individuals with different morningness-eveningness patterns. We provide some insight on the existence of morningness-eveningness pay gap. We present fully observed recursive structural equation estimates as well as ordered probit regression estimates of the drivers of salary levels, based on data from our original repeated survey of Estonian creative R&D employees on a sample of 149 individuals from eleven entities. Employees of evening type appear to have a lower probability of getting higher levels of salary, compared to employees with no distinct morningness-eveningness profile. Simultaneously, we find support to a strong gender pay gap, with female employees having an average 13-15% lower probability of earning the higher levels of salary. Age is another strong determinant of the salary level.

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