Nested Markets with Common Pool Resources in Multifunctional Agriculture

Nico Polman (LEI Wageningen UR)
Krijn J. Poppe (LEI Wageningen UR)
Jan Willem van der Schans (LEI Wageningen UR)
Jan-Douwe van der Ploeg (Wageningen University)

Abstract: Nested markets are segments of wider (more global) markets where the specificities of place and networks provide room for specific products, extra trade and premium prices. Nested markets imply boundaries (and often boundary organizations that actively deal with these boundaries). These boundaries are permeable. Nonetheless, they define a space that allows for premium prices, cost-reductions, specific connections, reduced transaction costs and differential development trends. Nested markets can only be dealt with, if adequate concepts and a proper analytical approach are being used. The common pool resource theory is such a concept. This enriches the concept of multifunctional agriculture. Two empirical cases are analysed with these concepts.

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