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Openness and Rigidity of Islamic Law: Jurists' Motives for Change Within the Islamic Legal System - abstract
Hania Abou Shamat, (University of Florida)

Incumbents and Criminals in the Indian National Legislature - abstract
Toke Aidt, (Cambridge University)
Miriam A. Golden, (University of California at Los Angeles)
Devesh Tiwari, (University of California at San Diego)

Size Matters: an Index on Regulation and Public Sector at Decentralized Levels of Government - abstract and paper
Rocio Albert, (Complutense University)
Rogelio Biazzi, ( Complutense University)
Francisco Cabrillo, (Complutense University )

A Risk Based Approach to the Problem of Credible Commitment in Public Private Partnership: the Case of Vietnam - abstract and paper
Eduardo Araral, (National University of Singapore)

Search Engine Competition with Network Externalities - abstract and paper
Cedric Argenton, (Tilburg University)
Jens Prüfer , (Tilburg University)

Transactional Legal Opinions As Evidence of the Tradeoffs Between Business Registration and Contractual Costs - abstract and paper
Benito Arruñada, (Pompeu Fabra University)
Carlos A. Manzanares, (Vanderbilt University)

Counter-incentives in Incomplete Contracts - abstract and paper
Laure Athias, (IDHEAP, University of Lausanne)
Raphael Soubeyran, (INRA-LAMETA)

Judges, Courts and Economic Development: the Impact of Judicial Human Capital on the Efficiency and Accuracy of the Court System - abstract and paper
Gwendolyn G. Ball, (University of Illinois)
Jay P. Kesan, (University of Illinois)

Female Preachers and Reshaping of Islamic Authority in Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria: Lessons in Institutional Change and Consolidation - abstract and paper
Masooda Bano, (University of Oxford)

Brazilian Supreme Court and the Rule of Law Construction: Building the Legislative Quality Index (lqi) - abstract and paper
Leon Victor de Queiroz Barbosa, (UFPE & CEL/UFMG)
José Mario Wanderley Gomes Neto, (UFPE & UNICAP)
Dalson Britto Figueiredo Filho, (UFPE)

Income and Democracy: Revisiting the Evidence, - abstract and paper
Cristian Bartolucci, (Collegio Carlo Alberto)
Enrique Moral-Benito, (Bank of Spain)

The Greenwashing Machine: is Csr More Than Communication? - abstract and paper
Remi Bazillier, (Université d'Orléans)
Julien Vauday, (CNRS - Université Paris 13)

Incentives Versus Culture? Why Turnover Intentions Differ Across European Welfare Regimes - abstract
Janine Bernhardt, (IAAEG, Trier University)

Democracy's Dimesions: Implications & a Case Study - abstract and paper
Roger R Betancourt, (University of Maryland)

Relational Contract and Endogenous Contractual Incompleteness. Experimental Evidence. - abstract and paper
Jean Beuve, (IAE - University of Paris 1)
Claudine Desrieux, (ERMES - University of Paris 2)

Trade Shocks, Mass Mobilization and Decolonization: Evidence from India's Independence Struggle - abstract and paper
Rikhil Bhavnani, (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Saumitra Jha, (Stanford University)

The Feudal Revolution and Europe's Rise: Institutional Divergence in the Christian and Muslim Worlds Before 1500 Ce - abstract and paper
Lisa Blaydes, (Stanford University)
Eric Chaney, (Harvard University)

The Impact of the Institutional Environment on Irrigation Practices: Econometric Analysis Based on Farming in Charente-maritime, France - abstract and paper
Olivier Bouba-Olga, (CRIEF-TEIR University of Poitiers)
Ornella Boutry, (CRIEF-TEIR University of Poitiers)

Patchwork Para-militarism? Social and Economic Organization in the Ulster Volunteer Force Before 1918 - abstract and paper
Tim Bowman, (University of Kent)
Graham Brownlow, (Queen's University Management School)

The Economics of Multi-level Governance: on the Benefits of Overlapping Jurisdictions - abstract
Eric Brousseau, (Univesity of Paris & EUI)
Emmanuel Raynaud, (INRA SADAPT & CES (U. Paris I) )

Private Entrepreneurs in Public Services: a Longitudinal Examination of Outsourcing and Statization of Prisons - abstract and paper
Sandro Cabral, (Federal University of Bahia)
Sergio Lazzarini, (Insper)
Paulo Furquim de Azevedo, (FGV-SP)

“flying Land”: Intergovernmental Cooperation in Local Economic Development in China - abstract and paper
Meina Cai, (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Industrial Policy: Opportunity to Innovate with Responsibility - abstract and paper
Rafaela Carvalho, (Fundação Getulio Vargas)
Antônio Porto, (Fundação Getulio Vargas)

Lost in Transition? How Civil War Violence Can Impair the Foundations for Market Development - the Case of Tajikistan - abstract and paper
Alessandra Cassar, (University of San Francisco)
Pauline Grosjean, (University of San Francisco)
Sam Whitt, (Fullbright Scholar, University of Pristina, Kosovo)

Specificity of Control: the Case of Mexico's Ejido Reform - abstract and paper
Paul Castañeda Dower, (New Economic School)
Tobias Pfutze, (Oberlin College)

A New Institutional Economics Approach to Government Regulation - abstract
Tamer Çetin, (Yildiz Technical University)
Fuat Oğuz, (Baskent University)

An Economic Analysis of Civil Versus Common Law Property - abstract and paper
Yun-chien Chang, (Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica)
Henry E. Smith, (Harvard Law School)

The Auction Versus Negotiation Trade off in Public Procurement Under Political Scrutiny - abstract
Eshien Chong, (ADIS, Faculté Jean Monnet, U. Paris Sud 11)
Carine Staropoli, (CES, U. Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne)
Anne Yvrande-Billon, (Autorité de la Concurrence and CES, U. Paris I )

What Motivates Organizational Changes? an Empirical Analysis in the French Water Industry - abstract
Eshien Chong, (ADIS - U. Paris 11)
Stéphane Saussier, (IAE - Sorbonne Business School)
Brian Silverman, (Rotman Business School, U. of Toronto)

Child Labor and the Global Cocoa Industry’s Adoption of Certification: - abstract
Alexandra Clark, (Massey University)

Innovation and Learning During the Crisis: Evidence from Firm Level Data for Eastern European Countries - abstract and paper
Paulo Correa, (The World Bank)
Mariana Iootty, (The World Bank)

Trade and Income: Using Civil Wars in Transit Countries As External Shocks on Trade - abstract
Mathieu Couttenier, (Paris 1 Sorbonne)
Vincent Vicard, (Banque de France)

Appropriability and Incentives with Complementary Innovations - abstract and paper
Massimo D'Antoni, (University of Siena)
Maria Alessandra Rossi, (University of Siena)

The Case for a Trusteeship Approach to Corporate Governance - abstract
Giuseppe Danese, (Simon Fraser University)

Frontier Violence: Property Rights, Commons Management Costs and Distributive Conflict - abstract and paper
Jean Daudelin, (Carleton University)

To Allot or Not to Allot? Managing Public Services in Europe - abstract and paper
Julie de Brux, (Sorbonne Business School)
Claudine Desrieux, (University Paris II Pantheon Assas )

Renegotiations and Contract Renewals in Ppps. an Empirical Analysis - abstract and paper
Julie de Brux, (Sorbonne Business School)
Jean Beuve, (Sorbonne Business School)
Stéphane Saussier, (Sorbonne Business School)

Law & Economics Perspectives on Electricity Regulation - abstract and paper
Yannick PEREZ, (University PAris-Sud 11)

Are Natural Resources Cursed? an Investigation of the Dynamic Effects of Mineral Fuels Exports on Governance and Competition - abstract and paper
Donato De Rosa, (The World Bank)
Mariana Iootty, (The World Bank)

Confidence in Judicial Institutions: an Empirical Approach - abstract and paper
Bruno Deffains, (University of Paris II Pantheon Assas)
Ludivine Roussey, (University of Paris West Nanterre La Defense)

Modeling Cognitive Social Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility (csr) As Preconditions for Sustainable Networks of Relations - abstract and paper
Giacomo Degli Antoni, (Università Milano Bicocca)
Lorenzo Sacconi, (Università di Trento)

Modeling of Public Trust in Basic Social and Political Institutions: a Comparative Econometric Analysis - abstract and paper
Olga Demidova, (NRU Higher School of Economics)

Institutional Design and Market Efficiency: Evidence from the New York Stock Exchange Ipo - abstract and paper
Stephen Diamond, (Santa Clara University School of Law)
Jennifer Kuan, (Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research)

Entrenched Insiders: Limited Access Order in Mexico - abstract
Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, (U of California San Diego)

Entrenched Insiders: Limited Access Order in Mexico - abstract
Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, (UCSD)

Incentive Effects of Bonus Taxes - abstract and paper
Helmut M. Dietl, (University of Zurich)
Martin Grossmann, (University of Zurich)
Markus Lang, (University of Zurich)
Simon Wey, (University of Zurich)

Executive Pay Regulation: What Regulators, Shareholders, and Managers Can Learn from Major Sports Leagues - abstract and paper
Helmut Dietl, (University of Zurich)
Tobias Duschl, (University of Zurich)
Markus Lang, (University of Zurich)

The Size of Government Bureaucracy: Theory and Evidence - abstract
Marina Dodlova, (EconomiX / University Paris Ouest, CESifo, HSE)

Right-to-carry Laws, Stand-your-ground Laws, and Justifiable Homicides - abstract
John J. Donohue, (Stanford Law School)
Ivan C. Ribeiro, (University of São Paulo)

Judicial Legitimacy: the Public Perception of the Courts As the Least Political Branch - abstract and paper
John N. Drobak, (Washington University)

Dynamic Collective Choice with Endogenous Status Quo - abstract and paper
Wiola DZIUDA, (MEDS, Kellogg, Northwestern)
Antoine LOEPER, (MEDS, Kellogg, Northwestern)

Blinded by the Light: Ownership Structure and Incentivizing Transparency - abstract
Robert Eberhart, (Stanford University)
Michael Gucwa, (Stanford University)

Cognition and Governance Structure - abstract and paper
Li Feng, (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
George Hendrikse, (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)

How Tyranny Paved the Way to Wealth and Democracy: the Democratic Transition in Ancient Greece - abstract and paper
Robert K. Fleck, (Montana State University)
F. Andrew Hanssen, (Clemson University)

Regulatory Externalities As a Driver of Corporate Environmental Performance - abstract and paper
Adam Fremeth, (University of Western Ontario)
J. Myles Shaver, (University of Minnesota)

Is Regulation by Milestones Efficiency Enhancing? an Experimental Study of Environmental Protection - abstract and paper
Andreas Freytag, (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)
Werner Güth, (Max Planck Institute of Economics)
Hannes Koppel, (Max Planck Institute of Economics)
Leo Wangler, (Friedrich Schiller University Jena)

Fiscal Effects of Municipal Amalgamation - abstract and paper
Benedikt Fritz, (Walter Eucken Insitute and University of Freiburg)

The Scope of Open Licences in Cultural Contents Production and Distribution - abstract and paper
Massimiliano Gambardella, (Paris Ouest University)

Cheap Credit and Incentives in Financial Institutions: the Case of Global Microfinance - abstract and paper
Mark Garmaise, (UCLA)
Gabriel Natividad, (New York University)

Why Do U.s. States Adopt Public-private Partnership Enabling Legislation? - abstract and paper
Rick Geddes, (Cornell University)
Benjamin Wagner, (Cornell University)

Why Do Similar Reforms Produce Dissimilar Outcomes? Privatization Effectiveness in the Shadow of Ukraine's Orange Revolution - abstract and paper
Scott Gehlbach, (UW Madison)
John S. Earle, (George Mason University)

Delegation and Pay-for-performance: Evidence from Industrial Sales Force - abstract and paper
Mrinal Ghosh, (University of Arizona)
Francine Lafontaine, (University of Michigan)
Desmond Lo, (Santa Clara University)

Product Form Choice: Selling Systems Versus Components in Industrial Markets - abstract and paper
Mrinal Ghosh, (University of Arizona)
Shantanu Dutta, (University of Southern California)
Kellilynn M. Frias, (University of Arizona)

Does Vertical Integration Decrease Prices? Evidence from the Paramount Antitrust Case of 1948 - abstract and paper
Ricard Gil, (UC - Santa Cruz)

The Demand for Mutual Monitoring - abstract and paper
Timo Goeschl, (University of Heidelberg)
Johannes Jarke, (University of Heidelberg)

A History of Violence: the Culture of Honor As a Determinant of Homicide in the Us South - abstract and paper
Pauline Grosjean, (University of San Francisco)

Conflict Trap or State Building? International Wars, Civil Conflicts and Social and Political Preferences - abstract and paper
Pauline Grosjean, (University of San Francisco)

What is Law? a Coordination Account of the Characteristics of Legal Order - abstract and paper
Gillian K. Hadfield, (University of Southern California)
Barry R. Weingast, (Stanford University)

Promises, Promises: Vote-buying, Institutionalized Political Parties and Political Budget Cycles - abstract and paper
Marek Hanusch, (Overseas Development Institute)
Philip Keefer, (The World Bank Development Research Group)

Does Franchise Extension Reduce Short-run Economic Growth? Evidence from New South Wales, 1862-1882 - abstract and paper
Edwyna Harris, (Monash University)

Federal Competition and Economic Growth - abstract and paper
John William Hatfield, (Stanford University)
Katrina Kosec, (Stanford University)

Philanthropy, Csr and Ngos' Activism - abstract
Sophie Hatte, (Paris School of Economics, Centro Studi LdA )

Judicial Discretion and Civil Procedure: the Effect of Ideology on Rule 12(b)(6) Motions After Twombly and Iqbal - abstract
Kevin Heilenday, (Duke University)
John M. de Figueiredo, (Duke University)

Spinning Gold: the Financial Returns to External Stakeholder Engagement - abstract and paper
Witold Henisz, (The Wharton School)
Sinziana Dorobantu, (The Wharton School)
Lite Nartey, (The Wharton School)

Regulative, Normative and Cognitive Institutional Supports for Relational Contracting in Infrastructure Projects - abstract and paper
Witold Henisz, (The Wharton School)
Raymond Levitt, (Stanford University)

On the Link Between Government Ideology and Corruption in the Public Sector - abstract and paper
Zohal Hessami, (University of Konstanz)

Nonmarket Strategy for Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions - abstract
Guy Holburn, (University of Western Ontario)
Rick Vanden Bergh, (University of Vermont)

Gathering Information Before Signing a Contract: Experimental Evidence - abstract and paper
Eva I. Hoppe, (University of Cologne)
Patrick W. Schmitz, (University of Cologne)

Public-private Partnerships Versus Traditional Procurement: Innovation Incentives and Information Gathering - abstract and paper
Eva I. Hoppe, (University of Cologne)
Patrick W. Schmitz, (University of Cologne)

To Become Homo Economicus: the Communist Party’s Embrace of China’s Monopolistic Sectors - abstract
Yunzhi Hu, (Peking University)
Yang Yao, (Peking University)

The Coevolution of Economic and Political Development from Monarchy to Democracy - abstract and paper
Fali Huang, (Singapore Management University)

Public-private Partnerships and Opportunism: New Empirical Evidence in the French Water Industry - abstract and paper
Freddy Huet, (University of Nice)
Simon Porcher, (IAE of Paris)

Competition, Governance, and Relationship-specific Investments: Theory and Implications for Strategy - abstract
Nan Jia, (University of Southern California)

Trade, Taxes, and Terroir - abstract and paper
Noel Johnson, (George Mason University)
Raphael Franck, (Bar Ilan University )
John Nye, (George Mason University)

Partisan Policies, Fiscal Constraints, and the Growth of Regulation - abstract and paper
Noel D. Johnson, (George Mason University)
Matthew Mitchell, (Mercatus Center)
Steven Yamarik, (California State University - Long Beach)

The Lesser Evil: Involuntary Governance Choices in the Electricity Industry - abstract and paper
Albert Jolink, (University of Amsterdam)
Eva Niesten, (Utrecht University)

Inequality, Development, and the Stability of Democracy -- Lipset and Three Critical Junctures in German History - abstract and paper
Florian Jung, (University of St. Gallen)
Uwe Sunde, (University of St. Gallen)

Strategic Spillovers - abstract and paper
Daniel B. Kelly, (University of Notre Dame)

Does Agriculture Play Any Role in Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan? - abstract and paper
Adiqa Kiani, (Federal Urdu University of Arts, sci &Te, Pakistan)

Public Provisioning of Telecommunication Networks - Historical Case Studies and Application to Broadband Development - abstract
Fabian Kirsch, (Berlin University of Technology)

Financial Literacy in View of the Financial Crisis: Evidence from Russia - abstract and paper
Leora Klapper, (The World Bank)
Annamaria Lusardi, (Dartmouth College)
Georgios Panos, (Essex Business School)

Political Vs Managerial Control and Public Service Prices: Evidence from Austrian Water Utilities - abstract and paper
Michael Klien, (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Law As Byproduct: Theories of Private Law Production - abstract and paper
Bruce H. Kobayashi, (George Mason Univeristy School of Law)
Larry E. Ribstein, (University of Illinois College of Law)

Prosecution Associations in Industrial Revolution England: Private Providers of Public Goods? - abstract and paper
Mark Koyama, (University of York)

On the Role of Emotions in Games - abstract and paper
Peter Kulasza, (ILE Graduateschool, Hamburg)

Risky Business - Uncertain Access to Specialized Complementary Assets, Vertical Integration, and the Commercial Performance of New Products - abstract and paper
Venkat Kuppuswamy, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Brokers As a Governance Structure ? Evidence from the French Imports Industry of Fresh Produce - abstract and paper
Karine Latouche, (INRA-LERECO)

Efficiency in Public & Private French Water Industry: Prospects for Benchmarking - abstract
Aude Le Lannier, (IAE Paris)
Simon Porcher, (IAE Paris)

Property As a Legal Construct (or, Why Philosophers, Social Scientists, and Lawyers Think Differently About Property Rights) - abstract and paper
Amnon Lehavi, (Radzyner School of Law, IDC Herzliya )

Vertical Relationships at Airports: Impact on Retail Sales and Rent Revenue to an Airport - abstract
Nina Leheyda, (ZEW Centre for European Economic Research)
Jürgen Müller, (Berlin School of Economics and Law)
Roman Pashkin, (Berlin School of Economics and Law)

Accountability in One-party Government: Rethinking the Success of Chinese Economic Reform - abstract and paper
Yuan Li, (DEFAP, Catholic University of Milan )
Mario Gilli, (University of Milan-Bicocca)

The Deficit of Cooperative Attitudes and Trust in Post-transition Economies - abstract and paper
Maria Lissowska, (Warsaw School of Economics)

Government Spending and Re-election: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Brazilian Municipalities - abstract and paper
Stephan Litschig, (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Kevin Morrison, (Cornell University)

Transparent Authoritarianism?: an Analysis of Political and Economic Barriers to Greater Government Transparency in China - abstract and paper
Peter Lorentzen, (UC Berkeley)
Pierre Landry, (University of Pittsburgh)
John Yasuda, (UC Berkeley)

Do Village Elections in China Select Better Qualified Leaders? - Meritocratic Selection in China’s Grassroots Democracy - abstract
Mi Luo, (Peking University)

When to Sell Your Idea: Theory and Evidence from the Movie Industry - abstract and paper
Hong Luo, (New York University)

Toward a “choice Cost Economics”: a Positive and Generalized Model of Rational Choice for Institutional Economics - abstract and paper
Kevin Lyons, (Moloco Capital Partners and Sierra Nevada College)

Is Bigger Better? Firm Size and Governmental Influence - abstract and paper
Jeffrey T. Macher, (Georgetown University)
John W. Mayo, (Georgetown University)

Is a Public Regulation of Food Price Volatility Feasible in Africa? an Arch Approach in Kenya - abstract
Elodie Maitre d'Hotel, (CIRAD)
Tristan Le Cotty, (CIRAD)

Resource Windfall and Corruption: Evidence from Peru - abstract and paper
Stanislao Maldonado, (University of California, Berkeley)

Regulation, Innovation and Productivity - abstract and paper
Francisco Marcos, (IE Law School)
Juan Santaló, (IE Business School)

Parasitical Cultures and the Origins of Institutions - abstract and paper
Robbert Maseland, (University of Groningen)

How Overlap in Informal Institutions Affects International Economic Relations - abstract and paper
Robbert Maseland, (University of Groningen)

The Gao's Bid Protest Mechanism: Effectiveness and Fairness in Defense Acquisition? - abstract and paper
Steven Maser, (Willamette University)
Vladimir Subbotin, (Willamette University)
Fred Thompson, (Willamette University)

On the Evolution of Collective Enforcement Institutions: Communities and Courts - abstract and paper
Scott E. Masten, (University of Michigan)
Jens Prüfer, (Tilburg University)

Bridging or Bonding: Economic Payoff to Social Capital, with an Application to Russia - abstract and paper
Rinat Menyashev , (Higher School of Economics, Moscow )
Leonid Polishchuk , (Higher School of Economics, Moscow )

Property Law Culture: Public Law, Private Preferences & the Psychology of Expropriation - abstract and paper
Cherie Metcalf, (Queen's Faculty of Law)

Property Rights, Resource Access & Long Run Growth - abstract and paper
Cherie Metcalf, (Queen's University, Faculty of Law)
Ian Keay, (Queen's University, Economics Department)

Insurance for Financial Crisis? - abstract and paper
Faure Michael, (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Heine Klaus, (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Transaction Costs, Embeddedness and the Ex Ante Distribution of Quasi Rent - abstract and paper
Bruno V. Miranda, (University of São Paulo)
Maria Sylvia M. Saes, (University of São Paulo)

Corruption in Procurement and Shadow Campaign Financing: Evidence from Russia - abstract
Maxim Mironov, (IE Business School, Madrid)
Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, (Paris School of Economics)

License to Govern: the Institution of Agricultural Policy Making in Norway - abstract and paper
Klaus Mittenzwei, (NILF, Oslo)
Frode Veggeland, (NILF, Oslo)
David S. Bullock, (University of Illinois)
Klaus Salhofer, (University of Munich)

Economic Governance of Property Rights: a Comparative Analysis on the Collection of Royalties in Genetically Modified Soybean Seeds - abstract and paper
Guilherme F. A. Monteiro, (Insper Institute of Education and Research)
Decio Zylbersztajn, (University of Sao Paulo)

Economic Growth and State Capacity in the Ancient World: the Limits of Institutionalism - abstract and paper
Ian Morris, (Stanford University)

German Jewish Emigres and U.s. Innovation - abstract and paper
Petra Moser, (Stanford and NBER)
Alessandra Voena, (Stanford)
Fabian Waldinger, (Warwick)

How the East Was Lost: Institutions, Persistence and Reversal of Fortune in 16th Century Portuguese Empire in Asia - abstract
Bernardo Mueller, (University of Brasilia)

The Coevolution of Culture and Institutions in Seventeenth Century England - abstract and paper
Peter Murrell, (University of Maryland)
Martin Schmidt, (University of Maryland)

Authority and Performance in Vertical Relations: Satellite-tracked Evidence - abstract and paper
Gabriel Natividad, (New York University)

Does Education Affect Trust? Evidence from Russia. - abstract and paper
Timur Natkhov, (Higher School of Economics)

Industrial Clusters, Personalized Exchange and Construction of Economic Institutions - abstract
Victor Nee, (Cornell University)
Sonja Opper, (Lund University)

The ‘fundamental Transformation’ Reconsidered: Dixit Vs. Williamson - abstract and paper
Antonio Nicita, (University of Siena, and EUI)
Massimiliano Vatiero, (University of Lugano)

Incentives, Opportunism and Behavioral Uncertainty in Electricity Industries - abstract and paper
Eva Niesten, (Utrecht University)
Albert Jolink, (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus Universit)

Balancing Power and the Unintended Governance Structure in the Dutch Electricity Industry - abstract and paper
Eva Niesten, (Utrecht University)
Albert Jolink, (Rotterdam School of Management)

In the Shadow of Violence: the Problem of Development in Limited Access Societies - abstract and paper
Douglass North, (Washington University (St Louis))
John Wallis, (University of Maryland)
Steven Webb, (World Bank)
Barry Weingast, (Stanford University)
Alberto Diaz-Cayeros, (University of California San Diego)
Gabriella Montinola, (University of Californa Davis)
Jong-Sung You, (University of California San Diego)

Ethnic Concentration and Public Goods Provision: a Study of - abstract and paper
Christopher Paik, (Princeton University)

The Shadow of Hierarchy - How to Sample a Hidden Population of Former Employees? - abstract and paper
Danny Pająk, (European-University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder))

Contracting Officer Workload and Contractual Terms - abstract
Warren Patrick L., (Clemson University)

Picking the Right Players: Applying the Perceptive Interpretation of Game Theory to Rational-choice Institutionalism - abstract and paper
Tomer Perry, (Stanford University)

The Empire Strikes Coins: Islamic Conquests, Iconoclasm and Currency Debasement in Byzantium, 650-900 Ad - abstract
Athanassios Pitsoulis, (Brandenburg University of Technology)
Thushyanthan Baskaran, (Gothenburg Centre of Globalization and Development)

Taming the (not So) Stationary Bandit: Turnover of Ruling Elites and Protection of Property Rights - abstract and paper
Leonid Polishchuk, (Higher School of Economics, Moscow )
Georgiy Syunyaev, (Higher School of Economics, Moscow )

State Corporatism and Democratic Industrial Relations in Spain 1926-1935. a Reappraisal - abstract and paper
Marc Prat, (Universitat de Barcelona)
Oscar Molina, (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

Who Sells Land?a Study in Rural Vietnam - abstract and paper
Gwendoline PROMSOPHA, (Universite Paris Ouest Nanterre la Defense)

Learning in Inter-organizational Networks: an Individual Perspective - abstract and paper
Nada Rejeb, (University of Sfax - Tunisia)
Bertrand V. Quelin, (HEC Paris - France)

Private Interest Based Multilateral Loans - abstract and paper
Julien Reynaud, (Université Paris 1)
Julien Vauday, (CNRS - Université Paris 13)

German "ordnungstheorie" from the Perspective of the New Institutional Economics - abstract and paper
Rudolf Richter, (University of Saarland, Germany)

The New Institutional Economics of "the Market Itself". an Attempted Answer to a Complaint by Ronald Coase - abstract and paper
Rudolf Richter, (University of Saarland, Germany)

Power Transmission Network Investment As an Anticipation Problem - abstract and paper
Vincent RIOUS, (Microeconomix Paris)
Yannick PEREZ, (University Paris-Sud 11)
Jean-Michel Glachant, (Florence School of Regulation (EUI))

Entrepreneurial Finance and Performance: a Transaction Cost Economics Approach - abstract and paper
Alicia Robb, (Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation)
Robert Seamans, (NYU Stern School of Business)

Media and Economic Development – Sub Saharan Africa - abstract and paper
Sanjukta Roy, (World Bank Institute, Internews Network)
Michael Behrman, (Columbia University)

Collective Action Through Marketing Boards: an Efficient Hybrid Governance? - abstract and paper
Annie Royer, (Laval university)
Claude Ménard, (University Paris 1)
Daniel-Mercier Gouin, (Laval University)

Analyzing Inter-firm Relationships: the Knowledge Perspective - abstract and paper
Maria Sylvia M. Saes , (University of São Paulo )
Vivian -Lara S. Silva , (University of São Paulo )
Roberta C. Souza , (University of São Paulo )
Paula S. B. Schnaider, (University of São Paulo )

Fraudulent Democracy? an Analysis of Argentina's Infamous Decade Using Supervised Machine Learning - abstract and paper
Sebastian M. Saiegh, (UCSD)
Francisco Cantu, (UCSD)

Lame Ducks and Divided Government: How Voters Control the Unaccountable (rational Voters and Their Strategic Use of the Separation of Powers) - abstract and paper
Mark Schelker, (University of St. Gallen)

Value Creation and Value Appropriation in Networks: an Empirical Analysis in the South Region of Brazil - abstract and paper
Carla M. Schmidt, (University of Sao Paulo)
Maria S. M. Saes, (University of Sao Paulo)
Guilherme F. A. Monteiro, (Insper Institute of Education and Research)

The Role of Informal Institutions in Building the Institutional Framework of an African State: the Case of the Kanuri in Nigeria. - abstract and paper
Valentin Seidler, (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Female Salaries and Careers in British Banking, 1915-41 - abstract and paper
Andrew Seltzer, (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Intermediaries in Corruption: an Experiment - abstract and paper
Danila Serra, (Florida State University)
Mikhail Drugov, (Carlos III de Madrid)
John Hamman, (Florida State University)

States, Markets and the Instruments of Policy-making : Bankruptcy Law Vs. the Lender of Last Resort - abstract and paper
Jerome Sgard, (Sciences-Po (Paris))
Eric Brousseau, (Université de Paris Ouest)

Hierarchical Structures and Dynamic Incentives - abstract and paper
Dongsoo Shin, (Santa Clara University)
Roland Strausz, (Humboldt University - Berlin)

Sticking to the Rules or Shaping Them - Corporations Between Market- and Non-market-orientation - abstract and paper
Jan Siedentopp, (Federal Ministry of Economics, Germany)
Albrecht Söllner, (Europa-Universität Viadrina, Germany)

Managing Agency Problems in Early Shareholder Capitalism: - abstract and paper
Brian S. Silverman, (University of Toronto)
Paul Ingram, (Columbia University)

Non-democratic Political Institutions in Ancient Greece: the World of Oligarchies - abstract
Matthew Simonton, (Stanford University)

Toward an Economic Theory of Property in Information - abstract and paper
Henry E. Smith, (Harvard Law School)

Parliaments As Condorcet Juries: Quasi-experimental Evidence on the Representation of Majority Preferences - abstract and paper
David Stadelmann, (University of Fribourg and CREMA)
Reiner Eichenberger, (University of Fribourg and CREMA)
Marco Portmann, (University of Fribourg)

Endogenous Institutions and Multiple Equilibria: the Role of Commitment - abstract and paper
Christina Steiger, (Northeastern University)

The Institutional Microeconomics of Positional Goods - abstract and paper
Massimiliano Vatiero, (University of Lugano)

Expanding the Concept of Bounded Rationality in Tce: Incorporating Interpretive Uncertainty in Governance Choice - abstract
Libby Weber, (UC Irvine)
Kyle J. Mayer, (University of Southern California)

The Financial Structure of Commercial Revolution: Financing Long-distance Trade in Venice 1190-1220 and Venetian Crete 1278-1400 - abstract and paper
Dean Williamson, (US Department of Justice)

Constraining Predation - abstract and paper
Claudia R. Williamson, (New York University)

Tacit Knowledge and the Dynamics of Vertical Scope: an Application to Regulated Industries - abstract and paper
Hagen Worch, (Eawag, Swiss Inst. of Aquatic Science & Technology)
Bernhard Truffer, (Eawag, Swiss Inst. of Aquatic Science & Technology)

Industrial Associations As a Channel of Business-government Interactions in Imperfect Institutional Environment: the Russian Case - abstract and paper
Andrei Yakovlev, (Higher School of Economics)
Andrey Govorun, (Higher School of Economics)

Neither Robin Hood nor King John: Testing the Anti-creditor and Anti-debtor Bias in Brazilian Judges - abstract and paper
Luciana Yeung , (Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa (Brazil))
Paulo Furquim de Azevedo, (EESP-FGV, São Paulo (Brazil))

Transition from a Limited Access Order to an Open Access Order: the Case of South Korea - abstract and paper
Jong-sung You, (UCSD)

A Theory of Bargaining Costs and Price Terms in the Absence of Specific Investments - abstract and paper
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)
Desmond Lo, (Santa Clara University)

Endogenous Transaction Cost, Specialization, and Strategic Alliance - abstract
Juyan Zhang, (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)
Yi Zhang, (Singapore Management University)

Institutional Environment, Public-private Hybrid Strategy, and Entrepreneurial Investment:evidence from China’s Transition Economy - abstract and paper
Wubiao Zhou, (NTU, Singapore)

Village Elections, Communist Party Oversight and Public Spending in Rural China - abstract
Ben Zou, (University of Maryland)