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Designing an Inventive Contribution System - abstract
Michael Abramowicz, (George Washington University)

The Patent Troll: Benign Middleman or Stick-up Artist? - abstract
David S. Abrams, (University of Pennsylvania)
Ufuk Akcigit, (University of Chicago)
Gokhan Oz, (University of Pennsylvania)

To Plea or Not to Plea: Evidence from North Carolina - abstract
David S. Abrams, (University of Pennsylvania)
Ryan Fackler, (University of Pennsylvania)

Violence and the Geographic Concentration of Political Power - abstract
Jordan Adamson, (Clemson University)

Elections, Exchange Rates, and Foreign Currency Debt: Swiss Francs and the 2015 Polish Elections - abstract
John Ahlquist, (UC San Diego)
Mark Copelovitch, (University of Wisconsin)
Stefanie Walter, (University of Zurich)

Private and Public Firms in the Shadow of Coercive Power - abstract
Gani Aldashev, (ECARES, ULB)
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)

'the Lesser of Two Weevils': British Victual Organization During the Long Eighteenth Century - abstract
Douglas Allen, (Simon Fraser University)

Institutional and Organizational Analysis: Concepts and Applications - abstract and paper
Eric Alston, (Comparative Constitutions Project)
Lee J. Alston, (Indiana University)
Bernardo Mueller, (University of Brasilia)
Tomas Nonnenmacher, (Allegheny College)

The Long-run Influence of Institutions Governing Trade: the Case of Colonial and Pirates' Ports in Mexico - abstract
Daphne Alvarez Villa, (University of Oxford)
Jenny Guardado, (Georgetown University)

Justice Delayed is Growth Denied: the Effect of Slow Courts on Relationship-specific Industries in India - abstract
Amrit Amirapu, (University of Kent)

Does Biological Endowment Matter for Demand for Financial Services? Evidence from Russia - abstract
Irina Andrievskaya, (None)
Maria Semenova, (CInSt, HSE, Moscow)

The Role of Relational Contracts in Interfirm Relationships: Theory and Evidence on Multiunit Franchising - abstract
Nicholas Argyres, (University of Washington in St. Louis)
Janet Bercovitz, (University of Illinois)
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)

Corporate Governance Regulation Through Non-prosecution - abstract and paper
Jennifer Arlen, (New York University School of Law)
Marcel Kahan, (New York University School of Law)

Private and Public Ordering in Property - abstract
Benito Arruñada, (Pompeu Fabra University)

The Economics of Sequential Exchange - abstract
Benito Arruñada, (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)
Nuno Garoupa, (Texas A&M University)

Frictions and Competitive Positioning: How Transaction Costs Influence Bargaining and Market Power - abstract
Christian Geisler Asmussen, (Copenhagen Business School)
Kirsten Foss, (Norwegian School of Economics)
Nicolai J. Foss, (Copenhagen Business School)
Peter G. Klein, (Baylor University)

Difference of Civicness and Relative Efficiency of the Public and Private Sectors for Public Service Delivery: Self-selection and Sorting - abstract
Laure Athias, (University of Lausanne)
Pascal Wicht, (University of Lausanne)

Do More Accountable Governments Resort More to Public Private Partnerships? - abstract
Laure Athias, (University of Lausanne)
Julie Le Gallo, (Agrosup Dijon)
Thierry Madiès, (University of Fribourg)

Should Failure to Defend Imply Forfeiture of Coverage Defenses? - abstract
Tom Baker, (University of Pennsylvania)
Ezra Friedman, (Northwestern University)
Kyle Logue, (University of Michigan)

Democracy, Income and Health: Evidence from Sub-national Comparative Method - abstract
Dina Balalaeva, (NRU Higher School of Economics)
Vladimir Kozlov, (NRU Higher School of Economics)
Alexander Libman, (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik)

The Family Business and the Law : How Does the Family Law Affect Family Business ? - abstract and paper
Céline BARREDY, (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)
Massimiliano VATIERO, (Université de Lugano)
Gianluca COLOMBO, (Université de Lugano)

Financial Constraints, Investment, and Relational Contracts - abstract
Daniel Barron, (Northwestern)
Jin Li, (Northwestern)

A Rationale for Marriage and Its Infidelity Implications - abstract
Yoram Barzel, (University of washington)
Aurora Stephany, (University of Washington)

The Impact of E-visits in Primary Care: Evidence on Visit Frequencies and Patient Health - abstract and paper
Hessam Bavafa, (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Lorin Hitt, (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
Christian Terwiesch, (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Foreign Bank Entry and Entrepreneurship - abstract
Thorsten Beck, (Cass Business School)
Laura Alfaro, (Harvard Business School)
Charles Calomiris, (Columbia Business School)

Religion, Division of Labor and Conflict: Anti-semitism in German Regions over 600 Years - abstract
Sascha Becker, (University of Warwick)
Luigi Pascali, (Pompeu Fabra University)

When Order Affects Performance: Institutional Sequencing, Cultural Sway, and Behavioral Path Dependence - abstract and paper
Jenna Bednar, (University of Michigan)
Scott E Page, (University of Michigan)

Are We Running out of Trademarks? Evidence of Trademark Depletion at the U.s. Patent and Trademark Office - abstract
Barton Beebe, (New York University School of Law)
Jeanne Fromer, (New York University School of Law)

Do Lawyers Know Uncertainty when They See It? - abstract
Oliver Belitz, (University of Mannheim)
Andreas Engert, (University of Mannheim)
Andreas Michl, (University of Mannheim)

Employee Representation Legislations and Innovation: Evidence from Manufacturing Sectors - abstract and paper
Filippo Belloc, (University of Chieti-Pescara)

Managing Export Complexity: the Role of Service Outsourcing - abstract
Giuseppe Berlingieri, (ESSEC, OECD, CEP)

How the Innovation-competition Link is Shaped by Technology Distance in High Barrier Catch-up Economy - abstract
Evguenia Bessonova, (CEFIR and HSE)
Ksenia Gonchar, (HSE)

Born to Lead? the Effect of Birth Order on Non-cognitive Abilities - abstract and paper
Sandra Black, (University of Texas at Austin)
Erik Grönqvist, (Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Educ)
Björn Öckert, (Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Educ)

The Effect of Police on Crime: Evidence from 10,000 Discontinuities - abstract
Jordi Blanes i Vidal, (London School of Economics)
Giovanni Mastrobuoni, (University of Essex)

Mirrors for Princes and Sultans: Advice on the Art of Governance in the Medieval Christian and Islamic Worlds - abstract and paper
Lisa Blaydes, (Stanford University)
Justin Grimmer, (Stanford University)
Alison McQueen, (Stanford University)

Holding On? Ethnic Divisions, Political Institutions and the Duration of Economic Declines - abstract and paper
Richard Bluhm, (Leibniz University Hanover)
Kaj Thomsson, (Maastricht University)

A Comparison and Analysis of Methodologies for Conducting Value for Money Appraisals - abstract
Anthony Boardman, (Sauder School of Business)
Mark Hellowell, (University of Edinburgh)

The Impact of Contract Enforcement Costs on Outsourcing and Aggregate Productivity - abstract
Johannes Boehm, (Sciences Po)

Grade Inflation or Human Capital: Why Have Federal Wages Risen Rapidly? - abstract
Alexander Bolton, (Duke University)
John de Figueiredo, (Duke University)

Loss of Human Capital and Development: Evidence from Russian Germans Repatriation - abstract
Ekaterina Borisova, (NRU Higher School of Economics)
Denis Ivanov, (NRU Higher School of Economics)

Show Me Yours and I’ll Show You Mine: Sharing Borrower Information in a Competitive Credit Market - abstract and paper
Jaap Bos, (Maastricht University)
Ralph De Haas, (EBRD)
Matteo Millone, (Free University Amsterdam)

Optimal Territorial Design and Decentralization - abstract and paper
Jean-Marc Bourgeon, (INRA)
Marie Breuillé, (INRA)

Collective Choice in Dynamic Public Good Provision - abstract
Renee Bowen, (Stanford University)
George Georgiadis, (Northwestern University)
Nicolas Lambert, (Stanford University)

On the Historical Roots of Women’s Empowerment Across Italian Provinces: Religion or Family Culture? - abstract and paper
Monica Bozzano, (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

Firm Heterogeneity and Growth Through Product Variety and Upgrading Choices - abstract
Serguey Braguinsky, (University of Maryland and NBER)
Atsushi Ohyama, (Hitotsubashi University)
Tetsuji Okazaki, (Tokyo University)
Chad Syverson, (University of Chicago and NBER)

Incentives and Ratcheting in a Multiproduct Firm: a Field Experiment - abstract
Francisco Brahm, (University of Cambridge)
Joaquin Poblete, (Catholic University of Chile)

The System of Equitable Remedies - abstract and paper
Samuel Bray, (UCLA)

Precolonial Centralization, Foreign Aid and Modern State Capacity in Africa - abstract and paper
Tobias Broich, (Maastricht University)
Adam Szirmai, (Maastricht University)
Kaj Thomsson, (Maastricht University)

The Role of Legitimacy in the Design and Competition Between Institutions: the Case of Internet Governance - abstract
Eric Brousseau, (Paris-Dauphine, PSL Research University)

Growing Up Without Finance - abstract
James R. Brown, (Iowa State University)
J. Anthony Cookson, (University of Colorado-Boulder)
Rawley Heimer, (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)

The Political Economy of Rule of Law Enforcement: Interdependence Between Political and Economic Choices Under Imperfect Information - abstract and paper
Randolph Bruno, (University College London)

A Positive Theory of Retirement Plan Design - abstract
Ryan Bubb, (NYU Law)
Patrick Warren, (Clemson University)

A Theory of Sequential Innovation - abstract
Christopher Buccafusco, (Cardozo Law School)
Stefan Bechtold, (ETH Zurich)
Christopher Sprigman, (NYU Law School)

Boycott, Stigmatisation and Law Enforcement - abstract
Clemens Buchen, (EBS Universität, Wiesbaden)
Bruno Deffains, (Paris 2)
Alberto Palermo, (EBS Universität, Wiesbaden)

Long-run Consequences of Labor Coercion: Evidence from Russian Serfdom - abstract
Johannes C. Buggle, (University of Lausanne)
Steven Nafziger, (Williams College)

The Legacy of Historical Political Institutions on Individual Attitudes: Evidence for Italy 1000-1800 - abstract
Paolo Buonanno, (University of Bergamo)
Matteo Cervellati, (University of Bologna)
Sara Lazzaroni, (University of Bologna)
Giovanni Prarolo, (University of Bologna)

Employee Representation and Flexible Working Time: Identification Through a Size-contingent European Directive - abstract
Gabriel Burdin, (Leeds University Business School & IZA)
Virginie Pérotin, (Leeds University Business School)

The Composite Model of Russian Social Structure Based on Personal Incomes - abstract and paper
Kristina Butaeva, (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

The Procyclicality of Political Trust in Spain - abstract
Gonzalo Caballero, (University of Vigo)
Marcos Álvarez-Díaz, (University of Vigo)

Communication in a Complicated World - abstract
Steve Callander, (Stanford University)
Nicolas Lambert, (Stanford University)

Trust, Competition and Innovation: Theory and Evidence from German Car Manufacturing - abstract and paper
Giacomo Calzolari, (Bologna)
Leonardo Felli, (LSE)
Johannes Koenen, (CESifo Munchen)
Konrad Stahl, (Mannheim)
Giancarlo Spagnolo, (Tor Vergata, SITE)

Norwegian Rhapsody: the Political Economy Benefits of Regional Integration - abstract
Nauro F. Campos, (Brunel University London, ETH-Zurich and IZA-Bonn)
Fabrizio Coricelli, (Paris School of Economics and CEPR-London)
Luigi Moretti, (University of Bologna)

Institutional Change and the Roots of the Athenian Rule of Law - abstract
Federica Carugati, (Indiana University)

The Death of Rules and Standards - abstract and paper
Anthony Casey, (Univ. of Chicago Law School)
Anthony Niblett, (Univ. of Toronto Faculty of Law)

The Stolypin Reform and Agricultural Productivity in Late Imperial Russia - abstract
Paul Castaneda Dower, (Florida International University)
Andrei Markevich, (New Economic School)

The Organizational Atmosphere Hypothesis Reconsidered in a Productive Efficiency Perspective: Theoretical Proposition and Empirical Analysis - abstract
VIRGILE CHASSAGNON, (Grenoble Alpes University – CREG Research Centre)
NACIBA HANED, (ESDES Catholic university of Lyon)

Do Policies Affect Preferences? Evidence from Random Variation in Abortion Jurisprudence - abstract
Daniel Chen, (Toulouse)
Vardges Levonyan, (ETH Zurich)
Susan Yeh, (George Mason University)

Growth Under the Shadow of Expropriation: the Economic Impacts of Eminent Domain - abstract
Daniel L. Chen, (The Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse/ TSE )
Susan Yeh, (George Mason University School of Law)

Social Preferences or Sacred Values? Theory and Evidence of Deontological Motivations - abstract
Daniel L. Chen, (The Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse/TSE)
Martin Schonger, (ETH Zurich)

Anatomy of a Bank Run in Opaque Banking Sector: Who Sees What Why - abstract and paper
Lucy Chernykh, (Clemson University )
Sergey Mityakov, (Clemson University )

A Crime 2.0 - Cybercrime, E-talent, and Institutions - abstract and paper
Seo-Young Cho, (University of Marburg)

Taking a Financial Position in Your Opponent in Litigation - abstract
Albert H. Choi, (University of Virginia School of Law)
Kathryn E. Spier, (Harvard Law School)

Religions and Inventions: Long-run Evidence for Spain - abstract
Francesco Cinnirella, (Ifo Institute)
Alireza Naghavi, (University of Bologna)
Giovanni Prarolo, (University of Bologna)

"troll" Check? a Proposal for Administrative Review of Patent Litigation - abstract and paper
Lauren H. Cohen, (Harvard Business School)
John M. Golden, (University of Texas School of Law)
Umit Gurun, (University of Texas at Dallas School of Management)
Scott Duke Kominers, (Harvard Society of Fellows)

Dancing with Strangers? Initial Trust and the Formation of Initial Collaborations Between New Ventures and Corporate Venture Capitals. - abstract and paper
Massimo Colombo, (Politecnico di Milano)
Kourosh Shafi, (Politecnico di Milano)

Relational Contracts and Social Comparison Costs in Organizations - abstract
Oscar F Contreras, (CUNEF)
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)

Transactions Costs in the Underground Gun Market - abstract
Philip Cook, (Duke University)
Jens Ludwig, (University of Chicago)

The Bounty of the Sea and Long-run Development - abstract and paper
Carl-Johan Dalgaard, (University of Copenhagen and CEPR)
Anne Sofie Knudsen, (University of Copenhagen)
Pablo Selaya, (University of Copenhagen)

The Cultural Diffusion of the Fertility Transition: Evidence from Internal Migration in 19th Century France - abstract
Guillaume Daudin, (University Paris-Dauphine)
Raphael Franck, (Bar-Ilan University)
Hillel Rapoport, (Paris School of Economics)

Relational Contracts and Supplier Turnover in the Global Economy - abstract
Fabrice Defever, (University of Nottingham)
Christian Fischer, (University of Düsseldorf)
Jens Südekum, (University of Düsseldorf)

Development Through International Economic Integration: Institutional Change to Accommodate Foreign Direct Investment in Brazil and China - abstract and paper
Henrique E. Delgado, (Universidade Santa Ursula)

Big Data in the Lab – How Do Consumers Fare when Predictive Algorithms Work Against Them? - abstract and paper
Sebastian Dengler, (Tilburg University)

Litigants' Strategies in Elected Courts: Evidence from French Labor Court - abstract
Claudine Desrieux, (University Paris 2)
Romain Espinosa, (University Paris 2)

Causation Actually - abstract
J. Shahar Dillbary, (Alabama University)

Strategic Taxation in Autocracies - abstract
Marina Dodlova, (University of Passau)
Viola Lucas, (University of Konstanz & GIGA)

Social Transfers and Political Participation: Evidence from Mali and Ghana - abstract
Marina Dodlova, (Aix-Marseille, Passau University, GIGA Hamburg)

Non-market Strategy: an Integrative Review and Future Directions - abstract and paper
Sinziana Dorobantu, (New York University)
Aseem Kaul, (University of Minnesota)
Bennet Zelner, (University of Maryland)

Collective Action and Representation in Autocracies: Evidence from Russia's Great Reforms - abstract
Paul Dower, (Florida International University)
Evgeny Finkel, (George Washington University)
Scott Gehlbach, (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
Steven Nafziger, (Williams College)

Whose Law is It? Network Analysis of the Evolution of U.s. Environmental Law, 1973-2013 - abstract
Marion Dumas, (Santa Fe Institute)

One Team, One Nation: Football, Ethnic Identity, and Conflict in Africa - abstract
Ruben Durante, (Sciences Po)
Emilio Depetris Chauvín, (Universidad Católica de Chile)

Politics 2.0: the Multifaceted Effect of Broadband Internet on Political Participation - abstract
Ruben Durante, (Sciences Po)
Filipe Campante, (Harvard Kennedy School)
Francesco Sobbrio, (LUISS)

When Civil Society Uses an Iron Fist: the Role of Private Associations in Social Control - abstract and paper
Robert C. Ellickson, (Yale Law School)

Current Institutional Determinants of Financial System Depth and Breadth in Africa: Similar or Different? - abstract
Chukwunonye O. Emenalo, (Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University)
Francesca Gagliardi, (Hertfordshire Business School, U of Hertfordshire)
Geoffrey M. Hodgson, (Hertfordshire Business School, U of Hertfordshire)

The Joy of Flying: Efficient Airport Ppp Contracts - abstract and paper
Eduardo Engel, (Universidad de Chile)
Ronald Fischer, (Universidad de Chile)
Alexander Galetovic, (Universidad de los Andes)

Size Matters - "over"investments in a Relational Contracting Setting - abstract and paper
Florian Englmaier, (LMU Munich)
Matthias Fahn, (LMU Munich)

Social Media and Protest Participation: Evidence from Russia - abstract and paper
Ruben Enikolopov, (Barcelona IPEG, UPF, BGSE, NES)
Alexey Makarin, (Northwestern University)
Maria Petrova, (Barcelona IPEG, UPF, BGSE, NES)

The Determinants of Cross-border Corruption - abstract
Laarni Escresa, (School of Economics, University of the Philippines)
Lucio Picci, (Department of Economics, University of Bologna)

Firm Boundaries and Knowledge: the Lobbyists' Case. - abstract
Miguel Espinosa, (London School of Economics)

The Case for Tipping and Unrestricted Tip-pooling: Promoting Intrafirm Cooperation - abstract and paper
Samuel Estreicher, (New York University School of Law)
Jonathan Nash, (Emory University School of Law)

Privatisation Prices: the Role of Prior Restructuring and Emerging Private Ownership Structure. - abstract and paper
José Eusébio Santos, (University of Madeira)

Being Bourgeois. the Emergence of Private Property in the Lab - abstract
Marco Fabbri, (University of Rotterdam)
Matteo Rizzolli, (LUMSA Universty)

The Trade-off Between Risk and Royalties in Franchise Contracting - abstract
Muriel Fadairo, (GATE L-SE, UMR CNRS 5824)
Cintya Lanchimba, (National Polytechnic School, Quito, Ecuador)
Josef Windsperger, (University of Vienna, Austria)

Capital Structure Choice and the Cost of Enforcing Contracts - Theory and Evidence - abstract
Matthias Fahn, (University of Munich)
Valeria Merlo, (University of Tuebingen)
Wamser Georg, (University of Tuebingen)

Are Preferences for Reciprocity Irrelevant in Situations of Repeated Interaction? - abstract
Matthias Fahn, (University of Munich)
Anne Schade, (University of Munich)
Katharina Schuessler, (University of Munich)

Engineering the Rule of Law in Ancient Athens - abstract
Robert K. Fleck, (Clemson University)
F. Andrew Hanssen, (Clemson University)

Ceo's Morality and Incentives - abstract
Pierre Fleckinger, (MINES ParisTech & Paris School of Economics)
Thierry Lafay, (University of Paris 1)
Constance Monnier, (University of Paris 1)

Monitoring, Transparency and Accountability - abstract
Pierre Fleckinger, (Mines Paristech, CERNA)
Nicolas Roux, (Max Planck Institute)

The Limits to Partial Banking Unions: a Political Economy Approach - abstract and paper
Dana Foarta, (Stanford GSB)

Moving from Conflict to Post-conflict: Changes in the Organization of Production and Distribution in Rural Colombia - abstract
Clemente Forero-Pineda, (Universidad de los Andes School of Management)
Luz Elena Orozco, (Universidad de los Andes School of Management)
Eduardo Wills, (Universidad de los Andes School of Management)
Manuel Moscoso, (Departamento Nacional de Planeación Colombia)

Ancient and Modern Conceptions of the Rule of Law - abstract
Sara Forsdyke, (University of Michigan)

Sticking Points: Common-agency Problems and Contracting in the U.s. Healthcare System - abstract
Brigham Frandsen, (Brigham Young University)
Michael Powell, (Northwestern University)
James B. Rebitzer, (Boston University)

Corporate Political Strategy in Contested Regulatory Environments - abstract
Adam Fremeth, (University of Western Ontario)
Guy Holburn, (University of Western Ontario)
Rick Vanden Bergh, (University of Vermont)

Disguised Contributions to Political Campaigns: the Long Shadow of Corporate-linked Spending - abstract
Adam Fremeth, (University of Western Ontario)
Brian Richter, (University of Texas at Austin)
Brandon Schaufele, (University of Western Ontario)

Empowering Bosses to Lead: an Experiment in a Large Retail Chain - abstract
Guido Friebel, (Goethe U, Frankfurt)
Matthias Heinz, (Cologne)
Nick Zubanov, (Goethe U, Frankfurt)

Hitting Them with Carrots: Voter Intimidation and Vote Buying in Russia - abstract
Timothy Frye, (Columbia University)
Ora John Reuter, (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
David Szakonyi, (Columbia University)

On the Surprising Use of Unenforceable Clauses in Consumer Contracts: Evidence from the Residential Rental Market - abstract and paper
Meirav Furth-Matzkin, (Harvard University)

Self-regulation of Degree of Openness in Cumulative Innovation - abstract
Salavat Gabdrakhmanov, (CEFIR, Moscow)

How Legal Spillovers Interact with Learning: Theoretical and Experimental Evidence - abstract
Roberto Galbiati , (Sc Po)
Emeric Henry, (Sc Po)
Nicolas Jacquemet, (PSE)

Jobs, News and Re-offending After Incarceration - abstract
Roberto Galbiati, (OSC-CNRS and Sciences Po)
Aurélie Ouss, (University of Chicago Crime Lab)
Arnaud Philippe, (CREST and University of Paris 1)

Modeling Production in the Creative Commons - abstract and paper
Massimiliano Gambardella, (M5S, Legislative Office, Chamber of deputies (Italy))
Matthijs den Besten, (Montpellier Business School)

Impact of Family Planning Policy on Gender Inequality: Evidence from China - abstract and paper
Yining Geng, (University Pompeu Fabra)

Adaptation and Relational Contracting in the Airline Industry - abstract
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins University)
Myongjin Kim, (University of Oklahoma)
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)

Accountability in Autocracies with Multidimensional Policies - abstract
Mario Gilli , (University of Milan-Bicocca)
Yuan Li, (University of Duisburg-Essen)

Defensive Tactics and Optimal Search: a Simulation Approach - abstract
Ronald J. Gilson, (Columbia University)
Alan Schwartz, (Yale University)

Wage Bargaining when Workers Have Fairness Concerns - abstract and paper
Martina N. Gogova, (EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht)
Jenny Kragl, (EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht)

Impact of Institutional Framework on Economic Growth Through Venture Capital in Emerging Markets - abstract and paper
Guldem Gokcek, (New York University)

What Do the Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights Tell About Property Rights Across Europe? - abstract
David Gomtsyan, (University of Turin)
Suren Gomtsyan, (Tilburg University)

One Tick and You're Out: the Effects of the Master Lever on Senator Positions - abstract
Olga Gorelkina, (MPI)
Ioanna Grypari, (MPI)

Gender Equality in Muslim-majority Countries - abstract and paper
Moamen Gouda, (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
Niklas Potrafke, (Ifo Institute - Munich University)

The Long-term Effect of Slavery on Violent Crime: Evidence from Us Counties - abstract and paper
Moamen Gouda, (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
Anouk S. Rigterink, (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Institutions and Visa Regimes - abstract and paper
Camila Gracheva , (Higher School of Economics )
Leonid Polishchuk , (Higher School of Economics )
Koen Schoors , (Ghent University )
Alexander Yarkin , (Higher School of Economics)

Cultural Persistence? Evidence from an Administrative Reform on Borders of Southern Italy - abstract and paper
Adele Grompone, (Banca d'Italia)
Luca Sessa, (Banca d'Italia)

What Makes Governments Popular? - abstract
Sergei Guriev, (Scienes Po)
Daniel Treisman, (UCLA)

Pervasive Spurious Normativity, Or: the Case for Lots of Silly Rules - abstract and paper
Gillian K. Hadfield, (University of Southern California)
Dylan Hadfield-Menell, (University of California, Berkeley)

Is Rule of Law an Equilibrium Without Private Ordering? - abstract
Gillian K. Hadfield, (University of Southern California)
Barry R. Weingast, (Stanford University)

Globalization and Democracy in the Presence of Threshold Effects - abstract
Houda Haffoudhi, (FSEGN-University of Carthage)
Rihab Bellakhal, (Tunis Graduate School of Business)

Coordination of Humanitarian Aid by Mediated Communication - abstract
Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka, (University of Bristol)
In-Uck Park, (University of Bristol)

Transparency and Deliberation Within the Fomc: a Computational Linguistics Approach - abstract and paper
Stephen Hansen, (UPF)
Michael McMahon, (Warwick)
Andrea Prat, (Columbia)

Signaling Cooperation - abstract
Matthias Heinz, (University of Cologne)
Heiner Schumacher, (KU Leuven)

Paying for Creativity: the Effect of Piece-rate Vs. Time-rate Compensation on Quality of Work - abstract
Walid Hejazi, (University of Toronto)
Brian S. Silverman, (University of Toronto)
Brent Perekoppi, (University of Toronto)

Voting and Contributing when the Group is Watching - abstract
Emeric Henry, (Sciences Po)
Charles Louis-Sidois, (Sciences Po)

Inefficient Growth - abstract
Tobias Hlobil, (University of Hamburg)
Mitja Kovac, (Universty of Ljubljana)
Rok Spruk, (Utrecht University)

The Determinants of Managerial Productivity Around the World - abstract
Mitchell Hoffman, (University of Toronto)
Matthew Bidwell, (University of Pennsylvania)
John McCarthy, (Cornell University)
Michael Housman, (HiQ Labs)

Do Ceos Differ from Others in Strategic Decision-making? - abstract
Hakan Holm, (Lund University)
Victor Nee, (Cornell University)
Sonja Opper, (Lund University)

Valuing Peace: the Effects of Financial Market Exposure on Votes and Political Attitudes - abstract
Saumitra Jha, (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Moses Shayo, (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

A Sociopolitical View of the “make And/or Buy” Decisions in Corporate Political Lobbying - abstract
Nan Jia, (University of Southern California)

The Problem of Reputation - abstract
Emily Kadens, (Northwestern University)

Exit, Voice and Political Change: Evidence from Swedish Mass Migration to the United States - abstract and paper
Mounir Karadja, (IIES, Stockholm University)
Erik Prawitz, (IIES, Stockholm University)

The Comparative Governance of Collective Action - abstract and paper
Aseem Kaul, (University of Minnesota)
Jiao Luo, (University of Minnesota)

Remedies for Breach of Fiduciary Duties: an Economic Analysis of Trusts - abstract
Daniel B. Kelly, (University of Notre Dame)

Religion, Moral Attitudes & Economic Behavior - abstract
Isadora Kirchmaier, (University of Heidelberg)
Jens Prüfer, (Tilburg University)
Stefan T. Trautmann, (University of Heidelberg)

Utility Governance and Why Consolidations May Not Deliver: Lessons from Central and Eastern Europe - abstract and paper
Michael Klien, (Austrian Institute of Economic Research)

Does E-government Improve Government Capacity? Evidence from Tax Administration and Public Procurement - abstract and paper
Anna Kochanova, (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Go)
Zahid Hasnain, (World Bank)
Bradley Larson, (World Bank)

Institutional Roots of State Failure - abstract
Ekaterina Kruglova, (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Lilia Valitova, (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Daniel Shestakov, (Bank of Russia)

How Effective Are Relational Incentive Contracts? Evidence from Foreign Entrepreneurs in Russia - abstract
Elena Kulchina, (Duke University)
Joanne Oxley, (University of Toronto)

Public Law Enforcers and Political Competition - abstract and paper
Eric Langlais, (EconomiX CNRS University Paris Ouest Nanterre)
Marie Obidzinski, (Université Paris II, CRED)

Quotas - abstract
Shay Lavie, (Tel Aviv)

Judgment Contingent Settlements - abstract
Shay Lavie, (Tel Aviv University)
Avraham Tabbach, (Tel Aviv University)

Economic Analysis of Property Rights: First Possession of Water in the American West - abstract and paper
Bryan Leonard, (Arizona State University)
Gary Libecap, (UCSB and NBER)

Organization of Decision-making at the Firm: Just Cost-benefit Optimization or Something More? - abstract
Irina Levina, (Higher School of Economics)

Social Network, Gift Exchanging and Inequality in China - abstract
Fanghua Li, (University of California, Los Angeles)
Yuan Tian, (University of California, Los Angeles)

Elections and Embezzlement - abstract
Malte Lierl, (Yale University)

Cooperation Under the Risk of Capture - abstract
Malte Lierl, (Yale University)

The Strategic Use of Early Bird Discounts for Dealers - abstract and paper
Desmond Lo, (Santa Clara University)
Stephen Salant, (University of Maryland & University of Michigan)

Influence of Governance Structure on the Effectiveness of Quality Standards: the Case of Geographical Indications - abstract and paper
Susana López-Bayón, (University of Oviedo)
Manuel González-Díaz, (University of Oviedo)
Vanesa Solís-Rodríguez, (University of Oviedo)
Marta Fernández-Barcala, (University of Oviedo)

The Political Determinants of Regulation: Data over One Century from the Swiss Cantons - abstract
Simon Luechinger, (University of Lucerne)
Mark Schelker, (University of Fribourg)

Vertical Integration and Relational Contracts: Evidence from Costa Rica’s Coffee Chain - abstract
Rocco Macchiavello, (University of Warwick)
Pepita Miquel-Florensa, (TSE)

Formal Versus Informal Channels: How Firm Size Affects Corporate Political Activities - abstract and paper
Jeffrey T. Macher, (Georgetown University (McDonough))
John W. Mayo, (Georgetown University (McDonough))
Stephen Weymouth, (Georgetown University (McDonough))

Optimal Contracting with Subjective Evaluation: the Effects of Timing, Malfeasance and Guile - abstract and paper
W Bentley MacLeod, (Columbia University)
Teck Yong Tan, (Columbia University)

More Money, Less Violence? the Effects of a Natural Resource Boom on Local Electoral Violence in Peru - abstract
Stanislao Maldonado, (Universidad del Rosario)
Juan Vargas, (Universidad del Rosario)
Ben Crost, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Delegation with a Reciprocal Agent - abstract and paper
Ester Manna, (Universitat de Barcelona)
Alessandro De Chiara, (Central European University Budapest)

Data Regulation and Its Effect on Business Models & Corporate Organization in the New Economy - abstract and paper
Geoffrey A. Manne, (International Center for Law & Economics)

The Economic Effects of the Abolition of Serfdom: Evidence from the Russian Empire - abstract
Andrei Markevich, (New Economic School)
Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, (Paris School of Economics)

The Foundations of Social Policy Support: Experimental Evidence on How Institutional Quality Affects Redistributive Preferences - abstract
Israel Marques, (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)
Sarah Wilson Sokhey, (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Binding Ties, Binding Commitments: Evidence from Public-private Partnerships in Vocational Education - abstract
Israel Marques II, (Higher School of Economics)

Self-regulation and Regulatory Discretion: Why Firms May Be Reluctant to Signal Green - abstract and paper
John W. Maxwell, (IU Kelley School of Business)

Strategic Patient Discharge - abstract
Ryan McDevitt, (Duke)
Paul Eliason, (Duke)
Paul Grieco, (Penn State)
Jimmy Roberts, (Duke)

Equity-based Governance Structures: Private Constitutions for Private Orders - abstract
claude ménard, (Centre d'économie de la Sorbonne)
emmanuel raynaud, (INRA SADAPT)

How 'relational' is a Relational Contract? Governance Issues in Strategic Airline Alliances - abstract
Claude Menard, (University of Paris (Pantheon-Sorbonne))

A Time to Throw Stones, a Time to Reap: How Long Does It Take for Democratic Transitions to Improve Institutional Outcomes? - abstract
Pierre-Guillaume Méon, (Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB))
Khalid Sekkat, (Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB))

Partisan Stereotypes - abstract
Pierre-Guillaume Méon, (Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB))
Carmelo Licata, (Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB))

Ulysses' Bonds:are Constitution-makers Constrained by Mandatory Referendums - abstract and paper
Stephan Michel, (Universität Hamburg)

Cooperation and Internet Quality of Service - abstract
Maria Amparo Lourdes Montenegro, (National University of Singapore)
Araral Eduardo, (National University of Singapore)

Emergence and Performance of Internet Exchange Points: the Role of Network Asymmetry - abstract
Maria Amparo Lourdes Montenegro, (National University of Singapore)
Eduardo Araral, (National University of Singapore)

Decentralized Aid and Democracy - abstract
Joaquin Morales Belpaire, (Universidad Privada Boliviana)

Product-market Competition and the Redistribution of Resources in the Multi-business Firm - abstract and paper
Raffaele Morandi Stagni, (IE Business School)
Juan Santaló Mediavilla, (IE Business School)

A Formal Haggling Theory of Firm Boundaries: a Tradeoff Between Bargaining Costs and Too Much Intervention - abstract and paper
Yusuke Mori, (Tokyo International University)

Learnability Confidence and Human Capital Acquisition - abstract
Kimiyuki Morita, (Osaka University of Economics)

Public Versus Private Cost of Capital with State-contingent Terminal Value - abstract and paper
Marian Moszoro, (UC Berkeley & Harvard Law School)

The Microfoundations of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change - abstract
Stefanos Mouzas, (Lancaster University)

Does Prison Privatization Distort Justice? Evidence on Time Served and Recidivism - abstract and paper
Anita Mukherjee, (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Group Violence, Ethnic Diversity and Citizen Participation: Evidence from Indonesia - abstract and paper
christophe muller, (Aix-Marseille University)
marc vothknecht, (European Commission)

Learning (and Unlearning) from the Media and Political Parties: Evidence from the 2015 Uk Election - abstract and paper
Kevin Munger, (NYU - SMaPP Lab)
Patrick Egan, (NYU )
Jonathan Nagler, (NYU - SMaPP Lab)
Jonathan Ronen, (Berlin Institite for Medical Systems Biology)
Joshua Tucker, (NYU - SMaPP Lab)

Delaware's Profits - abstract
Minor Myers, (Brooklyn Law School)

Minds for the Market: Non-cognitive Skills in Post-soviet Countries - abstract
Maryam Naghsh Nejad, (IZA)
Anna Kochanova, (Max Planck)

The Production Function of Environmental Quality - abstract and paper
Jonathan Nash, (Emory University School of Law)
J.B. Ruhl, (Vanderbilt Law School)
James Salzman, (UCLA Law School; UC-Santa Barbara)

The Sparta Game: Violence, Proportionality, Austerity, Collapse - abstract and paper
Josiah Ober, (Stanford University)
Barry R. Weingast, (Stanford University)

When Settlements Increase Competition: Reverse Payment Settlements and Market Entry - abstract
Benjamin G. Ogden, (Texas A&M University/ULB)
Keith N. Hylton, (Boston University School of Law)

Spinoffs, Mergers and Industry Growth - abstract
Atsushi Ohyama, (Hitotsubashi University)

Ceo Behavior and Firm Performance - abstract
Bandiera Oriana, (LSE)
Stephen Hansen, (Pompeu Fabra)
Andrea Prat, (Columbia)
Raffaella Sadun, (Harvard)

Favoritism in Public Procurement Auctions: Model of Endogenous Entry - abstract and paper
Maria Ostrovnaya, (Center for Institutional Studies, NRU HSE)
Elena Podkolzina, (Center for Institutional Studies, NRU HSE)

Why All Policy Analysis Needs Institutional Economics, and Why This Economics Needs to Admit Unequally Rational Individuals and Comprehend Economic Change - abstract and paper
Pavel Pelikan, (University of Economics, Prague)

Retained Earnings and Membership Stability in Cooperatives, a Relational Contracting Perspective - abstract
Anna Petruchenya, (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)
George Hendrikse, (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)

Competition and Welfare Consequences of Information Aggregators - abstract
Amedeo Piolatto, (Barcelona Economics Institute)

Regime Stability and Persistence of Traditional Practices - abstract and paper
Michael Poyker, (University of California at Los Angeles)

Emigration As a Pacifying Force? - abstract and paper
Veronica Preotu, (University of Geneva)

Are Free Loans of Land Really Free? an Exploratory Analysis of Risk-coping Motives in Land Arrangements in the Northeast of Thailand - abstract and paper
Gwendoline Promsopha, (Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, LEST UMR 7317)

Historical Analysis of National Subjective Wellbeing Using Millions of Digitized Books - abstract and paper
Eugenio Proto, (University of Warwick, Economics)
Thomas Hills, (University of Warwick, Psychology)
Danie Sgroi, (University of Warwick, Economics)

Competing with Big Data - abstract
Jens Prüfer, (Tilburg University)
Christoph Schottmüller, (University of Copenhagen)

Ownership and Innovation: Evidence from Swiss Listed Firms - abstract and paper
Marcello Puca, (Università della Svizzera italiana)
Massimiliano Vatiero, (Università della Svizzera italiana)

The Political Economy of Social Media in China - abstract
Bei Qin, (University of Hong Kong)
David Strömberg, (IIES, Stockholm university)
Yanhui Wu, (University of Southern California)

Religion in the Context of Constitution: a Comparative Study of Egypt, Iran and Turkey - abstract
Hossein Radmard, (American University of Beirut/Columbia University)

Vote Brokers, Clientelist Appeals, and Voter Turnout in Russia - abstract and paper
Ora John Reuter, (UW-Milwaukee)
Timothy Frye, (Columbia)
David Szakonyi, (Columbia)

How Do Political Institutions Affect Fiscal Capacity? Explaining Taxation in Developing Economies - abstract and paper
Roberto Ricciuti , (Università di Verona)
Antonio Savoia, (University of Manchester )
Kunal Sen, (University of Manchester )

An Autopsy of Cooperation: Diamond Dealers and the Limits of Trust-based Exchange - abstract and paper
Barak Richman, (Duke University)

Which Electricity Market Design to Encourage the Development of Demand Response? - abstract and paper
Vincent Rious, (Microeconomics)
Yannick Perez, (CentraleSupélec)
Fabien Roques, (Compass)

Violent Pressure on Business and the Size of the Informal Economy: Evidence from Russian Regions - abstract
Michael Rochlitz, (Higher School of Economics)

The Private Ordering Solution to Multiforum Shareholder Litigation - abstract and paper
Roberta Romano, (Yale Law School)
Sarath Sanga, (University of California, Berkeley Law School)

Mass Refugee Inflow and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from Greek Refugees in Greece - abstract
Seyhun Orcan Sakalli, (University of Lausanne)
Elie Murard, (IZA)

Is There a Relationship Between Shareholder Protection and Stock Market Development? - abstract and paper
Prabirjit Sarkar, (
Simon Deakin, (
Mathias Siems, (

Investment in Natural Capital: Organizational Form and Consequences on the Characteristics of Biodiversity Restoration Projects - abstract
Pierre Scemama, (IFREMER)
Harold Levrel, (AgroParisTech)

Forgive but Not Forget: the Behavior of Relationship Banks when Firms Are in Distress - abstract and paper
Larissa Schäfer, (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

The Effect of Prison Sentence Length on Recidivism: Evidence from Random Judicial Assignment - abstract and paper
Max Schanzenbach, (Northwestern)
Michael Roach, (Northwestern)

Voter Understanding of Policy Incidence - Experimental Evidence - abstract
Florian H. Schneider, (University of Zurich)
Martin Schonger, (ETH Zurich)

What Undermines Market Discipline in Russian Regions: Regionalism or Trust to Local Authorities? - abstract
Koen Schoors, (Ghent University)
Maria Semenova, (CInSt, HSE, Moscow)
Andrey Zubanov, (University of Wisconsin Madison)

Politics and Banking in Russia: the Rise of Putin - abstract
Koen Schoors, (Ghent University and HSE)
Laurent Weill, (EM Strasbourg Business School, University of Stras)

Patents: a Means to Innovation or Strategic Ends? - abstract and paper
Jiri Schwarz, (Charles University, Prague)
Martin Stepanek, (Charles University, Prague)

Labor Scarcity, Land Tenure, and Historical Legacy: Evidence from Mexico - abstract and paper
Emily A. Sellars, (University of Chicago)
Jennifer Alix-Garcia, (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Democracy Versus Dictatorship: the Political Determinants of Growth Episodes - abstract
Kunal Sen, (University of Manchester)
Sabyasachi Kar, (Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi)
Lant Pritchett, (Harvard University)
Selim Raihan, (University of Dhaka)

Institutions, Repression and the Spread of Protest - abstract and paper
Mehdi Shadmehr, (University of Miami)
Raphael Boleslavsky, (University of Miami)

Geopolitics and Culture in the United Nations Human Rights Committee - abstract and paper
Vera Shikhelman, (Chicago Law School)

The Case for Managerial Signaling in Adjudicating Hostile Takeovers - abstract and paper
Nitzan Shilon, (Peking University)

Lotteries As a Mean of Financing Public Goods - abstract and paper
Daniil Shvets, (Queen Mary University of London)

Covenants Without the Sword? Comparing Prison Self-governance Globally - abstract
David Skarbek, (King's College London)

Fusing the Equitable Function in Private Law - abstract and paper
Henry E. Smith, (Harvard Law School)

Electoral Laws, Political Institutions and Long-run Development: Evidence from Latin America, 1800-2012 - abstract and paper
Rok Spruk, (Utrecht University)

Political Economy of Pension Reform: an Empirical Investigation - abstract and paper
Rok Spruk, (Utrecht University)
Miroslav Verbic, (University of Ljubljana - Laibach)

Entrepreneurship, Mobility and Knowledge of Noncompete Laws - abstract
Evan Starr, (University of Maryland )
Benjamin King, (University of Maryland)
Rajshree Agarwal, (University of Maryland)

It’s Politics, Stupid! Urban Wastewater Collection and Treatment in Brazil - abstract
Katharina Stepping, (German Development Institute (DIE))

Development, Segregation and Nationalism - abstract
Marvin Suesse, (New York University - Abu Dhabi)
Nikolaus Wolf, (Humboldt University of Berlin)

Energy Intensity of Production in World Economies: Role of Institutional Environment - abstract
Nikita Suslov, (Novosibirsk State University)
Ekaterina Meltenisova, (Novosibirsk State University)

Contractual Adaptation and the Evolutionary Perspective of Contracting Strategy - abstract and paper
Jiulin Teng, (HEC Paris PhD Candidate)
Bertrand V. Quélin, (HEC Paris)

Harsh or Humane? Detention Conditions and Recidivism - abstract and paper
Daniele Terlizzese, (EIEF)
Giovanni Mastrobuoni, (University of Essex)

Constructed Preferences, Consumer Welfare, and Antitrust Law - abstract
Avishalom Tor, (Notre Dame Law School)

Hard Labour in the Lab: Are Monetary and Non-monetary Sanctions Really Substitutable? - abstract
James Tremewan, (University of Vienna)
Matteo Rizzolli, (LUMSA University)

A Positive Theory of the Predatory State - abstract and paper
Mehrdad Vahabi, (University Paris 8)

Reforming an Institutional Culture of Corruption: a Model of Motivated Agents and Collective Reputation - abstract and paper
Justin Valasek, (WZB Berlin)

Institutions and …firms’ Adjustments: Measuring the Impact of Courts’' Delays on Job ‡flows and Productivity - abstract and paper
Giovanna Vallanti, (Luiss "Guido Carli")
Giuseppina Gianfreda, (Università della Tuscia)

Ethnic Politics and Job Performance in the Kenyan Police - abstract
Oliver Vanden Eynde, (Paris School of Economics)

Changing Social Norms - abstract and paper
Zaki Wahhaj, (University of Kent)

Political Connections and Ownership Concentration: Evidence from Chinese Privately Owned Enterprises - abstract
Jingjing Wang, (University of Missouri)
Peter G. Klein, (Baylor University)

Managing Shared Understandings in Teams - abstract
Patrick Warren, (Clemson Universtiy)
Tom Wilkening, (University of Melbourne)

Professional Organizations As Drivers of Social Changes in Developing Countries: Some Implications from Russian ‘limited Access Order’ - abstract and paper
Andrei Yakovlev, (University - Higher School of Economics)
Anton Kazun, (University - Higher School of Economics)
Daniil Sitkevich, (Moscow State Lomonosow-University)

Do Majoritarian Electoral Rules Favour Larger Industries in the Economy? - abstract
Timothy Yu-Cheong Yeung, (Toulouse School of Economics)
Izaskun Zuazu, (University of the Basque Country)

Enforcement Discretion at the Sec - abstract and paper
David Zaring, (Wharton)