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Provoking Preferences: Leaders, Organizations, and Inspiration - abstract
John S. Ahlquist, (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Margaret Levi, (University of Washington)

Does Macro-pru Leak? Evidence from a Uk Policy Experminet - abstract and paper
Shekhar Aiyar, (IMF)
Charles Calomiris, (Columbia Business School)
Tomasz Wieladek, (London Business School)

Learning by Supplying - abstract and paper
Juan Alcacer, (Harvard Business School)
Joanne Oxley, (University of Toronto)

The Grounds for Marriage: Differences Across Sexual Orientation - abstract and paper
Douglas Allen, (Simon Fraser University)

Decentralization and Deforestation:the Moderating Role of Polycentric Governance - abstract and paper
Krister Andersson, (University of Colorado at Boulder )
Tom Evans, (Indiana University)
Clark Gibson, (University of California at San Diego)
Glenn Wright, (University of Alaska, Southeast)

Tax Morale and Pro-social Behaviour: Evidence from a Palestinian Survey - abstract and paper
Luca Andriani, (Birkbeck College University of London)

The Economics of Self-regulation Under Sunset Legislation in Telecommunications - abstract and paper
Patrick Anell, (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
Andreas Freytag, (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
Klaus Winkler, (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)

Political Connections & Use of Courts in Dispute Resolution: a Survey Analysis of Chinese Private Firms - abstract
Yuen Yuen Ang, (University of Michigan)
Nan Jia, (University of Southern California)

Knowledge Inheritance, Vertical Integration and Entrant Survival in the Early U.s. Auto Industry - abstract and paper
Nicholas Argyres, (Washington University in St. Louis)
Romel Mostafa, (University of Western Ontario)

Optimal Nondiscriminatory Auctions with Favoritism - abstract and paper
Leandro Arozamena, (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and CONICET)
Nicholas Shunda, (University of Redlands)
Federico Weinschelbaum, (Universidad de San Andrés and CONICET)

Property As an Economic Concept: Reconciling Legal and Economic Conceptions of Property Rights in a Coasean Framework - abstract and paper
Benito Arruñada, (Pompeu Fabra University)

‘one for All and All for One’? Judicial Ideology and Judicial Professionalism in the House of Lords and Supreme Court - abstract and paper
Thiruvallore Thattai Arvind, (University of York)
Lindsay J Stirton, (University of Sheffield)

Managerial Effort Incentives and Market Collusion - abstract and paper
Cécile Aubert, (GREThA, Bordeaux and TSE, Toulouse)

Does International Law Matter? - abstract and paper
Shima Baradaran, (Brigham Young University)
Michael Findley, (Brigham Young University)
Daniel Nielson, (Brigham Young University)
J. C. Sharman, (Griffith University)

Hollywood Deals: Soft Contracts for Hard Markets - abstract and paper
Jonathan Barnett, (USC)

Private and Public Supply of Intellectual Property Rights - abstract and paper
Jonathan Barnett, (USC)

Mission Congruence, Incentives and Autonomy: an Empirical Analysis of Child-care Facilities in Minnesota, the U.s. - abstract and paper
Marco Barrenechea-Mendez, (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona)
Avner Ben-Ner, (University of Minnesota)

Reel Authority: Theory and Evidence on Relational Renegotiation in the Movie Industry - abstract
Daniel Barron, (MIT Economics Department)
Robert Gibbons, (MIT Sloan School of Management)
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)
Kevin J. Murphy, (USC Marshall School of Business)

The Exchange of Variable-quality Commodities - abstract and paper
Yoram Barzel, (University of Washington)

Coalition Governments, Cabinet Size, and the Common Pool Problem: Evidence from the German States - abstract and paper
Thushyanthan Baskaran, (University of Goettingen)

Innovation, Tort Law, and Competition - abstract and paper
Florian Baumann, (University of Tuebingen)
Klaus Heine, (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Market Structure, Quality and Consumer Behavior: Exit Voice and Loyalty Under Increasing Competition - abstract and paper
T. Randolph Beard, (Auburn University)
Jeffrey T. Macher, (Georgetown University)
John W. Mayo, (Georgetown. University)

Toward a Theory of State-owned Property Rights - abstract and paper
Abraham Bell, (University of San Diego)
Horacio Spector, (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)

When Does Business Get Violent? - abstract and paper
Galina V. Belokurova, (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Unbundling Democracy - abstract and paper
Ariel BenYishay, (University of New South Wales,Sydney,Australia)
Roger R. Betancourt, (University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA)

Organization's Formation: Collective Action Theory Perspective for Hoa - abstract and paper
Ekaterina Borisova, (Higher School of Economics)

Scaffolding: Using Formal Contracts to Build Informal Relations in Support of Innovation - abstract and paper
Iva Bozovic, (University of Southern California)
Gillian K. Hadfield, (University of Southern California)

How Was Banking-credit Allocated During Colombia's Industrialisation? the Politics of Finance in a Developing Country - abstract
Carlos A. Brando, (LSE)

The Regulation of Market Access in 18th Century Mercantilist France - abstract and paper
Eric Brousseau, (University Paris-Dauphine & EUI)
Jerome Sgard, (Sciences-Po Paris)

Local Determinants of Economic Structure: Evidence from Land Quota Allocation in China - abstract and paper
Meina Cai, (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The Dynamics of the Regulation of Labor in Developing and Developed Countries Since 1960 - abstract and paper
Nauro Campos, (Brunel University and IZA)
Jeffrey Nugent, (University of Southern California and IZA)

Vote Suppression and Insecure Property Rights - abstract and paper
Paul Castañeda Dower, (New Economic School)
Tobias Pfutze, (Oberlin College)

The Law of Small Numbers: Investigating the Benefits of Restricted Auctions for Public Procurement - abstract and paper
Lisa Chever, (Sorbonne Business School)
Stéphane Saussier, (Sorbonne Business School)
Anne Yvrande-Billon, (University Paris 1)

The Limits of the International Tax Regime As a Commitment Projector - abstract and paper
Arthur J. Cockfield, (Queen's University)

Programmatic Parties and the Politics of Bureaucratic Reform - abstract and paper
Cesi Cruz, (University of California, San Diego)
Philip Keefer, (The World Bank Development Research Group)

Public-private Partnerships and the Allocation of Demand Risk - an Incomplete Contract Theory Approach - abstract and paper
julie de brux, (IAE Sorbonne business school)
claudine desrieux, (University Paris II)

Reforming Fisheries: Lessons from a Self-selected Cooperative - abstract and paper
Robert T Deacon, (Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara)
Dominic Parker, (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Christopher Costello, (Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara)

Saving Power to Conserve Your Reputation? the Effectiveness of Private Versus Public Information - abstract and paper
Magali Delmas, (UCLA)
Neil Lessem, (UCLA)

Determinants of Public Trust Towards Major Political Institutions in Countries with Economies in Transition and in the Oecd Countries: the Comparative Analysis - abstract and paper
Olga Demidova, (NRU Higher School of Economics)

Transaction Cost Troubles - abstract
Harold Demsetz, (UCLA)

Creating an Appropriate Institutional Environment for Intellectual Property Rights: Current Private Reward System and Alternative Institutional Solutions - abstract and paper
Maiia Deutschmann, (European University Viadrina)

Jurisdiction and Development: the Impact of Public Law 280 in Indian Country - abstract
Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl, (Virginia Military Institute)
Peter Grajzl, (Washington and Lee University)
Joseph Guse, (Washington and Lee University)

Stakeholder Capital and Performance in Tough Times - abstract and paper
Sinziana Dorobantu, (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
Witold Henisz, (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
Lite Nartey, (University of South Carolina)

The Political Economy Land Privatization in Argentina and Australia, 1810-1850 - abstract and paper
Alan Dye, (Barnard Colleges, Columbia University)
Sumner La Croix, (University of Hawaii)

The Societas Privata Europaea (spe) – Will It Promote the Internationalization of Smes? - abstract and paper
Martina Eckardt, (Andrássy University Budapest)

The Distinctive Role of Social Enterprise - abstract and paper
Ofer Eldar, (Yale Law School; NYU Center for Law & Business)

Are Franchisees Well-informed? Revisiting the Debate over Franchise Relationship Laws - abstract and paper
Robert W. Emerson, (Warrington College of Business Administration, Uni)
Uri Benoliel, (Academic Center of Law & Business)

Industry Self-governance and National Security: on the Private Control of Dual Use Technologies - abstract and paper
Sebastian Engelhardt, (Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena)
Stephen Maurer, (University of California, Berkeley)

The Institutional Economics of the Globalized Financial Regulation; Example on International Accounting Standards Board - abstract and paper
Elif Erdemoglu, (University of Hamburg)

Domestic Sanctions to Cross-border Acts: the Case of Foreign Bribery - abstract and paper
Laarni Escresa, (University of Hamburg)
Lucio Picci, (University of Bologna)

Institutional Change and Institutional Inertia: Auctions, Contracts and Property Rights - abstract and paper
Jose-Antonio Espin-Sanchez, (Northwestern University)

Incentives to Cooperate and Fairness Norms in the Provision of Water – Cases of Namibian Land Reform Projects - abstract and paper
Thomas Falk, (University of Marburg)
Dirk Lohmann, (University of Potsdam)
Nadege Azebaze, (University of Marburg)

Tax and the Boundaries of the Firm - abstract and paper
Victor Fleischer, (University of Colorado)

Regional Tax Competition: Some Lessons from Recent Spanish Fiscal Reforms - abstract and paper
Cabrillo Francisco, (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

The Common Pool Problem in Municipal Amalgamation - abstract and paper
Benedikt Fritz, (Walter Eucken Institute and University of Freiburg)

Disclosure Strategies and Shareholder Litigation Risk: Evidence from Earnings Restatements - abstract and paper
Michael Furchtgott, (University of California, San Diego)
Frank Partnoy, (University of San Diego Law School)

Agency Costs in the Era of Economic Crisis – the Enhanced Connection Between Ceo Compensation and Corporate Cash Holdings - abstract and paper
Mira Ganor, (The University of Texas School of Law)

The Psychology of Competition: a Social Comparison Perspective - abstract and paper
Stephen Garcia, (University of Michigan)
Avishalom Tor, (University of Notre Dame)
Tyrone Schiff, (University of Michigan)

The Impact of Bundling on Product Variety: Evidence from the Paramount Antitrust Case of 1948 - abstract
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)

Privateering and Its Discontents: Marque and Reprisal, Qui Tam, Citizen Suits, and Patents - abstract and paper
John M. Golden, (University of Texas School of Law)

Institutional Transformations, Polity and Economic Outcomes: Testing the North-wallis-weingast Doorsteps Framework - abstract and paper
Sophia Gollwitzer Franke, (Graduate Institute, Geneva)
Marc Quintyn, (IMF Institute)

Implementation in the K-level Thinking Environment - abstract and paper
Olga Gorelkina, (Max Planck Institute)

Corporate Governance and Discovery: the Missing Story About the Genius of American Corporate Law - abstract
Érica Gorga, (Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School at São Paulo)
Michael Halberstam, (S.U.N.Y. Buffalo Law School)

Corporate Governance and Discovery: the Missing Story About the Genius of American Corporate Law - abstract
Érica Gorga, (Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School at São Paulo)
Michael Halberstam, (State University of New York Law School)

Corporate Governance and Discovery: the Missing Story About the Genius of American Corporate Law - abstract and paper
Érica Gorga, (Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School at São Paulo)
Michael Halberstam, (S.U.N.Y. Buffalo Law School)

Stealing More is Better? Marginal Deterrence in Islamic Criminal Law of Theft - abstract and paper
Moamen Gouda, (Philipps-University Marburg)

Business Associations, Personal Connections and Other Ways of Lobbying by Russian Firms - abstract
Andrei Govorun, (The Higher School of Economics)

Economic Theory of the Rise of Jus Ad Bellum Norms Under International Law - abstract
Joseb Gudiashvili, (University of Hamburg)

Moral Hazard in Mutual Fund Management: the Role of Fees - abstract
Michel A. Habib, (University of Zurich)
D. Bruce Johnsen, (George Mason Law School)

The Impact of Who Decides the Rules for Network Use: a 'common Pool' Analysis of the Investment Dynamics in Different Gas Network Regulatory Frames - abstract and paper
Michelle Hallack, (European University Institute)
Miguel Vazquez, (European University Institute)

Institutions, Gender, Age, and the Careers of Hollywood Actors - abstract and paper
F. Andrew Hanssen, (Clemson University)
Robert K. Fleck, (Clemson University)

The Economic Implications of Law: Nineenth Centiury Legal Innovation in New South Wales, the Wool Lien and Stock Mortgage - abstract and paper
Edwyna Harris, (Monash University)

Physical, Human, and Social Capital As Barriers to Environmental Policy Reform - abstract and paper
Shi-Ling Hsu, (University of British Columbia Faculty of Law)

Physical, Human, and Social Capital As Barriers to Environmental Policy Reform - abstract
Shi-Ling Hsu, (Florida State University College of Law)

From Coercion to Politics to Law: the Evolution of Property Rights Protection - abstract
Fali Huang, (Singapore Management University)

Parity, Paternalism and Peonage in the Informal Economy: an Empirical Study of Off-the-books Loans - abstract
Richard Hunt, (University of Colorado - Boulder)

Consideration Doctrine and Regulatory Arbitrage in Mortgage Securitization - abstract and paper
John P. Hunt, (UC Davis School of Law (King Hall))
Nancy Wallace, (UC Berkeley Haas School of Business)
Richard Stanton, (UC Berkeley Haas School of Business)

Razing San Francisco: the 1906 Disaster As a Natural Experiment in Understanding Urban Land Use - abstract and paper
Siodla James, (University of California, Irvine)

Regulation with Interested Experts - abstract and paper
Jason Johnston, (University of Virginia)

Exploiting the Poor: Bureaucratic Corruption and Poverty in Africa - abstract and paper
Mogens K. Justesen, (University of Southern Denmark)
Christian Bjørnskov, (University of Aarhus)

Political Connections, Entrepreneurship, and Social Network Investment - abstract and paper
Raja Kali, (HEC Montreal)
Nisvan Erkal, (University of Melbourne)

Rankings As a Driver of Institutionalization: the Case of Governance Reform - abstract and paper
Alison Kemper, (Rotman School and York)

De Soto, Russian Style: Property Rights And red tape - abstract
Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya, (National Research University Higher School of Econ)
Rinat Menyashev, (National Research University Higher School of Econ)

Domestic Institutions and the Political Economy of International Agreements - abstract and paper
Florian Kiesow Cortez, (University of Hamburg)

Entrepreneurship and Desperate Poverty: Biopharmaceutical Innovation in China, India, and Brazil - abstract and paper
Peter G. Klein, (University of Missouri)
Anita M. McGahan, (University of Toronto)
Rahim Rezaie , (University of Toronto)

Public and Private Enforcement of Law Under the High Risk of Type I Errors: the Russian Case - abstract and paper
Polina Kryuchkova, (National Research University Higher School of Econ)
Svetlana Avdasheva, (National Research University Higher School of Econ)

Born in Transition: the Effect of Economic Shocks in Early Childhood on Health and Educational Outcomes - abstract and paper
Olga Lazareva, (Higher School of Economics)

Downward Accountability in Response to Collective Actions: the Political Economy of Public Goods Provision in China - abstract and paper
Yuan Li, (University of Duisburg-Essen)

Roving Bandits in Action: Outside Option and Governmental Predation in Autocracies - abstract and paper
Alexander Libman, (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
Vladimir Kozlov, (Higher School of Economics)
André Schultz, (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Institutions of Flexicurity in Labor Markets: Culture Against Incentives - abstract and paper
Maria Lissowska, (Warsaw School of Economics)

The Freer the Fatter? a Cross-country Panel Study of the Relationship Between Changes in Body-mass Index and Economic Freedom - abstract and paper
Åsa Ljungvall, (Lund University, Sweden)

The Strategic Use of Early Bird Discounts for Dealers - abstract
Desmond (Ho-Fu) Lo, (Santa Clara University)
Stephen W Salant, (University of Michigan)

The Problem of Inefficiency: Market Failure or Modeling Failure? - abstract
Kevin Lyons, (Moloco Capital Partners)

Does Maternal Fasting During Pregnancy Affect Children's Labor Market Outcomes? Evidence from Indonesia - abstract and paper

Is Middle East's Economic Descent a Legal or Political Failure? Debating the Islamic Law Matters Thesis - abstract and paper
Adeel Malik, (University of Oxford)

Wast the Middle East's Economic Descent a Legal or Political Failure? Debating the Islamic Law Matters Thesis - abstract
Adeel Malik, (University of Oxford)

From Competition to Dominance: Political Determinants of Federal Transfers in the Russian Federation - abstract and paper
Israel Marques, (Columbia University)
Eugenia Nazrullaeva, (Higher School of Economics)
Andrei Yakovlev, (Higher School of Economics)

Outsourcing and Ownership: Theory and Evidence from California General Care Hospitals - abstract and paper
Christina Marsh, (University of Georgia)
Patrick Warren, (Clemson University)

The Incoherence of U.s. Tax Policy: the Environment As Case Study - abstract and paper
Leo P. Martinez, (University of California Hastings College of Law)

The Corporation As Imperfect Society - abstract and paper
Brian McCall, (University of Oklahoma College of Law)

Property Rights & Attitudes Toward Environmental Regulation: an Empirical Investigation - abstract and paper
Cherie Metcalf, (Queen's Faculty of Law)

Fragmentation and Governance Risk in International Energy - abstract
Timothy Meyer, (University of Georgia School of Law)

Path Dependence, Social Capital, and Violent Conflict in Ethnically Polarized Developing Countries - abstract and paper
Theresa Miedema, (Ryerson University)

Estimating the Effect of Quotas Across India Using Satellite Imagery - abstract and paper
Brian Min, (University of Michigan)
Yogesh Uppal, (Youngstown State University)

Wireless Taxes and Fees: a Tragedy of the Anticommons - abstract
Matt Mitchell, (Mercatus Center, George Mason University)
Thomas Stratmann, (Dept. of Econ., George Mason University)

The Institutional Foundations of Propertry Rights Strategies - abstract and paper
Guilherme,F Monteiro, (Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa)
Zylbersztajn Decio, (Universidade de São PAulo)

External Stability and Bidding Aggressivity of Cartels in Public Procurement : an Empirical Analysis - abstract
John Moore, (Sorbonne Business School / Chaire EPPP)

Third-party Opportunism and the (in)efficiency of Public Contracts - abstract and paper
Marian Moszoro, (IESE Business School)
Pablo T. Spiller, (University of California, Berkeley)

The Law and Economics of Fluctuating Criminal Tendencies and Incapacitation - abstract and paper
Murat C Mungan, (Florida State University College of Law)

Less Protection, More Innovation ? - abstract and paper
Murat C. Mungan, (FSU College of Law)

Expertise and Judicial Opinion Assignments on the Courts of Appeals - abstract and paper
Jonathan R. Nash, (Emory University School of Law)

Exit and Firm Boundaries After an Industry Shock - abstract
Gabriel Natividad, (New York University)
Natarajan Balasubramanian, (Syracuse University)

Spread Too Thin: Uncertainty Shocks and Diseconomies of Scope - abstract
Gabriel Natividad, (New York University)
Olav Sorenson, (Yale University)

Institutions and Allocation of Talent - abstract and paper
Timur Natkhov, (Higher School of Economics)
Leonid Polishchuk, (Higher School of Economics)

Trust and Economic Behavior in a Low-trust Society - abstract
Victor Nee, (Cornell University)
Sonja Opper, (Lund University)
Hakan Holm, (Lund University)

Consumer Promotion, Exclusive Dealings and ‘hold-up Defense’ - abstract and paper
Antonio Nicita, (University of Siena)
Massimiliano Vatiero, (University of Lugano)

Regulating Opportunism in the Electricity Industry and Consumer Interests - abstract and paper
Eva Niesten, (Utrecht University)
Albert Jolink, (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Administrative Patent Levers - abstract and paper
David Orozco, (Florida State University, College of Business)

Draining the Moat: Considerations for the Regulation of Defensive Patent Pools - abstract and paper
Daniel R. Paluch, (University of Southern California)

Securities Class Actions and Bankrupt Companies - abstract and paper
James Park, (Brooklyn Law School)

The Effects of Legal Institutions on Access to Credit: Evidence from American Indian Reservations - abstract and paper
Dominic Parker, (Montana State University)

Nonprofits in Post-soviet and Developed Economies: Comparative Study of Marketing-driven Efficiency - abstract and paper
Khrystyna Pavlyk, (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine)

An Experiment in Social Orders: the Development of Property Rights in Small Landholdings in Brazil (1850 – 1889) - abstract and paper
Thales Pereira, (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)

Identity, Consumption and Financial Security of Households in Poland - abstract and paper
Maria Piotrowska, (Wroclaw University of Economics)

The U.s. Financial Stability Oversight Council: Understanding Polycentric Governance - abstract and paper
Margaret M. Polski, (George Mason University)
Mohamad Elbarasse, (George Mason University)

Over-indebtedness in Brazil: Do We Need More Regulation? - abstract and paper
Antonio J. Porto, (Getulio Vargas Foundation )

Plant Variety Rights in the International Law of Intellectual Property. a Law & Economics Approach - abstract
Viola Prifti, (University of Hamburg)

Political Uncertainty and Public Financing Costs: Evidence from U.s. Municipal Bond Markets - abstract and paper
Yaxuan Qi, (Concordia University)
Pengjie Gao, (University of Notre Dame)

Social Capital and Economic Growth - abstract and paper
Sumant K. Rai, (University of Washington)

Why Are Peasant Migrations So Low in India? Economic Spaces, Transition Costs and Positive Externality - abstract and paper
Vijay Regulagadda, (University of Hyderabad)

Contracts & Cartels: Reconciling Competition and Development Policy - abstract and paper
Barak Richman, (Duke University)

Norms and Law: Putting the Horse Before the Cart - abstract and paper
Barak Richman, (Duke University)

A New System for Managing and Resolving Monetary Claims - abstract and paper
James F. Ring, (Chu, Ring & Hazel LLP)

Implementing Incentive Regulation with Bounded Regulators - abstract and paper
Vincent Rious, (Microeconomics)
Marcelo Saguan, (Microeconomics)
Jean-Michel Glachant, (EUI)
Haikel Khalfallah, (EUI)
Yannick Perez, (Supélec)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance - abstract and paper
Lorenzo Sacconi, (University of Trento)

Creditors’ Protection Law and Financial Development in France, Germany, Uk and Usa, 1970-2005 - abstract and paper
Prabirjit Sarkar, (Jadavpur University, Kolkata, and CBR, Cambridge)
Simon Deakin, (CBR, University of Cambridge)

Is There a Local Knowledge Advantage in Federations? Evidence from a Natural Experiment - abstract and paper
Andre Schultz, (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
Alexander Libman, (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

Impact of Country Risk and New Institutional Economics on Foreign Direct Investment: a Panel Data Analysis for Mena Region (1999-2010) - abstract and paper
Wesam M. Sedik, (National Telecom. Regulatory Authority, Egypt)
Hussien Seoudy, (German University in Cairo)

Hate Crimes in India: an Economic Analysis of Violence and Atrocities Against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes - abstract and paper
Smriti Sharma, (Delhi School of Economics)

Illusory Stock Ownership Policies - abstract and paper
Nitzan Shilon, (Harvard Law School)

Naxalite Insurgency and the Economic Benefits of a Unique Robust Security Response - abstract
Saurabh Singhal, (University of Southern California)

The Effect of Recessions on Firms' Insourcing- and Outsourcing Decisions - abstract and paper
Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen , (Norwegian School of Economics)
Kirsten Foss, (Norwegian School of Economics)

On the Economy of Concepts in Property - abstract and paper
Henry E. Smith, (Harvard Law School)

Trust in the State and Participation in the Russian Bank Deposit Market - abstract
Andrew Spicer, (University of South Carolina)
Ilya Okhmatovskiy, (McGill University)

Federal Tax Reform and the Deduction for State & Local Taxes - abstract and paper
Kirk Stark, (UCLA School of Law)

Supercharged Ipos - abstract and paper
Nancy Staudt, (USC Law School)
Victor Fleischer, (Colorado Law School)

A Technological Revolution in ‘lawyering’? - abstract and paper
Frank H Stephen, (University of Manchester, UK)

A Positive Model of Expenditure Growth: Toward Closure of the Organizational Process Theory of Budgeting - abstract and paper
Fred Thompson, (Willamette University)
Mike Hand, (Willamette University)
Michael Dothan, (Willamette University)

Income, Democracy, and the Cunning of Reason - abstract and paper
Daniel Treisman, (UCLA)

Coordination and Coercion: the Nature of Rules, Governments, States, and Social Dynamics - abstract and paper
John Wallis, (University of Maryland)
Douglass North, (Washington University)

Transaction Cost Economics: What Are the Questions? - abstract and paper
Oliver E Williamson, (University of California, Berkeley)

Knowledge Spillovers and Industrial Policy: Evidence from the Advanced Technology Program, the Department of Defense - abstract
Dean V. Williamson, (US Department of Justice)

Strategic Behavior and Organizational Structure in Religions - abstract and paper
donald wittman, (University of California Santa Cruz)

In the Shadows of Sunlight: the Effects of Transparency in State Political Campaigns - abstract and paper
Abby Wood, (UC Berkeley --> USC)
Douglas Spencer, (UC Berkeley)

The Impact of Changing Agricultural Technology on Land Tenancy in Preindustrial China: Evidence from Confucius's Manors (1759-1901) - abstract and paper
Helen Yang, (George Mason University)

Endogenous Enforcement Institutions - abstract and paper
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)
Gani Aldashev, (Namur University and ECARES)

Poverty Traps and Institutions in Ethiopia - abstract and paper
Daniel Zerfu, (African Development Bank)