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The Dual Origin of the Duty to Disclose in Ancient Rome - abstract
Barbara Abatino, (University of Naples)
Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, (University of Amsterdam)

Middlemen in Value Chains: an Enabling or Constraining Institution? - abstract
Gumataw Abebe, (Wageningen University)
Jos Bijman, (Wageningen University)
Ruerd Ruben, (Radboud University)
Annie Royer, (Laval University)
Onno Omta, (Wageningen University)

The Loan Shark Welfare State? Electoral Institutions and Political Responses to Economic Polarization - abstract
John Ahlquist, (University of Wisconsin)
Ben Ansell, (University of Minnesota)

Nation-building - abstract
Alberto Alesina, (Harvard and IGIER Bocconi)
Bryony Reich, (University College London)

What Explains the Rising Popularity of Cash Renting? - abstract and paper
Douglas Allen, (Simon Fraser University)
Allison Borchers, (US Department of Agriculture)

Beliefs, Leadership and Economic Transitions; Brazil 1964-2012 - abstract and paper
Lee Alston, (University of Colorado and NBER)
Marcus Melo, (Federal University of Pernambuco)
Bernardo Mueller, (University of Brasilia)
Carlos Pereira, (Getulio Vargas Foundation-FGV)

Causal Effect of Income on Trust: Evidence from 2009 Crisis in Russia - abstract and paper
Maxim Ananyev, (UCLA)
Sergei Guriev, (New Economic School)

Decentralized Forestry in Guatemala: a Test of Polycentric Governance Theory - abstract and paper
Krister Andersson, (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Alan Zarychta, (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Bargaining in Standing Committees - abstract and paper
Vincent Anesi, (University of Nottingham)
Daniel Seidmann, (University of Nottingham)

The Effects of Geography on the Evolution of Property Rights in the Commons: Theory, Evidence and Implications - abstract and paper
Eduardo Araral, (National University of Singapore)

A Process Account of the Endowment Effect: Voluntary Debiasing Through Agents and Markets - abstract and paper
Jennifer Arlen, (NYU Law School)
Stephan Tontrup, (Max Planck Institute of Economics)

The Market for Legal Lemons - abstract and paper
Benito Arruñada, (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Nuno Garoupa, (University of Illinois)
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)

Recordation Vs Registration Assessing Land Titling in a Quasi-experimental Context - abstract
Benito Arrunada, (Pompeu Fabra University)
Veronica Grembi, (Catholic University of Milan)
Matteo Rizzolli, (Free University of Bolzen)

Election Observers and Electoral Fraud - abstract and paper
Joseph Asunka, (UCLA)
Sarah Brierley, (UCLA)
Miriam Golden, (UCLA)
Eric Kramon, (UCLA)
George Ofosu, (UCLA)

From Pi to Ip: Yet Another Unexpected Effect of Tort Reform - abstract
Ronen Avraham, (The University of Texas at Austin)
John M. Golden, (The University of Texas at Austin)

A Safety Valve Model of Equity As Anti-opportunism - abstract and paper
Kenneth Ayotte, (Northwestern University)
Ezra Friedman, (Northwestern University)
Henry Smith, (Harvard University)

On Breach Remedies: Contracting with Bilateral Selfish Investment and Two-sided Private Information - abstract and paper
Sugata Bag, (Delhi School of Economics/University of Delhi)

Egalitarianism. an Evolutionary Perspective - abstract
Lidia Bagnoli, (Ministry of Economy and Finance)
Giorgio Negroni, (Bologna University)

Cross Regional Comparison of the Efficiency of Public Procurement in Russia - abstract and paper
Anna Balsevich, (CInSt, Higher School of Economics)
Svetlana Pivovarova, (Higher School of Economics)
Elena Podkolzina, (CInSt, Higher School of Economics)

Products Liability and Competition Policy when Firms Share a Collective Reputation - abstract
Andrzej Baniak, (Central European University)
Peter Grajzl, (Washington and Lee University)

Pro-social Behavior Where We Least Expect It? the Selection and Socialization of Intrinsically-motivated Government (tax!) Officials - abstract
Sheheryar Banuri, (The World Bank Development Research Group)
Philip Keefer, (The World Bank Development Research Group)

Credit Markets with Ethical Banks and Motivated Borrowers - abstract and paper
Francesca Barigozzi, (University of Bologna)
Piero Tedeschi, (Università Cattolica Milano)

Party Ideology and Fiscal Policy: Quasi-experimental Evidence from the German States - abstract and paper
Thushyanthan Baskaran, (University of Goettingen)

The Accidental Lawyer - abstract and paper
Ido Baum, (Haim Striks School of Law, Israel)

Environmental Responsibility and Fdi: Do Firms Relocate Their Irresponsibilities Abroad? - abstract
Rémi Bazillier, (LEO, Université d’Orléans, CNRS)
Sophie Hatte, (Université de Rouen and Paris School of Economics)
Julien Vauday, (Université Paris 13 - CEPN and CNRS)

The Arrow-lind Theorem Revisited: Ownership Concentration and Valuation - abstract
Ziemowit Bednarek, (California Polytechnic State University)
Marian Moszoro, (IESE Business School)

Modulating Intellectual Property Protection - abstract and paper
Abraham Bell, (Bar Ilan University & University of San Diego)
Gideon Parchomovsky, (University of Pennsylvania)

Earthquakes and Transition to Self-government in Italian Cities - abstract
MARIANNA BELLOC, (Universita' La Sapienza)
FRANCESCO DRAGO, (Universita' Federico II Napoli)

Diversity and Performance in Teams: Evidence from 10 Seasons of German Soccer - abstract and paper
Avner Ben-Ner, (University of Minnesota)
John-Gabriel Licht, (University of Minnesota)
Jin Park, (University of Minnesota)

Rational Parasites - abstract and paper
Jean-Pierre Benoit, (LBS)
Roberto Galbiati, (Sciences Po)
Emeric Henry, (Sciences Po)

Beyond the Dyad: Taking Stock and Moving Forward - abstract
Janet Bercovitz, (University of Illinois)
Jiyoon Chung, (University of Illinois)
Joseph Mahoney, (University of Illinois)

Divided We Reform? Evidence from Us Welfare Policies - abstract and paper
Andreas Bernecker, (University of Mannheim)

Emergence and Evolution of Property Rights: an Agent Based Perspective - abstract
Enrico Bertacchini, (University of Torino)
Jakob Grazzini, (Catholic Univesity of Milan)
Elena Vallino, (University of Torino)

Women, Medieval Commerce, and the Education Gender Gap - abstract
Graziella Bertocchi, (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)
Monica Bozzano, (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

Courts, Caps, and Medical Malpractice Insurance - abstract
Paola Bertoli, (Bologna University)
Veronica Grembi, (Catholic University of Milan)

Competition, Contract Design and Quality of Outsourced Services - abstract and paper
Jean Beuve, (University of Paris Sorbonne)
Lisa Chever, (IAE Sorbonne Business School)

Trade Shocks and Pro-democracy Mass Movements: Evidence from India's Independence Struggle - abstract
Rikhil R. Bhavnani, (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Saumitra Jha, (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

The Defeasance of Control Rights - abstract and paper
Carsten Bienz, (Norwegien School of Business (NHH))
Antoine Faure-Grimaud, (London School of Economics )
Zsuzsanna Fluck, (Univ. of Paris-Dauphine & Michigan State Univ. )

Organisational Changes and the Evolution of Working Life Quality: a Comparison Between the Private Sector and the State Civil Service - abstract and paper
Maëlezig Bigi, (CEE and LISE)
Nathalie Greenan, (CEE and TEPP-CNRS)
Sylvie Hamon-Cholet, (CEE and TEPP-CNRS)
Lanfranchi Joseph, (CEE and LEM (Panthéon-Assas University))

The Price of Media Capture in Interwar France - abstract and paper
Vincent Bignon, (Bank of France)
Marc Flandreau, (Graduate Institute - Geneva)

Third-party Contract Enforcement: Evidence from a Framed Field Experiment in a Peruvian Garment Cluster - abstract
Matthew D. Bird, (Universidad del Pacífico)

Do Social Rights Affect Social Outcomes? - abstract and paper
Christian Bjørnskov, (Aarhus University)
Jacob Mchangama, (Cepos, Copenhagen)

Corporate Political Activity: Why and when Political Knowledge Matters - abstract
Jean-Philippe Bonardi, (University of Lausanne)
Richard G. Vanden Bergh, (University of Vermont)
Guy L.F. Holburn, (University of Western Ontario)
Adam Fremeth, (University of Western Ontario)

An Economic Theory of Import Dependence and War - abstract
Roberto Bonfatti, (University of Nottingham)
Kevin H. O' Rourke, (University of Oxford)

Endogenous (in)formal Institutions. - abstract
Serra Boranbay, (University of Mannheim)
Carmine Guerriero, (ACLE and University of Amsterdam)

Cooperation and Identity in a Multiethnic Society - abstract
Stefania Bortolotti, (University of Bologna)
Marco Casari, (University of Bologna)
Chiara Monti, (University of Bologna)

Majority Runoff Elections: Strategic Voting and Duverger's Hypothesis - abstract and paper
Laurent Bouton, (Boston University)
Gabriele Gratton, (University of New South Wales)

Cooperating with the State: Evidence from Survey Experiments on Policing - abstract
Noah Buckley, (Columbia University)
Timothy Frye, (Columbia University)
Scott Gehlbach, (UW Madison)
Lauren McCarthy, (UMass Amherst)

Poor Institutions, Rich Mines: Resource Curse in the Origins of the Sicilian Mafia - abstract and paper
Paolo Buonanno, (University of Bergamo)
Ruben Durante, (Science Po)
Giovanni Prarolo, (University of Bologna)
Paolo Vanin, (University of Bologna)

Equality Under Threat by the Talented: Evidence from Worker-managed Firms - abstract
Gabriel Burdin, (Univ. de la Republica, Univ. of Siena and IZA)

Shift of Public Expenditures Through Debt Brakes: the Swiss Experience - abstract and paper
Heiko T. Burret, (Walter Eucken Institut, Freiburg)
Lars P. Feld, (Walter Eucken Institut and University Freiburg)

Reputation and Entry - abstract and paper
Jeffrey V. Butler, (EIEF)
Enrica Carbone, (Second University of Naples "SUN")
Pierluigi Conzo, (University of Turin)
Giancarlo Spagnolo, (Stockholm School of Economics-SITE, Tor Vergata)

Self-enforcing Trade Agreements, Dispute Settlement and Separation of Powers - abstract and paper
Kristy Buzard, (Syracuse University)

The Role of Public Capabilities and Institutional Determinants in Public-private Partnerships: a Cross-country Examination - abstract and paper
Sandro Cabral, (UFBA - Salvador do Bahia (Brazil))
Ilze Kivleniece, (Imperial College (UK) - HEC Paris (France))
Sergio Lazzarini, (Insper - São Paulo (Brazil))
Bertrand Quélin, (HEC Paris (France))

The Coordination Value of Monetary Exchange: Experimental Evidence, - abstract and paper
Gabriele CAMERA, (Chapman University)
Marco CASARI, (University of Bologna)

Public Sector Personnel Economics: Wages, Promotions, and the Competence-control Trade-off - abstract and paper
Charles Cameron, (Princeton University and New York University)
John de Figueiredo, (Duke University and Institute for Advanced Study)
David Lewis, (Vanderbilt University)

Economic Growth and European Integration: a Counterfactual Analysis - abstract and paper
Nauro Campos, (Brunel University & IZA-Bonn)
Fabrizio Coricelli, (Paris School of Economics & CEPR)
Luigi Moretti, (University of Padova)

Rewarding Idleness - abstract and paper
Andrea Canidio, (Central European University)
Thomas Gall, (University of Southampton)

Rent-seeking and Litigation: the Hidden Virtues of the Loser-pays Rule - abstract
Emanuela Carbonara, (University of Bologna)
Francesco Parisi, (Universities of Minnesota and Bologna)

Great Recession and Labor Market Anomalies: the German Labor Market Miracle Revisited from a Decision Under Risk Perspective - abstract and paper
Vivian Carstensen, (Bielefeld University ASC)

Gender-biased Property Rights on the Commons: a Case Study from the Italian Alps - abstract and paper
Marco Casari, (University of Bologna)
Maurizio Lisciandra, (University of Messina)

A Theory of Conscientiousness - abstract
Simone Cerreia-Vioglio, (Università Bocconi)
Fabio Maccheroni, (Università Bocconi)
Massimo Marinacci, (Università Bocconi)
Aldo Rustichini, (Minnesota University)

The Effects of Economic Regulation: Evidence from the Istanbul and New York Taxicab Markets - abstract and paper
Tamer Cetin, (Yildiz Technical University)
Kadir Y. Eryigit, (Uludag University)
Ali K. Cetinkaya, (Istanbul Stock Exchange)

Lawyers' Reputation and the Quality of Legal Services : an Economic Analysis of Self-regulation - abstract and paper
Camille Chaserant, (University Le Havre and Paris Ouest Nanterre / Eco)
Sophie Harnay, (University Paris Ouest Nanterre / EconomiX)

When More Discretionary Power Improves Public Procurement Efficiency : an Empirical Analysis of French Negotiated Procedures - abstract and paper
Lisa Chever, (Sorbonne Business School)
John Moore, (Sorbonne Business School)

Energy Performance Contracts: an Analysis of the French Experience Through the Lenses of Contract Theories - abstract
Eshien Chong, (Sorbonne Business School)
Aude Le Lannier, (Sorbonne Business School)
Carine Staropoli, (CES, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne)

If You Want Me to Stay, Pay: a Model of Asymmetric Federalism in Centralised Countries - abstract and paper
Peter Claeys, (Universitat de Barcelona)
Federico Martire, (Università di Torino)

The Impact of Inspector Group Size on Enforcement: Evidence from Oil Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico - abstract and paper
Mark A. Cohen, (Vanderbilt University and Resources for the Future)
Lucija Muehlenbachs, (Resources for the Future)

Salience, Coordination and Cooperation in Contributing to Threshold Public Goods - abstract and paper
Luca Corazzini, (University of Padova)
Christopher Cotton, (University of Miami)
Paola Valbonesi, (University of Padova)

Rule of Law, Riches, and Rogues: a New Perspective on the Resource Curse - abstract
Mathieu Couttenier, (University of Lausanne)
Pauline Grosjean, (UNSW)
Marc Sangnier, (Aix-Marseille School of Economics)

Court Efficiency and Procurement Performance - abstract and paper
Decio Coviello, (HEC Montréal)
Luigi Moretti, (Univ. of Padova)
Giancarlo Spagnolo, (SITE – Stockholm School of Economics, EIEF)
Paola Valbonesi, (Univ. of Padova)

Forecasts and Reactivity - abstract
Reto Cueni, (University of Zurich)
Bruno S. Frey, (University of Warwick and Zeppelin University)

Civil Liberties and Economic Development: the Role of Culture in a Property Rights Approach - abstract and paper
Pál Czeglédi, (University of Debrecen)

Voluntary Versus Mandatory Disclosure: the Case of Standard Contracts - abstract
Elena D'Agostino, (University of Messina)
Giuseppe Sobbrio, (University of Messina)

Endogenous Property Rights - abstract
Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, (University of Amsterdam)
Carmine Guerriero, (University of Amsterdam)

Scientific Commons Underutilisation: Causes, Consequences and Remedial Strategies - abstract and paper
Paul A. David, (Stanford University)
W. Edward Steinmueller, (University of Sussex)

Information Commons Between Peer-production and Commodification: the Case of Cloud Computing - abstract and paper
Primavera De Filippi, (CERSA / CNRS / Université Paris II)
Miguel Vieira, (University of São Paulo)

Beyond Divide and Rule: Weak Dictators, Natural Resources and Civil Conflict - abstract
Giacomo De Luca, (University of York)
Petros Sekeris, (University of Namur)
Juan Fernando Vargas, (Universidad del Rosario)

Demographic Behaviour of Labormanaged Firms and Capitalist Firms in Uruguay - abstract and paper
Andres Dean, (Universidad de la Republica)

Detecting Bidders Groups in Collusive Auctions - abstract and paper
Francesco Decarolis, (Boston University)

A Theory of Voluntary Pooled Public Knowledge Goods and Coalition Formation - abstract and paper
Tom Dedeurwaerdere, (Université catholique de Louvain)
Paolo Melindi Ghidi, (Université catholique de Louvain)

Spectrum Property Rights: from Theory to Policy - abstract and paper
Bruno Deffains, (Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris)
Thomas Welter, (SFR)

Control Allocation and Corruption in Public-private Partnerships - abstract
Claudine Desrieux, (University of Paris II Panthéon Assas)

Military Conflict and the Economic Rise of Urban Europe - abstract
Mark Dincecco, (IMT Lucca)
Massimiliano Onorato, (IMT Lucca)

Property Rights and Natural Resource Curses: Micro Evidence from a Tribal Fishery - abstract and paper
Parker Dominic P., (University of Wisconsin)
Rucker Randall R., (Montana State University)
Nickerson Peter H., (Nickerson and Associates)

Meet the Press: How Voters and Politicians Respond to Newspaper Entry and Exit - abstract and paper
Francesco Drago, (University of Naples, Federico II; CSEF and IZA)
Tommaso Nannicini, (Bocconi University; IGIER and IZA)
Francesco Sobbrio, (European University Institute)

Agricultural Productivity in the Cape Colony: a Story of Networks or Property Rights? - abstract and paper
Sophia du Plessis, (Stellenbosch University)
Eldridge Moses, (Stellenbosch University)
Dieter von Fintel, (Stellenbosch University)

The Amplification Effect: Foreign Aid’s Impact on Political Institutions* - abstract and paper
Nabamita Dutta, (University of Wisconsin, La Crosse)
Peter T. Leeson, (George Mason University)
Claudia R. Williamson , (Mississippi State University )

How the U.s. Farm Firm Has Evolved: a Conceptual Framework - abstract and paper
Matthew Elliott, (University of Missouri)

Social Media and Corruption - abstract
Ruben Enikolopov, (Institute for Advanced Study, New Economic School)
Maria Petrova, (Princeton University, New Economic School)
Konstantin Sonin, (New Economic School)

Social Networks, Peer Effects, and Protest Participation - abstract
Ruben Enikolopov, (Institute for Advanced Study, New Economic School)
Aleksey Makar'in, (Higher School of Economics, New Economic School)
Maria Petrova, (Princeton University, New Economic School)
Leonid Polishchuk, (Higher School of Economics)

Social Stigma, Heuristics and Criminal Law - abstract
Laarni Escresa, (European University Institute)
Arsen Palestini, (MEMOTEF, Sapienza University of Rome)

Consensus-seeking in Civil Law Constitutional Courts: the Case of the French Conseil Constitutionnel - abstract and paper
Romain Espinosa, (University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas)

An Economic Theory of the Evolutionary Emergence of Property Rights - abstract and paper
Mukesh Eswaran, (University of British Columbia)
Hugh M. Neary, (University of British Columbia)

Hiding Information in Open Auctions with Jump Bids - abstract and paper
David Ettinger, (Université Paris Dauphine PSL)
Fabio Michelucci, (CERGE-EI)

Behavioral Equity - abstract and paper
Yuval Feldman, (Bar-Ilan University & Safra Center, Harvard)
Henry E. Smith, (Harvard Law School)

Institutions and the Sectoral Organization of Production - abstract and paper
Ana Fernandes, (Bern University of Applied Sciences)

Nonprofits Are Not Alike: the Role of Catholic and Protestant Affiliation - abstract and paper
Lapo Filistrucchi, (Tilburg University and University of Florence)
Jens Prüfer, (Tilburg University)

The Foundations of Wealth-enhancing Majority Rule: Lessons from Institutional Design and Redesign in Ancient Greece - abstract
Robert K. Fleck, (Clemson University)
F. Andrew Hanssen, (Clemson University)

Administrative Power and State Formation. Late Medieval Siena - abstract and paper
Mattia Fochesato, (University of Siena)

Did Chrysler Benefit from Government Assistance? Making Causal Inferences in Small Samples Using Synthetic Control Methodology - abstract and paper
Adam Fremeth, (University of Western Ontario)
Guy Holburn, (University of Western Ontario)
Brian Richter, (University of Texas)

Two Enduring Lessons from Elinor Ostrom - abstract and paper
Brett Frischmann, (Cardozo School of Law)

Political Machines at Work: Voter Mobilization and Electoral Subversion in the Workplace - abstract and paper
Timothy Frye, (Columbia University)
Ora John Reuter, (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
David Szakonyi, (Columbia University)

Elections, Protest, and Investment Plans: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Russia - abstract and paper
Timothy Frye, (Columbia University)
Andrei Yakovlev, (Higher School of Economics)

The Evolution of Business Groups in Brazil, Chile and Argentina 1990-2003: How the State Affects Corporate Governance Through Business Financing - abstract
Silvia Garcia de Agnelli, (Carleton University)

Delegation and Performance Pay: Evidence from Industrial Sales Forces - abstract and paper
Mrinal Ghosh, (University of Arizona)
Francine Lafontaine, (University of Michigan)
Desmond Lo, (Santa Clara University)

Information, Regulatory Commitment and the Investment Dilemma - abstract and paper
Ranjan K. Ghosh, (Humboldt University Berlin)
Christian Kimmich, (Humboldt University Berlin)

The Impact of Bundling on Product Variety: Evidence from the Paramount Antitrust Case of 1948 - abstract
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins University)

‘make or Buy’ As Competitive Strategy: Evidence from the Spanish Local Tv Industry - abstract
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins University)
Christian Ruzzier, (Universidad de San Andres)

A Production Function of Economic Regulation: the Example of Forced Money - abstract and paper
Dror Goldberg, (Bar Ilan University)

The Effect of Social Interaction on Economic Transactions: an Embarrassment of Niches? - abstract and paper
Avi Goldfarb, (University of Toronto)
Ryan C. McDevitt, (University of Rochester)
Sampsa Samila, (National University of Singapore)
Brian S. Silverman, (University of Toronto)

Choosing Channels of Influence in Hybrid Regimes: Direct and Indirect Lobbying Across the Russian Federation - abstract and paper
Andrei Govorun, (Higher School of Economics)
Israel Marques, (Columbia University)
William Pyle, (Middlebury College)

Ten Theses on the Firm As a Democratic Institution - abstract and paper
Anna Grandori, (Bocconi University)

Persistent Effects of Empires: Evidence from the Partitions of Poland - abstract and paper
Irena Grosfeld, (Paris School of Economics)
Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, (Paris School of Economics)

Who is Monitoring the Monitor? the Influence of Ownership Networks and Organizational Transparency on Long-term Resource Commitment in Russian Listed Firms - abstract and paper
Anna Grosman, (Imperial College)
Aija Leiponen, (Cornell University)

Sale of Offices, Corruption and Long-term Development in Peru. - abstract
Jenny Guardado Rodriguez, (New York University)

A Culture Based Theory of Fiscal Union Desirability - abstract
luigi guiso, (EIEF)
Helios Herrera, (Columbia University)
Massimo Morelli, (Columbia Univrersity)

Transaction Costs and Agrarian Institutions in Indonesia: the Case of Cianjur District - abstract
Yohanna M.L. Gultom, (Universitas Indonesia)

Internal Migration and Interregional Convergence in Russia - abstract and paper
Sergei M. Guriev , (New Economic School)
Elena S. Vakulenko , (Higher School of Economics)

The Role of the Constitution in Constraining the Military - abstract
Jerg Gutmann, (University of Hamburg)
Stefan Voigt, (University of Hamburg)

Voting Islamist or Voting Secular? an Empirical Analysis of Voting Outcomes in “arab Spring” Egypt - abstract and paper
Shimaa Hanafy, (Philipps-University Marburg)
May Elsayyad, (Max Planck Institute for Tax Law & Public Finance)

A Preliminary Examination of the Effects of Credit Instruments on De Facto and De Jure Political Power: Lien Laws in the Postbellum United States South and Nineteenth Century New South Wales, Australia - abstract and paper
Edwyna Harris, (Monash University)

Local Environmental Quality and Inter-jurisdictional Spillovers - abstract and paper
John W. Hatfield, (Stanford University GSB)
Katrina Kosec, (IFPRI)

Intelligence Moderates Neural Responses to Monetary Reward and Punishment - abstract
Daniel R. Hawes, (University of Minnesota)
Colin G. DeYoung, (University of Minnesota)
Jeremy R. Gray, (Michigan State University)
Aldo Rustichini, (University of Minnesota)

Explaining Constitutional Change: the Case of Judicial Independence - abstract
Bernd Hayo, (University of Marburg)
Stefan Voigt, (University of Hamburg)

Democracy in Cooperatives - abstract
George W.J. Hendrikse, (Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University)
John Pencavel, (Stanford University)

Endogeneity in the Institutions Governing Public Disclosure of Tax Compliance Information - abstract
Jin Kwon Hyun, (Korea Economic Research Institute)
Iljoong Kim, (SungKyunKwan University )

Addressing Governance Challenges in the Delivery of Animal Health Services:a Transaction Cost Approach - abstract and paper
John Ilukor, (University of Hohenheim)
Regina Birner, (University of Hohenheim)
Thea Nielsen, (University of Hohenheim)

On the Colonial Origins of Agricultural Development in India: a Re-examination of Banerjee and Iyer, ‘history, Institutions and Economic Performance’ - abstract and paper
Vegard Iversen, (Jindal School of Government and Public Policy)
Richard Palmer-Jones, (University of East Anglia, UK)
Kunal Sen, (University of Manchester, UK)

Minor Party's Political Power and Policy Outcomes - Evidence from European Green Parties and Environmental Policies - abstract and paper
Jenni Jaakkola, (University of Turku)

Local Leadership and the Voluntary Provision of Public Goods: Field Evidence from Bolivia - abstract and paper
B. Kelsey Jack, (Tufts University)
María P. Recalde, (University of Pittsburgh)

Service Procurement in Public Sector: the Influence of the Institutional Context on the Decision Makers’ Attentiveness to Transaction Cost Considerations - abstract and paper
Roar Jakobsen, (Norwegian Tax Administration)
Jon B. Sande, (Norwegian Business School)
Sven A. Haugland, (Norwegian School of Economics)

The Aftermath of War: Non-elite Organizational Capacity and Political Mobilization - abstract
Saumitra Jha, (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Steven Wilkinson, (Yale University)

From Nudges to Mandates: Dodd-frank Mortgage Regulation As a Case Study in Behavioralist Policy Paradox - abstract
Jason Scott Johnston, (University of Virginia)

Contractual Networks and the Access of Small and Medium Enterprises to Global Value Chains: the Case of the Brazilian Aircraft Industry - abstract and paper
Luana F. Joppert Swensson, (European University Institute)

Mergers, Managerial Incentives, and Efficiencies - abstract and paper
Dragan Jovanovic, (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Regulation and Contract Design: the Impact of Relationship Specific Investment - abstract
Kanishka Kacker, (University of Maryland College Park)

Political Connections, Entrepreneurship, and Social Network Investment - abstract
Raja Kali, (University of Arkansas)
Nisvan Erkal, (University of Melbourne)

Derangement or Development? Political Economy of Eu Structural Funds Allocation in New Member States - Insights from the Hungarian Case - abstract and paper
Judit Kalman, (Hungarian Academy of Sci., Institute of Economics)

Political and Economic Freedom, and the Social Orders - abstract and paper
Judit Kapas, (University of Debrecen)
Pal Czegledi, (University of Debrecen)

A “de Soto Effect” in Industry? Evidence from the Russian Federation - abstract
Alexei Karas, (Roosevelt Academy)
William Pyle, (Middlebury College)
Koen J.L. Schoors, (Ghent University)

The Right to Include - abstract and paper
Daniel B. Kelly, (University of Notre Dame)

Pocketbook Vs. Sociotropic Corruption Voting - abstract and paper
Marko Klasnja, (NYU)
Joshua A. Tucker, (NYU)
Kevin Deegan-Krause, (Wayne State University)

Public Capabilities and Public Entrepreneurship - abstract
Peter G. Klein, (University of Missouri)

Transaction Cost Entrepreneurship - abstract
Peter G. Klein, (University of Missouri)

The Dynamics of the Political Budget Cycle: an Empirical Examination of Municipal Spending in Austria - abstract and paper
Michael Klien, (Sorbonne Business School)

Lobbying and Elections - abstract and paper
Jan Klingelhöfer, (RWTH Aachen University)

Aid, Eligibility Rules and Manipulation of Reported Income Levels - abstract and paper
Stephen Knack, (World Bank)
Colin Xu, (World Bank)
Ben Zhou, (University of Maryland)

Why Do Socially Concerned Firms Provide Low-powered Incentives to Their Managers? - abstract and paper
Michael Kopel, (University of Graz)
Björn Brand, (University of Graz)

Forest Management: Field Experimental Study from the Czech and Slovak Republic - abstract and paper
Urban Kovac, (Comenius University, UEL SAS)
Tatiana Kluvankova-Oravska, (CETIP, SPECTRA STU and UEL SAS)
Lenka Slavikova, (IEEP, University of Economics in Prague)

Misunderestimating Corruption - abstract and paper
Aart Kraay, (World Bank)
Peter Murrell, (University of Maryland)

Corporate Governance, Value and Performance of Firms: New Empirical Results on Convergence from a Large International Database - abstract and paper
Jackie Krafft, (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, CNRS-GREDEG)
Yiping Qu, (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, CNRS-GREDEG)
Francesco Quatraro, (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, CNRS-GREDEG)
Jacques-Laurent Ravix, (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, CNRS-GREDEG)

Technological Foundations of Political Change - abstract
Natalia Lamberova, (University of Maryland)
Dagaev Dmitry, (Higher School of Economics)
Anton Sobolev, (Higher School of Economics)
Konstantin Sonin, (New Economic School)

What Do Development Banks Do? Evidence from Brazil, 2002-2009 - abstract and paper
Sergio Lazzarini, (Insper Institute of Education and Research)
Aldo Musacchio, (Harvard Business School and NBER)
Rodrigo Bandeira de Mello, (EAESP-FGV)
Rosilene Marcon, (Univali)

Hot Spot Policing: a Theoretical Study of Place-based Strategies to Crime Prevention - abstract and paper
Natalia Lazzati, (Department of Economics, University of Michigan)
Amilcar Menichini, (School of Business, Naval Postgraduate School)

Do Higher Government Wages Reduce Corruption? Evidence Based on a Novel Dataset - abstract and paper
Van Ha Le, (The University of Groningen)
Jakob de Haan, (The University of Groningen)
Erik Dietzenbacher, (The University of Groningen)

Can Antitrust Law Incorporate Insights from Behavioral Economics? - abstract and paper
Christopher R. Leslie, (University of California Irvine)

Institutions and Political Instability in Kenya: Measurement and Tests of Institutional Persistence and Interdependence - abstract
Emmanuel M. Letete, (University of Cape Town )
Mare Sarr, (University of Cape Town )
Johannes Fedderke, (Pennsylvania State University)

Conflict, Evolution, Hegemony and the Power of the State - abstract and paper
David K Levine, (WUSTL)
Salvatore Modica, (Palermo)

Pooling and the Yardstick Effect of Cooperatives - abstract and paper
Qiao Liang, (Zhejiang University)
George W.J. Hendrikse, (Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University)

Addressing Global Environmental Externalities: Transaction Costs Considerations - abstract
Gary Libecap, (University of California, Santa Barbara)

The Outcome of Ngos Activism on Domestic Firms in Developing Countries - abstract and paper
Michela Limardi, (University of Lille 1)
Lionel Fontagne, (Paris School of Economics and CEPII)

Knowledge Accumulation Within an Organization - abstract and paper
Ngo Van Long, (McGill University)
Antoine Soubeyran, (AMSE)
Raphael Soubeyran, (INRA-LAMETA)

An Economic History of Wildfire Suppression in the United States - abstract and paper
Dean Lueck, (University of Arizona)
Jonathon Yoder, (Washington State University)

Land Demarcation and the Great Roman Network - abstract
Dean Lueck, (University of Arizona)
Gary Libecap, (University of California, Santa Barbara)

The “black Box” of Strategy: Competitive Responses to and Performance from Adverse Regulatory Events - abstract and paper
Jeffrey T. Macher, (Georgetown University)
James B. Wade, (Emory University)

Land Reform and Technical Efficiency: Theory and Panel Data Evidence from Brazil - abstract and paper
Marcelo M. Magalhães, (Campus of Tupã, Universidade Estadual Paulista)
Guilherme B. R. Lambais, (International Policy Centre, UNDP)
José Maria F. J. da Silveira, (Institute of Economics, University of Campinas)

The Enterprise As Community: Firms, Towns, and Universities - abstract and paper
Scott E. Masten, (University of Michigan)

The Right Type of Politician - abstract
Andrea Mattozzi, (European University Institute)
Erik Snowberg, (California Institute of Technology)

The Interaction of Formal and Informal Institutions in Development: the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and Social Capital in Sesame Markets - abstract and paper
Gerdien Meijerink, (LEI Wageningen UR)
Erwin Bulte, (Wageningen University)
Dawit Alemu, (EIAR)

Ownership and Possession - abstract and paper
Thomas Merrill, (Columbia University)

Measuring Economic Consequences: Property Rights, Commercial Resource Industries and Aboriginal Rights in Canada - abstract and paper
Cherie Metcalf, (Queen's Faculty of Law)
Ian Keay, (Queen's University)

Trade and Geography in the Origins and Spread of Islam - abstract and paper
Stelios Michalopoulos, (Brown University)
Alireza Naghavi, (University of Bologna)
Giovanni Prarolo, (University of Bologna)

Evil Social Institutions - abstract and paper
Carl D. Mildenberger, (University of St Andrews)

Private Equity and Asset Characteristics: the Case of Agricultural Production - abstract and paper
Mario P. Mondelli, (CINVE Economic Research Center, Uruguay)
Peter G. Klein, (University of Missouri)

Regulatory Environment and Firms’ Performance in Eu Telecommunications Services - abstract and paper
Daniel Montolio, (University of Barcelona)
Francesc Trillas, (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Elisa Trujillo-Baute, (University of Barcelona)

Local Financial Development, Socio-institutional Environment, and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Italy - abstract and paper
Luigi Moretti, (University of Padova)

A Formal Behavioral Model of Firm Boundaries: Why Does Authority Relation Mitigate Ex Post Disputes over Trade Value? - abstract and paper
Yusuke Mori, (University of Tokyo)

Collusion Detection in Procurement Auctions - abstract and paper
Ilya Morozov, (Higher School of Economics)
Elena Podkolzina, (Higher School of Economics)

The Rigidity of Public Contracts - abstract and paper
Marian Moszoro, (IESE Business School)
Pablo Spiller, (UC Berkeley & NBER)
Sebastian Stolorz, (George Mason University & World Bank)

Credible Commitments: Using Options to Support Partnerships - abstract
Marian Moszoro, (IESE Business School)

Group Violence, Ethnic Diversity and Citizen Participation - abstract and paper
Christophe Muller, (Aix-Marseille School of Economics)
Marc Vothknecht, (DIW Berlin)

Leviathan Evolving: Varieties of State Capitalism in Brazil and Beyond - abstract and paper
Aldo Musacchio, (Harvard Business School)
Sergio Lazzarini, (Insper Institute of Education and Research)

Choosing the Form of Government: Theory and Evidence from Brazil - abstract
Marcos Y. Nakaguma, (EUI & U. of Sao Paulo)

Rethinking the Principal-agent Theory of Judging - abstract
Jonathan R. Nash, (Emory University School of Law)
Rafael I. Pardo, (Emory University School of Law)

Colonization, Human Capital and Development: the Long-term Effect of Russian Settlement in the North Caucasus, 1890s-2000s - abstract and paper
Timur Natkhov, (Higher School of Economics)

Criminal Persecution of Business in Russia's Regions: Private Interests Vs. "stick" System - abstract and paper
Eugenia Nazrullaeva, (Higher School of Economics)
Alexey Baranov, (Higher School of Economics)
Andrei Yakovlev, (Higher School of Economics)

How Judges Think in the Brazilian Supreme Court: Estimating Ideal Points and Identifying Dimensions - abstract
Pedro F. Nery, (Universidade de Brasilia)
Bernardo Mueller, (Universidade de Brasilia)

Rewards and Prizes - abstract
Anthony Niblett, (Univ. of Toronto, Faculty of Law)

Outcomes and Precedents - abstract
Anthony Niblett, (Univ. of Toronto, Faculty of Law)

Do Institutions Play a Role in Skilled Migration? the Case of Italy. - abstract and paper

Firm Productivity and Institutional Quality: Evidence from Italian Industry - abstract and paper

Does Education or Underlying Human Capital Explain Liberal Economic Attitudes? - abstract and paper
John Nye, (George Mason University)
Sergiy Polyachenko, (Higher School of Economics)

What Determines Trust? Human Capital Vs. Social Institutions: Evidence from Manila and Moscow - abstract and paper
John V.C. Nye, (George Mason U and NRU-Higher School of Economics)
Gregory Androuschak, (NRU-Higher School of Economics)
Desiree Desierto, (University of the Philippines)
Garett Jones, (George Mason University)
Maria Yudkevich, (Higher School of Economics)

Local Resource Management and the Consequences of Institutional Change: Evidence from Napoleon's Intervention in the Italian Alps - abstract and paper
Trevor O'Grady, (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Claudio Tagliapietra, (University of Bologna)

Athens on the Doorstep - abstract and paper
Josh Ober, (Stanford University)
Barry Weingast, (Stanford University)

Competition in a Media Market: the Case of Magazines - abstract and paper
Hiroshi Ohashi, (University of Tokyo)
Mitsuru Sunada, (Osaka Prefecture University)

Foreign Land Acquisitions in Nigeria: Forces from Above and Voices from Below - abstract and paper
Evans S Osabuohien, (GIGA,Germany/Covenant University,Nigeria)

Learning from Ancient Athens: Demarchy and Corporate Governance - abstract
Margit Osterloh, (University of Warwick)
Hossam Zeitoun, (University of Warwick)
Bruno S. Frey, (University of Warwick)

Knowledge Intensive Economy Firms Between Participation and Exclusion - abstract and paper
Ugo Pagano, (University of Siena and CEU Budapest)

How Social Ties Affect Peer-group Effects: a Case of University Students - abstract and paper
Oleg Poldin, (Higher School of Economics)
Diliara Valeeva, (Higher School of Economics)
Maria Yudkevich, (Higher School of Economics)

Do Markets Reduce Prices? - abstract
Simon Porcher, (IAE Sorbonne Business School)

An Influence-cost Model of Organizational Practices and Firm Boundaries - abstract and paper
Michael Powell, (Northwestern University)

Land Ownership As a Safety Net and Land Sales : a Study Among Rural-urban Migrants in Thailand - abstract and paper
Gwendoline Promsopha, (EconomiX Université Paris Ouest nanterre La Défens)

Campaign Contributions from Corporate Executives in Lieu of Political Action Committees - abstract and paper
Brian Richter, (University of Texas at Austin)
Timothy Werner, (University of Texas at Austin)

Which Electricity Market Design to Encourage the Development of Demand Response? - abstract and paper
Vincent Rious, (Microeconomics)
Fabien Roques, (Cera)
Yannick Perez, (Supélec-U-Paris XI- EUI)

Institutions for Spatially Managing the Harvest of Wild Forest Products: Implications for Welfare and Ecology - abstract and paper
Brian Robinson, (McGill University)

Impact of Liability Rule on Modes of Coordination to Food Safety in Supply Chain - abstract
Elodie Rouviere, (AgroParisTech, Geau, France)
Karine Latouche , (INRA LERECO, France)

Co-regulating Food Safety Through Public Private Partnerships: a Road to Success? - abstract
Annie Royer, (Laval University)
Élodie Rouvière, (AgroParisTech, UMR-G-EAU)

A Supply-side Story for a Threshold Model: Endogenous Growth of Open Collaborative Innovation Communities - abstract
Francesco Rullani, (LUISS Guido Carli )
Lorenzo Zirulia, (University of Bologna)

Self-commitment-institutions and Cooperation in Overlapping Generations Games - abstract
Alessia Russo, (University of Oslo)
Francesco Lancia, (University of Vienna)

Privatization As a Political Strategy: Evidence from Brazilian Basic Sanitation - abstract and paper
Carlos Saiani, (Sao Paulo School of Economics)
Paulo Furquim de Azevedo, (Sao Paulo School of Economics)

Judicial Alignment and Criminal Justice: Evidence from Russian Courts - abstract
Andre Schultz, (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
Vladimir Kozlov, (Higher School of Economics )
Alexander Libman, (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management )

Mind the Gap! Transaction Cost Disequilibrium and Network Inertia in Commercial Real Estate Investment - abstract
David Scofield, (University of Aberdeen)

Re-visiting the Ordoliberal Case for Economic Regulation - abstract
Mathias Siems, (Durham University)
Gerhard Schnyder, (King's College London)

Historical Analysis of Institutions and Organizations: the Case of the Brazilian Electricity Sector - abstract and paper
Guilherme Signorini, (Michigan State University)
H. Christopher Peterson, (Michigan State University)

Asset Complementarity, Resource Shocks, and the Political Economy of Property Rights - abstract and paper
Arthur Silve, (Paris School of Economics)

Centralized Fiscal Spending by Supranational Unions - abstract and paper
Jenny Simon, (Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics)
Justin Valasek, (WZB Berlin)

The Intergenerational Transmission of Attitudes Toward Corruption - abstract
Alberto Simpser, (University of Chicago)

Prison Gangs and Polycentric Governance Regimes - abstract
David Skarbek, (King's College London)

Property As Platform: Coordinating Standards for Technologial Innovation - abstract and paper
Henry E. Smith, (Harvard Law School)

Trust, Repeated Interactions, and User Group Disturbances in Common Property Irrigation - abstract and paper
Steven Smith, (University of Colorado)

The Effect of Discretion on Procurement Performance - abstract and paper
Giancarlo Spagnolo, (SITE & EIEF & University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Decio Covielloy, (HEC Montreal & Tor Vergata)
Andrea Guglielmo, (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Bounded Rationality and Voting Decisions Exploring a 160-year Period - abstract and paper
David Stadelmann, (University of Bayreuth)
Benno Torgler, (Queensland University of Technology)

Firm Size, Market Liberalization and Growth - abstract and paper
Petar Stankov, (CERGE-EI, Prague; UNWE, Sofia)

Sham Transactions in the United States - abstract and paper
Nancy Staudt, (University of Southern California)
Joshua Blank, (NYU)

Political Firms, Public Procurement and the Democratization Process - abstract
Stephane Straub, (Toulouse School of Economics)

Implications of Behavioral Antitrust - abstract and paper
Maurice Stucke, (University of Tennessee)

Understanding Behavioral Antitrust - abstract
Avishalom Tor, (Notre Dame Law School)

The Biogeography of Social (dis)trust - abstract
André van Hoorn, (University of Groningen)

Does Democracy Deliver in Islamic Societies? - abstract and paper
André van Hoorn, (University of Groningen)
Robbert Maseland, (University of Groningen)

Does Political Competition Matter for Public Goods Provision?: Evidence from Russian Regions - abstract and paper
Olga Vasilyeva, (Economic Research Institute Far East Branch Russia)
John V.C. Nye, (George Mason University and HSE)

Do People Drive Safer when Accidents Are More Expensive: Testing for Moral Hazard in Experience Rating Schemes - abstract and paper
Tomislav Vukina, (North Carolina State University)
Danijel Nestic, (Ekonomski Institut Zagreb)

Choosing Among Contractor Ownership Types with Endogenously Incomplete Contracts - abstract and paper
Patrick L. Warren, (Clemson Universtiy)

Adaptive, Sequential Decision Making: Tce in the Early Years - abstract
Oliver Williamson, (University of California, Berkeley)

Eco-regional Biodiversity Cartels on the Genetic Resource Market: the Andean Community's Response to the Convention on Biological Diversity - abstract and paper
Sarah Winands, (Bonn University)
Karin Holm-Müller, (Bonn University)

Motivating Informed Decisions - abstract and paper
Andres Zambrano, (Universidad de los Andes)

Are Family Firms Better Performers During the Financial Crisis? - abstract and paper
Haoyong Zhou, (Keele Management School)

Public Good Provision and Communication in the Household. - abstract
Roberta Ziparo, (University of Namur)