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Presidents, Regulators and Policy Disagreement - abstract and paper
Alex Acs, (University of Pennsylvania, Law)

Political Institutions, Resources, and War: a General Theory and 900 Years of Empirics from Ancient Rome - abstract
Jordan Adamson, (Clemson University)

Institutionally Constrained Technology Adoption: Resolving the Longbow Puzzle - abstract
Doug Allen, (Simon Fraser University)
Peter Leeson, (George Mason University)

Contractual Choices and Technical Efficiency in Public Procurement : the Case of Regional Railway Transport in France - abstract and paper
Miguel Amaral, (EPPP Chair (Sorbonne Business School))
Jean-Christophe Thiebaud, (EPPP Chair (Sorbonne Business School))

Does Experience Rating Improve Obstetric Practices? Evidence from Geographical Discontinuities in Italy - abstract and paper
Sofia Amaral-Garcia, (ETH Zurich)
Paola Bertoli, (University of Economics, Prague)
Veronica Grembi, (Copenhagen Business School)

Political Bonds: Political Hazards and the Choice of Municipal Financing Instruments - abstract and paper
Abhay Aneja, (UC Berkeley)
Marian Moszoro, (UC Berkeley)
Pablo T. Spiller, (UC Berkeley)

Mapping the Coevolution of States and Markets: a Dynamic Approach to Development - abstract and paper
Yuen Yuen Ang, (University of Michigan)

Coase and the Departure from Property - abstract and paper
Benito Arruñada, (Pompeu Fabra University)

Incentive and Selection Effects of Judicial Elections: Theory and Evidence from State Supreme Courts - abstract
Elliott Ash, (Columbia University)
Bentley MacLeod, (Columbia University and NBER)

The Economics of Rights: the Effect of the Right to Counsel - abstract and paper
Itai Ater, (Tel Aviv University)
Yehonatan Givati, (Hebrew University)
Oren Rigbi, (Ben-Gurion University)

Cultural Biases in Public Service Delivery: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Approach - abstract and paper
Laure Athias, (University of Lausanne)
Pascal Wicht, (University of Lausanne)

Trust and Public Private Partnerships - abstract
Laure Athias, (University of Lausanne)
Pascal Wicht, (University of Lausanne)

An Economic Analysis of Debarment - abstract and paper
Emmanuelle Auriol, (Toulouse School of Economics)
Tina Soreide, (University of Bergen)

Designing a Leaky Bucket: Meltzer and Richard (1981) with Endogenous Inefficiency in Redistributive Institutions - abstract and paper
Ahmet F. Aysan, (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey)
Haldun Evrenk, (TOBB University of Economics and Technology )

Russian Regional Institutions: Measurement, Typology, and Dynamics - abstract and paper
Alexy Baranov, (HSE)
Egor Malkov, (HSE)
Leonid Polishchuk, (HSE)
Michael Rochlitz, (HSE)
lGeorgiy Syunyaev, (Columbia University )

From Patent Thickets to Patent Networks: the Legal Infrastructure of the Digital Economy - abstract and paper
Jonathan Barnett, (University of Southern California)

Release and Catch: Hybrid Organizational Structures in Innovation Markets - abstract and paper
Jonathan Barnett, (University of Southern California)
Ehud Kamar, (Tel-Aviv University)

Policies in Relational Contracts - abstract and paper
Daniel Barron, (Northwestern)
Michael Powell, (Northwestern)

Is Competition Fair? an Experimental Study - abstract
Bjoern Bartling, (University of Zurich)
Manuel Grieder, (University of Lausanne)
Christian Zehnder, (University of Lausanne)

The Status of Married Women - abstract
Yoram Barzel, (University of Washington)

On the Shoulders of Giants or the Road Less Traveled?: an Experimental Approach to Sequential Innovation in Intellectual Property - abstract and paper
Stefan Bechtold, (ETH Zurich)
Christopher Buccafusco, (Chicago-Kent College of Law)
Christopher Sprigman, (NYU Law School)

Persistent Effects of Pre-inca Settlements in North-east Peru - abstract
Mariel Bedoya, (Group for the Analysis of Development)
María A. Gastañanuí, (Entrepreneurial Finance Lab)

A Productive Efficiency Theory of Fair Use - abstract
Abraham Bell, (Bar Ilan University / University of San Diego)
Gideon Parchomovsky, (University of Pennsylvania / Bar Ilan University)

Priming Ideology? Electoral Cycles Without Electoral Incentives Among U.s. Judges - abstract and paper
Carlos Berdejo, (Loyola Law School)
Daniel Chen, (Toulouse Institute for Advanced Studies)

Recasting the Iron Rice Bowl: the Reform of China's State Owned Enterprises - abstract and paper
Daniel Berkowitz, (University of Pittsburgh)
Hong Ma, (Tsinghua University)
Shuichiro Nishioka, (West Virginia University)

Private Ordering, Social Capital, and Netowrk Governance - abstract and paper
lisa bernstein, (University of Chicago)

Decentralization and Progressive Taxation - abstract and paper
Simon Berset, (University of Fribourg)
Mark Schelker, (University of Fribourg)

The Bankruptcy Decision in Nineteenth Century France: Cities Vs. Banks - abstract
Jean Beuve, (Université de Paris-1)
Martine Carré-Tallon, (Université de Paris-Dauphine)
Jerome Sgard, (Sciences-Po)

The Determinants of Emergency Constitutions - abstract and paper
Christian Björnskov, (University of Aarhus)
Stefan Voigt, (Universtiy of Hamburg)

The Effect of Employment Protection on Labor Productivity - abstract and paper
Carl Magnus Bjuggren, (Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN))

The Contingent Effect of Management Practices - abstract
Steven Blader, (NYU Stern School of Business)
Claudine Gartenberg, (NYU Stern School of Business)
Andrea Prat, (Columbia Business School)

Who to Help? Trust and Preferences over Redistribution in Russia - abstract and paper
Ekaterina Borisova, (Higher School of Economics)
Andrei Govorun, (Higher School of Economics)
Denis Ivanov, (Higher School of Economics)
Irina Levina, (Higher School of Economics)

Is There a Deadweight Loss of Politics in Public Service Provision? - abstract and paper
Richard Boylan, (Rice University)

Criminals and the Price System: Evidence from Czech Metal Thieves - abstract and paper
Tomas Brabenec, (University of Economics, Prague)
Josef Montag, (Mendel University)

The Economics of Multi-level Governance: on the Benefits of Overlapping Jurisdictions - abstract
Eric Brousseau, (University Paris-Dauphine)

Paying Not to Get the Match: a Behavioral Contract Theory of Retirement Plan Design - abstract
Ryan Bubb, (NYU Law)
Patrick Warren, (Clemson Economics)

Loose-lipped Leviathan? State Ownership and Transparency in Foreign Direct Investment - abstract
Anthony Cannizzaro, (George Washington University)
Robert Weiner, (George Washington University)

Rewards and Punishments: Informal Contracting Through Social Preferences - abstract
Sylvain Chassang, (Princeton University)
Christian Zehnder, (University of Lausanne)

Do Policies Affect Preferences? Evidence from Random Variation in Abortion Jurisprudence - abstract
Daniel Chen, (ETH Zurich)
Vardges Levonyan, (ETH Zurich)
Susan Yeh, (George Mason University)

Mandatory Disclosure: Theory and Evidence from Industry-physician Relationships - abstract
Daniel Chen, (ETH Zurich)
Vardges Levonyan, (ETH Zurich)
Eric Reinhart, (Harvard University)
Glen Taksler, (Cleveland Clinic)

Non-profit Status and Relational Sanctions: Commitment to Quality Through Repeat Interactions and Organizational Choice - abstract and paper
Albert Choi, (University of Virginia Law School)

Accession, Riparianism, and the Colorado Doctrine - abstract and paper
Eric R. Claeys, (George Mason University School of Law)

Missing Money for Evs: Economics Impacts of Tso Market Designs - abstract and paper
Paul Codani, (CentraleSupélec Paris)
Yannick Perez, (CentraleSupélec Paris)
Marc Petit, (CentraleSupélec Paris)

Creating and Capturing Value in Repeated Exchange Relationships: Managing a Second Paradox of Embeddedness - abstract and paper
Elfenbein Daniel, (Washington University in St. Louis)
Zenger Todd, (University of Utah)

Mafia in the Ballot Box - abstract and paper
Giuseppe De Feo, (University of Strathclyde)
Giacomo De Luca, (University of York)

Social Capital and Incentives in the Provision of Product Quality by Cooperatives - abstract and paper
Wendong Deng, (Rotterdam School of Management)
George Hendrikse, (Rotterdam School of Management)

Consumers’ Privacy Choice in the Big Data Era - abstract and paper
Sebastian Dengler, (Tilburg University)
Jens Prüfer, (Tilburg University)

Unenforced Laws: a Field Experiment - abstract and paper
Ben Depoorter, (UC Hastings, Stanford CIS, UG CASLE, )
Stephan Tontrup, (Max-Plancke)

Clubbing in Trade Policies: How Much a Threat to Trade Liberalization? - abstract
Barbara Dluhosch, (Helmut Schmidt University)
Daniel Horgos, (Helmut Schmidt University)

Lost in Translation: Cultural Differences and Earnings Management Contagion - abstract
Nathan Dong, (Columbia University)

The Changing Returns to Crime: Do Criminals Respond to Prices? - abstract and paper
Mirko Draca, (University of Warwick)
Theodore Koutmeridis, (University of Glasgow)
Stephen Machin, (University College London)

The Limits of Reputation: Lies, Opportunism, and the Evolution of Contract Enforcing Institutions - abstract
Catherine S.M. Duggan, (Harvard Business School)

Ethno-economic Specialization and Intergroup Conflict - abstract
Ruben Durante, (Sciences-Po)
Irena Grosfeld, (Paris School of Economics)
Seyhun Orcan Sakalli, (Paris School of Economics, AMSE)
Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, (Paris School of Economics)

Price Coherence and Excessive Intermediation - abstract and paper
Benjamin Edelman, (Harvard Business School)
Julian Wright, (National University of Singapore)

What Lies Beneath? Aquifer Heterogeneity and the Economics of Collective Action - abstract
Eric Edwards, (Utah State University)

The Role of Social Enterprise and Hybrid Organizations - abstract
Ofer Eldar, (Yale Law School)

Incomplete Contracts and the Courts - an Exploration - abstract
Andreas Engert, (University of Mannheim)

Long-term Employment Relations when Agents Are Present-biased - abstract
Florian Englmaier, (LMU Munich)
Matthias Fahn, (LMU Munich)
Marco Schwarz, (LMU Munich)

The Upside of Implicit Downsizing Costs - abstract
Matthias Fahn, (University of Munich)
Nicolas Klein, (University of Montreal)

Why Do People Respect Property? Bringing Plato's Ring of Gyges to the Lab - abstract
Marco Faillo, (University of Trento)
Matteo Rizzolli, (LUMSA University)
Stephan Tontrup, (Max Plank Institute Jena)

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Allocation of Procurement Contracts: Evidence from a Natural Experiment - abstract and paper
Caroline Flammer, (Ivey Business School)

Curb Your Enthusiasm for Pigovian Taxes - abstract
Victor Fleischer, (University of San Diego)

A Talmudic Bankruptcy Solution: the Ccc Principle - abstract and paper
Vincy Fon, (George Washington University)

Motivations for Corporate Political Activity - abstract and paper
Adam Fremeth, (Ivey Business School, Western University)
Brian Richter, (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas)
Brandon Schaufele, (Ivey Business School, Western University)

Corporate Political Strategy in Contested Regulatory Environments: Evidence from the Electric Utility Sector - abstract
Adam Fremeth, (Ivey Business School, Western University)
Guy Holburn, (Ivey Business School, Western University)
Richard Vanden Bergh, (University of Vermont)

Innovation Activities and the Incentives for Vertical Acquisitions and Integration - abstract and paper
Laurent Fresard, (University of Maryland)
Gerard Hoberg, (University of Southern California)
Gordon Phillips, (University of Southern California)

The Illusory Promise of Pre-emptive Rights - abstract
Jesse Fried, (Harvard Law School)

The Value of a Statistical Judgment: a New Approach to an Insurer's Duty to Settle - abstract
Ezra Friedman, (Northwestern University)

Royalty Stacking and Standard Essential Patents: Theory and Evidence from the World Mobile Wireless Industry - abstract and paper
Alexander Galetovic, (Universidad de los Andes)
Kirti Gupta, (Qualcomm)

How Information Shapes Interpersonal Conflict. from Prisons to the Lab. - abstract
Diego Gambetta, (EUI, Florence and Nuffield College, Oxford)
Aron Szekely, (CNR Istit. Scienze Cognizione Rome)

Why Do Dual Class Firms Have Staggered Boards? - abstract
Mira Ganor, (The University of Texas Law School)

Power Struggle and Government Oversizing: Unintended Consequences of Checks-and-balance in a One-party Regime - abstract and paper
Nan Gao, (Zhongnan University of Finance and Law)
Philip Keefer, (World Bank)
Pinghan Liang, (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)
Lixin C. Xu, (World Bank)

Subprime Governance: Managerial Agency Costs in Vertically Integrated Banks - abstract
Claudine Gartenberg, (NYU Stern School of Business)
Lamar Pierce, (Washington University in St Louis)

The Role of Access to De Jure Rights in Resettlement of Displaced Farmers - abstract
Ranjan Ghosh, (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU))
Vikram Patil, (Humboldt University Berlin)
Vinish Kathuria, (IIT Bombay)

Has State-level Regulation Improved Efficiency of Thermal Power Generation in India? - abstract
Ranjan Ghosh, (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU))
Vinish Kathuria, (IIT Bombay)

Can Globalized Board Room Help with Cross-listing? the Effects of U.s. Directors on Cross-listed Foreign Firms - abstract
chinmoy ghosh, (university of connecticut, USA)
fan he, (central CT state university, USA)
Haoyong zhou, (Keele University, UK)

The Governance of Surface Transportation in the 21st Century: Understanding the Emergence of the Public-private Partnership Model - abstract
Jonathan Gifford, (George Mason University)
Lisardo Bolaños, (George Mason University)
Nobuhiko Daito, (George Mason University)
Jeong Yun Kweun, (George Mason University)

Segregation, Discrimination, and Firm Entry: Evidence from Post-war African-american Movie Theaters - abstract
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)
Justin Marion, (UC - Santa Cruz)

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Us Video Game Industry: Assessing Theories of Vertical Integration - abstract
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)
Frederic Warzynski, (Aarhus University)

On the Determinants and Consequences of Informal Contracting - abstract and paper
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins University)
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)

Redundancy: when Law Repeats Itself - abstract and paper
John M. Golden, (University of Texas School of Law)

Monitoring and the Value of Public Office in the Spanish Empire - abstract
Jenny Guardado, (University of Chicago)

Information and Censorship in Non-democratic Regimes - abstract and paper
Sergei Guriev, (Sciences Po, Paris)
Daniel Treisman, (UCLA)

Mapping the Road to Freedom – the Correlates and Roots of the Rule of Law - abstract
Jerg Gutmann, (University of Hamburg)
Stefan Voigt, (University of Hamburg)

Why Do Inventors Sell to Patent Trolls? Experimental Evidence for the Asymmetry Hypothesis - abstract and paper
Stephen Haber, (Stanford University)
Seth Werfel, (Stanford University)

Reputation and Ownership of Public Goods - abstract
Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka, (University of Bristol)
Evagelos Pafilis, (King's College London)

Short-term, Long-term, and Continuing Contracts - abstract and paper
Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka, (Bristol University)
Oliver Hart, (Harvard University)

The Property Rights Theory of Vertical Relations: Evidence from the Hollywood Studio Era - abstract and paper
F. Andrew Hanssen, (Clemson University)
Alexander Raskovich, (U.S. Department of Justice)

The Dynamics of Political Embeddedness in China - abstract
Heather Haveman, (University of California Berkeley)
Nan Jia, (University of Southern California)
Jing Shi, (RMIT University)
Yongxiang Wang, (University of Southern California)

Auctions Vs. Negotiations: the Effects of Inefficient Renegotiation - abstract and paper
Fabian Herweg, (University of Bayreuth)
Klaus M. Schmidt, (University of Munich)

Information Acquisition, Decision Making, and Implementation in Organizations - abstract and paper
Hideshi Itoh, (Hitotsubashi University)
Kimiyuki Morita, (Hitotsubashi University)

The Impact of Formality on Microenterprise Performance: Evidence from Downtown Lima - abstract
Miguel Jaramillo, (GRADE)
Lorena Alcazar, (GRADE)

Reframing Court Intervention in Relational Contracts - abstract
Matthew Jennejohn, (BYU Law School)

Market-political Complementarity in Firm Capabilities: an Integrated Theoretical Perspective - abstract and paper
Nan Jia, (University of Southern California)
Kyle Mayer, (University of Southern California)

Sources of Authoritarian Responsiveness: a Field Experiment in China - abstract and paper
Chen Jidong, (Beijing Normal University)
Pan Jennifer, (Harvard University)
Xu Yiqing, (MIT)

What Drives Dodd-frank Act Compliance Cost for Private Funds? - abstract and paper
Wulf Kaal , (University of Minnesota)

The Comparative Performance of Long Term Contracts - abstract and paper
Kanishka Kacker, (World Bank)

Behavioral Impediments to Water Transfers: Some Evidence from California Groundwater Management - abstract and paper
Mark Kanazawa, (Carleton College)

The Shadows of History for Today’s Fiscal Outcomes: Evidence from Polish Municipalities - abstract
Jaroslaw Kantorowicz, (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Bargaining Under Institutional Challenges - abstract and paper
Leyla D. Karakas, (Syracuse University)

The Structure of Negotiations: Incomplete Agreements and the Focusing Effect - abstract and paper
Heiko Karle, (ETH Zurich)
Andrea Canidio, (CEU Budapest)

Managing Careers in Organizations - abstract and paper
Rongzhu Ke, (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Jin Li, (Northwestern University)
Michael Powell, (Northwestern University)

Categorical Versus Ad Hoc Fiduciaries and the Domain of Fiduciary Duties - abstract
Daniel B. Kelly, (Notre Dame Law School)

Lessons from Variations in Internal Structures and Dynamics About Behaviors of Government Bodies in the Fields of Innovation and Finance - abstract
F. Scott Kieff, (Commissioner, US International Trade Commission )
Troy A. Paredes, (Harvard Law School)

Aligning to Trust, Patience, and Expectations? Behavioral Determinants of Value Chain Governance - abstract
Christian Kimmich, (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL)
Urs Fischbacher, (University of Konstanz)

The Complexity of Private Actor Interests in Public-private Arrangements: the Nature of the Firm and Its Social Value Orientation - abstract and paper
Ilze Kivleniece, (Imperial College London)
Bertrand V. Quelin, (HEC Paris)

Outsourced R&d and Gdp Growth - abstract
Anne Marie Knott, (Washington University)

Cronyism and Competition in Indonesian Manufacturing Pre and Post Suharto - abstract and paper
Anna Kochanova, (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Go)
Bob Rijkers, (The World Bank)
Mary Hallward-Driemeier, (The World Bank)

The Impact of Decentralization on Public Service Delivery: a Spatial Regression Discontinuity Approach - abstract
Katrina Kosec, (IFPRI)
Tewodaj Mogues, (IFPRI)

Is It Worth Trusting Your Manager? - abstract
Elena Kulchina, (Duke University)

Are There Cultural Prerequisites to Effective Property Rights?: Evidence from Inheritance Rights of Widows in Colonial India - abstract
Parashar Kulkarni, (NYU)

A New Cross-national Measure of Corruption - abstract
Escresa Laarni, (University of the Philippines)
Picci Lucio, (University of Bologna)

Lobbying on Regulatory Enforcement Actions: Evidence from Banking - abstract and paper
Thomas Lambert, (Universite catholique de Louvain)

The Political Cycle of Public-private Contract Renegotiations: Evidence from the French Car Park Sector - abstract
Zoe Le Squeren, (Sorbonne Business School)
John Moore, (French Railway Regulatory Body)

From Plows to Horizontal Fracking: Anticommons and Unintended Consequences of Land Privatization - abstract and paper
Bryan Leonard, (UC Santa Barbara)
Dominic Parker, (U. of Wisconsin-Madison)

The Economics of First Possession Rights to a Heterogeneous Resource: Prior Appropriation Rights to Water - abstract
Bryan Leonard, (UCSB)
Gary D. Libecap, (UCSB, NBER)

The Economics of First Possession Rights to a Heterogeneous Resource: Prior Appropriation Rights to Water - abstract and paper
Bryan Leonard, (UCSB)
Gary Libecap, (UCSB and NBER)

The Legacy of Empires on Political Outcomes in Romania - abstract
Roman Levkin, (Duke University)

Pay for Play: a Theory of Hybrid Relationships - abstract and paper
Tracy R. Lewis, (Duke University)
Alan Schwartz, (Yale University)

Measuring Firm Size in Empirical Corporate Finance - abstract and paper

Logrolling Under Fragmented Authoritarianism: Theory and Evidence from China - abstract and paper
Yuan Li, (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Mario Gilli, (University of Milan-Bicocca)
Jiwei Qian, (National University of Singapore)

Discretion in Hiring - abstract
Danielle Li, (Harvard Business School)
Mitch Hoffman, (University of Toronto)
Lisa Kahn, (Yale)

Designated Succession: when Does It Work in Authoritarian Regimes? - abstract and paper
Yuan Li, (University of Duisburg-Essen)
Shu Yu, (University of Rochester)
Yongjing Zhang, (University of Ottawa)

Lord Eldon Redux: Information Asymmetry, the Roots of Accountability, and the Structure of Fiduciary Loyalty - abstract
Amir Licht, (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya)

Roads or Schools? Political Budget Cycles with Different Types of Voters - abstract and paper
Maria del Pilar Lopez Uribe, (London School of Economics)

Corporate Performance and Governmental Favoritism in Administrative Restructuring: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China - abstract
Shengfeng Lu, (Wuhan University)
Ziming Li, (University of Florida)

The Effect of Checkerboard Land Ownership Pattern on Land Markets - abstract
Dean Lueck, (University of Arizona)
Sidra Haye, (University of Arizona)

Relational Adaptation and the Costs and Benefits of Vertical Integration: Evidence from Costa Rica Coffee - abstract
Rocco Macciavello, (U. Warwick)
Josepa Miquel-Florensa, (Toulouse School of Economics)

Naxalites and Extralegal Governance - abstract
Pavan Mamidi, (IIM Ahmedabad)

Oligarchs, State, and Wealth Defense in Unconsolidated Democracies - abstract
Stanislav Markus, (University of Chicago)
Volha Charnysh, (Harvard University)

Factor Endowments and Institutional Specialization: Why Some Countries Have Different Forms of Corruption Than Others - abstract
Robbert Maseland, (University of Groningen)
Rok Spruk, (University of Utrecht/ University of Ljubljana)

Bridging Gaps Between Policies for Sustainable Markets and Market Practices - abstract and paper
Lars-Gunnar Mattsson, (Stockholm School of Economics)

Coordination in Agribusiness: an Empirical Analysis Among Brazilian Natural Rubber Producers and Processors - abstract and paper
Luís G. Mazzaro, (Getulio Vargas Foundation - FGV/EAESP)
Antonio C. Manfredini-Oliveira, (Getulio Vargas Foundation - FGV/EAESP)

Coordination in Agribusiness: an Empirical Analysis Among Brazilian Natural Rubber Producers and Processors - abstract
Luís G. Mazzaro, (Getulio Vargas Foundation - FGV/EAESP)
Antonio C. Manfredini-Oliveira, (Getulio Vargas Foundation - FGV/EAESP)

The Difficult Transition from Limited to Open Access Society: the Illustrative Case of Tunisia - abstract
Claude Menard, (University of Paris (Pantheon-Sorbonne))
Fahmi Ben-Abdelkader, (ESCP-Europe)

Institutions & Information: Public Perception of Climate Change Information Provided by Government Vs. the Market - abstract and paper
Cherie Metcalf, (Queen's Faculty of Law)
Jonathan Nash, (Emory Law)

The Effects of Governance on Relational and Formal Contracts: Theory and Evidence from Groundwater Irrigation Markets - abstract and paper
Jeffrey Michler, (University of Illinois)
Steven Wu, (Purdue University)

Fiduciary Governance - abstract and paper
Paul B. Miller, (McGill University Faculty of Law)
Andrew S. Gold, (DePaul University College of Law)

The Organization of Non-market Strategy - abstract and paper
Dylan Minor, (Kellogg School of Management)

A Theory of Mindsets in Organizations - abstract
Kimiyuki Morita, (Hitotsubashi University)

Institutional and Political Determinants of Private Participation in Infrastructure - abstract and paper
Marian Moszoro, (UC Berkeley & Kozminski)
Gonzalo Araya, (Ministry of Transport & Telecommunications, Chile)
Fernanda Ruiz-Nunez, (PPPs Group of the World Bank)
Jordan Schwartz, (Global Infrastructure Facility of the World Bank)

Contracting in Networks: What is New and Why It Matters - abstract
Stefanos Mouzas, (Lancaster University)

Beliefs and the Persistence of Inefficient Institutions - abstract and paper
Bernardo Mueller, (University of Brasilia)

Economic Globalization and Governance: the Role of Social Globalization - abstract and paper
Deepraj Mukherjee, (Kent State University)
Nabamita Dutta, (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse)

On the Sealing of Criminal Records, Stigma and Deterrence - abstract
Murat Mungan, (Florida State University)

Strategic Determination of Renegotiation Costs - abstract and paper
Akitoshi Muramoto, (Komazawa University)

Offset Credits in the Eu Emissions Trading System : a Firm-level Evaluation of Transaction Costs - abstract and paper
Helene Naegele, (DIW Berlin)

Examining Federal District Judges' Referrals to Magistrate Judges - abstract and paper
Jonathan Nash, (Emory University)

Exposure to Offshoring and the Politics of Trade Liberalization: Debate and Votes on Free Trade Agreements in the 108th U.s. Congress - abstract and paper
Erica Owen, (Texas A&M University)

Citizens, Dictators and Networks: a Game Theory Approach - abstract
Wilson Perez-Oviedo, (FLACSO, Ecuador)

Content and Coordination Censorship in Authoritarian Regimes - abstract
Maria Petrova, (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Galina Zudenkova, (University of Mannheim)

Politicians' Twitter and Political Donations - abstract
Maria Petrova, (Institute for Political Economy and Governance, Un)
Ananya Sen, (Toulouse School of Economics)
Pinar Yildrim, (Wharton School of Business)

Emergence of Cooperatives and Farmer Heterogeneity - abstract
Anna Petruchenya, (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)
George Hendrikse, (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)

Believing in Making a Difference - abstract
Jens Prüfer, (Tilburg University)
YiLong Xu, (Tilburg University)

Creating a Tdrs Market: a Key to Chinese Land Reform? - abstract
Shitong Qiao, (University of Hong Kong)

Nuclear Power and the Mob: Extortion and Social Capital in Japan - abstract and paper
J. Mark Ramseyer, (Harvard Law School)

Why Use Requirement Contracts? the Tradeoff Between Hold Up and Breach - abstract and paper
Eric Rasmusen, (Prof.)

The Essential Role of Agency Law: Agency Law As Asset Partitioning - abstract and paper
Gabriel Rauterberg, (Columbia Law School)

Ppp Procurement in the United Kingdom: an Analysis of Tendering Periods - abstract and paper
Eoin Reeves, (University of Limerick)
Darragh Flannery, (University of Limerick)
Donal Palcic, (University of Limerick)

Performance Incentives and Economic Growth: Regional Officials in Russia and China - abstract and paper
Michael Rochlitz, (Higher School of Economics)
Vera Kulpina, (Higher School of Economics)
Thomas Remington , (Emory University)
Andrei Yakovlev, (Higher School of Economics)

More Than Just a Pig Story: Explaining the Evolution of Chain Coordination and Structures in the Hog Industry in Quebec - abstract and paper
Annie Royer, (Laval University)
Michel Morisset, (Laval University)

Abuse of Authority and Active Citizenship: an Endogenous Explanation - abstract and paper
Lorenzo Sacconi, (University of Trento)
Virginia Cecchini Manara , (Scuola Superiore S.Anna Pisa)

Does Institutional Shareholding Affect Firm Value? an Empirical Analysis in Indian Market - abstract
Amiya K. Sahu, (Goa Institute of Management, India)

Screening and Monitoring Miners: Recruitment and Personnel Management in Japanese Coal Mining - abstract and paper
Mayo Sakai, (The University of Tokyo)

Turning the Virtual Tables: Government Strategies for Addressing Online Opposition with an Application to Russia - abstract and paper
Sergey Sanovich, (New York University)
Denis Stukal, (New York University)
Duncan Penfold-Brown, (New York University)
Joshua A Tucker, (New York University)

Does Labour Law Increase Youth and Total Unemployment? Analysis of a New Dataset - abstract
Prabirjit Sarkar, (Jadavpur University, Kolkata & CBR, Cambridge)
Simon Deakin, (CBR, University of Cambridge)

Does Labour Law Increase Youth and Total Unemployment? Analysis of a New Dataset - abstract and paper
Prabirjit Sarkar, (Jadavpur university)
Simon Deakin, (Cambridge University)

Using Public Procurement to Implement Social Policy. a First Empirical Study - abstract
Stephane Saussier, (Sorbonne Business School)
Louise Vidal , (Sorbonne Business School & City of Paris)

The Relationship Between Inclusive Institutions, Proximate Causes of Growth and Economic Growth: a Case Study of Four Mandate Territories, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Trans-jordan, 1918-1946/48 - abstract and paper
Andrew Schein, (Netanya Academic College)

Private Access Fees and Congestion: is There a Role for Government After All? - abstract and paper
Nathan Seegert, (University of Utah)
Stephen Salant, (University of Michigan)

Bureaucratic Capacity and the Adaptation of Institutional Transplants - abstract
Valentin Seidler, (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
Claudia Williamson, (Mississippi State University)

Competing Through Contracts and Investments: Selection, Matching and Firm Organization in Residential Real Estate - abstract
Orie Shelef, (Stanford University)
Amy Nguyen-Chyung, (University of Michigan)

Ronald Coase and Hijack for Ransom: Why “all Hulls End Up with Lloyds” - abstract
Anja Shortland, (King's College London)

Political Risk As a Hold-up Problem: Implications for Integrated Strategy - abstract and paper
Kenneth W. Shotts, (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

The Prudent Investor Rule and Market Risk: an Empirical Analysis - abstract and paper
Robert Sitkoff, (Harvard Law School)
Max Schanzenbach, (Northwestern University School of Law)

Firm Boundaries and Financial Contracts - abstract
Janis Skrastins, (London Business School)

Fiduciary Law and Entrepreneurial Action - abstract and paper
D. Gordon Smith, (BYU Law School)

On the Institutional Origins of Regional Political Cultures Across Spain - abstract and paper
David Soto-Oñate, (University of Vigo)

Experimental Investigation of Legal Reasoning and Judicial Decision-making - abstract
Holger Spamann, (Harvard Law School)
Lars Kloehn, (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)

Institutional Transformation and the Origins of World Income Distribution - abstract and paper
Rok Spruk, (Utrecht University)

The Sorry Clause - abstract and paper
Vatsalya Srivastava, (Tilburg University)

Who Responds to U.s. News & World Report’s Law School Rankings? - abstract
Jeffrey Evans Stake, (Indiana University)
Michael Alexeev, (Indiana University)

Noncompetes in the Us Labor Force - abstract and paper
Evan Starr, (University of Maryland Smith School of Business)
James Prescott, (University of Michigan Law School)
Norman Bishara, (University of Michigan Ross School of Business)

Institutional Benefits from Implementing Inflationary Targeting - abstract
Sebastian Stolorz, (World Bank)

Promises and Reliance - abstract
Rebecca Stone, (UCLA)
Alexander Stremitzer, (UCLA)

The Impact of Within-platform Competition in Two-sided Business Models - abstract and paper
Mahdi Talavalei, (IE Business School)
Juan Santalo, (IE Business School)

Identity and Integration: Fractionalization and the Vote for the Eurozone in France - abstract
Megan Teague, (George Mason University)
Noel Johnson, (George Mason University)

High on Innovation: the Impact of Liberalization Policies on Innovation - abstract and paper
Keyvan Vakili, (London Business School)
Laurina Zhang, (Ivey Business School, Western University)

On the Role of Investments and the Nature of Residual Control Rights - abstract and paper
Massimiliano Vatiero, (Università della Svizzera italiana)

Institutional and Technological Lock-in in the Choice of Power Generation Portfolio: the Brazilian Case - abstract and paper
Miguel Vazquez, (Universidade Federal Fluminense)
Michelle Hallack, (Federal Fuminense University)

The Transaction Costs of Oil and Gas Lease Auctions: the Brazilian Local Content Policy - abstract and paper
Miguel Vazquez, (Federal Fluminense University)
Michelle Hallack, (Federal Fuminense University)

Subjective Insecurity and Cooperation: Evidence from Field Experiments - abstract and paper
Maria Alejandra Velez, (Universidad de los Andes - Bogota)
Carlos Trujillo, (Universidad de los Andes - Bogota)
Lina Moros, (Universidad de los Andes - Bogota)
Clemente Forero-Pineda, (Universidad de los Andes - Bogota)

The Effect of Contract Detail and Prior Ties on Contract Change: a Learning Story - abstract
Zhe (Adele) Xing, (University of Southern California)
Kyle J. Mayer, (University of Southern California)
Xuanli Xie, (Peking University)
Jeff J. Reuer, (Purdue University)

Incentives for Repeated Contracts in Public Sector: Empirical Study of Gasoline Procurement in Russia - abstract and paper
Andrei Yakovlev, (Higher School of Economics)
Oleg Vyglovsky, (Higher School of Economics)
Olga Demidova, (Higher School of Economics)
Alexander Bashlyk, (Higher School of Economics)

Endogenous Property Rights and Inequality in Non-democratic Regimes: Theory and Evidence - abstract
Alexander M. Yarkin, (Higher school of economics (HSE), Moscow)

Tribes and Distrust: Linking Social Capital to Fraud Victimization - abstract and paper
Christopher Yenkey, (University of Chicago)

Evidence on the Relation Between Importing from Low-wage Countries and Us Domestic Pollution - abstract
Yue Maggie Zhou, (University of Michigan)
Xiaoyang Li, (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business)

Business History: a Lantern on the Stern? - abstract and paper
Decio Zylbersztajn, (Universidade de São Paulo - USP/Brazil)
Caroline Gonçalves, (Universidade de São Paulo - USP/Brazil)