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Regulatory Auditing at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs - abstract
Alex Acs Acs, (Princeton University)
Charles Cameron, (Princeton University)

Regulation, Ownership and Competition in the Telecommunication Sector: Evidence from Mena Countries - abstract and paper
Riham AHMED EZZAT, (CES, University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne)

Divided by the Facts: Asymmetric Preferences over Legal Rules and Bargaining on Collegial Courts - abstract and paper
Caitlin Ainsley, (Emory University)
Cliff Carrubba, (Emory University)
Georg Vanberg, (Duke University)

Biological Institutions: the Political Science of Animal Cooperation - abstract and paper
Erol Akcay, (University of Pennsylvania)
Joan Roughgarden, (Stanford University)
James Fearon, (Stanford University)
John Ferejohn, (New York University)
Barry Weingast, (Stanford University)

Offshore Outsourcing and Buyer-supplier Matching in the Mobile Phone Industry - abstract
Juan Alcacer, (Harvard Business School)
Ramon Lecuona, (London Business School)
Joanne Oxley, (University of Toronto)

Judicial Politics at the Privy Council: Empirical Evidence - abstract and paper
Sofia Amaral-Garcia, (ETH Zurich)
Nuno Garoupa, (University of Illinois)

The Titling Role of Possession - abstract and paper
Benito Arruñada, (Pompeu Fabra University)

The Institutions of Roman Markets - abstract and paper
Benito Arruñada, (Pompeu Fabra University)

Organizational Structure, Police Activity and Crime - abstract and paper
Itai Ater, (Tel Aviv University)
Yehonatan Givati, (Hebrew University)
Oren Rigbi, (Ben Gurion University)

Political Competition over Property Rights Enforcement - abstract and paper
Jan U. Auerbach, (Washington University in St. Louis)

Capture for the Rich, Extortion for the Poor - abstract
Emmanuelle Auriol, (TSE)
Julie Lassebie, (TSE)

Sustainability and Depth of Outreach: Evidence from Microfinance Institutions in Sub-saharan Africa - abstract and paper
Sefa Awaworyi, (Monash University, Australia)

Good Cause Statues Revisited: an Empirical Assessment - abstract and paper
Adi Ayal, (Bar Ilan University)
Uri BenUliel, (CMB)

Appellate Law-making in a Judicial Hierachy - abstract and paper
Adam Badawi, (Washington University in St. Louis)
Scott Baker, (Washington University in St. Louis)

Relational Contracts, Unemployment Insurance, and Trade - abstract and paper
Daniel Barron, (Northwestern Kellogg)

Coasean Keep-away: Voluntary Transaction Costs - abstract and paper
Jordan M. Barry, (University of San Diego School of Law)
John William Hatfield, (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas)
Scott Duke Kominers, (Harvard Society of Fellows)

Presidentialism and Coalition Governments: on the Influence of Cabinet Ministers in the Decision-making Process - abstract and paper
Mariana Batista, (Federal University of Pernambuco)

Resolving Civil Wars Before They Start: the Un Security Council and Conflict Prevention - abstract and paper
Kyle Beardsley, (Duke University)
David E. Cunningham, (University of Maryland)
Peter B. White, (University of Maryland)

Registries - abstract and paper
Abraham Bell, (Bar Ilan University / University of San Diego)
Gideon Parchomovsky, (University of Pennsylvania / Bar Ilan University)

When Does Business Turn Violent? Elections and Business-related Violence in Russia, 1995-2010 - abstract and paper
Galina Belokurova, (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Political Acceptance As an Alternative or Complement to Political Legitimacy: Concepts, Measurement and Implications. - abstract and paper
Roger R. Betancourt, (U. of Maryland)
Alejandro Ponce, (World Justice Project)

Endogenous Institutional Selection, Building Trust, and Economic Growth - abstract and paper
Aaron Bodoh-Creed, (University of California, Berkeley)

Sarbanes-oxley: Disciplining Executives or Enriching Attorneys? Evidence from Directors and Officers Liability Insurance - abstract and paper
Nicholas F. Bormann, (George Mason)

Experimental Evidence of Behavior Based Pricing - abstract and paper
Zuzana Brokesova, (University of Economics in Bratislava)
Cary Deck, (University of Arkansas)
Jana Peliova, (University of Economics in Bratislava)

From the International Telegraph Union to Internet Governance: Organizational Vs. Viral Governance - abstract
Eric Brousseau, (University Paris-Dauphine)

Culture and Ceo Compensation - abstract and paper
Stephen Bryan, (Fordham University)
Robert Nash, (Wake Forest University)
Ajay Patel, (Wake Forest University)

The 1906 San Francisco Fire and the Cost of Zoning - abstract
Devin Bunten, (University of California, Los Angeles)
James Siodla, (Colby College)

Endogenous Politics and the Design of Trade Agreements - abstract and paper
Kristy Buzard, (Syracuse University)

The Anatomy of French Production Hierarchies - abstract and paper
Lorenzo Caliendo, (Yale University)
Ferdinando Monte, (Johns Hopkins University)
Esteban Rossi Hansberg , (Princeton University)

Determining the Use of Contract in Brazilian Feedlot: an Empirical Analysis - abstract and paper
Thiago B. Carvalho, (Sao Paulo University)
Eder C. Januário, (Sao Paulo University)
Maria Sylvia M. Saes, (Sao Paulo University)

Cold Hand Decision-making - abstract and paper
Daniel Chen, (ETH Zurich/Center of Law and Economics)
Tobias Moskowitz, (University of Chicago/Booth School of Business)
Kelly Shue, (University of Chicago/Booth School of Business)

The Political Economy of Beliefs: Why Fiscal and Social Conservatives and Liberals Come Hand-in-hand - abstract and paper
Daniel L. Chen, (ETH Zurich/Center of Law and Economics)
Jo Lind, (University of Oslo/Dept. of Economics)

Universities As Innovators: the Effects of Academic Incubators on Patent Quality - abstract
Kolympiris Christos, (Wageningen University)
Klein Peter G., (University of Missouri and NHH)

Economic Calculation and Constraints on Firm Size - abstract and paper
Brandon N. Cline, (Mississippi State University)
Claudia R. Williamson, (Mississippi State University)
Adam Yore, (Northern Illinois University)

Relational Contracts, Financing Constraints and Social Welfare - abstract and paper
Oscar F Contreras, (CUNEF)

Economic Consequences of Judicial Institutions: Evidence from a Natural Experiment - abstract and paper
J. Anthony Cookson, (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Tenure in Office and Public Procurement - abstract and paper
decio Coviello, (Hec Montreal )
Stefano Gagliarducci, (Tor Vergata)

Experimentation Strategies and Entrepreneurial Innovation: Inherited Market Differences in the Iphone Ecosystem - abstract
Jason P. Davis, (INSEAD)
Yulia Muzyrya, (University of Michigan)
Pai-Ling Yin, (Stanford University)

Throw Away the Jail or Throw Away the Key? the Effect of Punishment on Recividism and Social Cost - abstract and paper
Miguel de Figueiredo, (Northwestern University)

When Do Voters Punish Corrupt Politicians? Experimental Evidence from Brazil - abstract and paper
Miguel de Figueiredo, (Northwestern University)
F. Daniel Hidalgo, (MIT)
Yuri Kasahara, (University of Oslo)

Removing Rents: Why the Legal System is Superior to the Income Tax at Reducing Income Inequality - abstract and paper
Gerrit De Geest, (Washington University)

The Death of Caveat Emptor - abstract
Gerrit De Geest, (Washington University)

Plural Forms in Brazil’s Automobile Fuel Distribution Sector: Evaluation of the Profile and Stability of Plural Governance in São Paulo State - abstract and paper
Selene de Souza Siqueira Soares, (Universidade de São Paulo (FEAUSP))
Maria Sylvia Macchione Saes, (Universidade de São Paulo (FEAUSP))

Judicial Independence? Evidence from the Philippine Supreme Court (1970-2003) - abstract
Desiree A. Desierto, (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Consumer Credit on American Indian Reservations - abstract and paper
Valentina P. Dimitrova-Grajzl, (Virginia Military Institute)
Peter Grajzl, (Washington and Lee University)
A. Joseph Guse, (Washington and Lee University)
Richard M. Todd, (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)

Serial Referendums on Alcohol Prohibition: a New Zealand Invention - abstract and paper
Benoit Dostie, (HEC Montreal)
Ruth Dupre, (HEC Montreal)

Market Structure, Reputation, and the Value of Quality Certification - abstract and paper
Daniel W. Elfenbein, (Washington University in St. Louis)
Raymond Fisman, (Columbia University)
Brian McManus, (University of North Carolina)

Bounded Rationality As an Essential Ingredient of the Holdup Problem - abstract and paper
Mathias Erlei, (Clausthal University of Technology)
Wiebke Ross, (Clausthal University of Technology)

Teamwork As a Self-discipling Device - abstract and paper
Matthias Fahn, (University of Munich)
Hendrik Hakenes, (University of Bonn, CEPR, MPI Bonn)

A New Methodology for Evaluating Redistricting Plans - abstract
Benjmin Fifield, (Princeton University)
Michael Higgins, (Princeton University)
Kosuke Imai, (Princeton University)

Courts, Legislatures, and Property Rule Changes: Lessons from Eminent Domain During the 19th Century Railroad Boom - abstract and paper
Robert K. Fleck, (Clemson University)
F. Andrew Hanssen, (Clemson University)

Roman Business Associations - abstract and paper
Andreas M. Fleckner, (Max Planck Society)

The Digital Reorganization of Firm Boundaries: It Use and Vertical Integration in U.s. Manufacturing - abstract and paper
Chris Forman, (Georgia Tech)
Kristina McElheran, (Harvard Business School & MIT)

The Indian Reorganization Act, Tribal Sovereignty, and Economic Development - abstract and paper
Dustin Frye, (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Modeling Production in the Creative Commons - abstract and paper
Massimiliano Gambardella, (Univ. Paris Ouest and Group MoVimento 5 Stelle)
Matthijs den Besten, (Group Sup De Co-Montpellier Business School)

Strategic Spending in Federal Government: Theory and Evidence from the Us - abstract and paper
Pablo Garofalo, (University of Houston)

Institutional Economics Meets the Cost of Capital: Implications for Public Versus Private Infrastructure Delivery - abstract
Rick Geddes, (Cornell University)
Joshua Goldman, (Skadden Arps)

The Reputation Trap of Ngo Accountability - abstract and paper
Stephen E. Gent, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Mark J. C. Crescenzi, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Elizabeth J. Menninga, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Lindsay Reid, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Eurozone Bank Crisis & Federalism - abstract and paper
Nicholas Georgakopoulos, (Indiana Univ, R.H. McKinney Sch of Law)

Determinants of Corporate Governance Codes - abstract
Carsten Gerner-Beuerle, (London School of Economics)

Testing for the Interaction of Formal and Informal Contracts - abstract and paper
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins University)
Giorgio Zanarone, (CUNEF)

The Relationship Between Population Density and Crime: Evidence from the Government Shutdown of 2013 - abstract
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)
Mario Macis, (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Us Video Game Industry: Assessing Theories of Vertical Integration - abstract
Ricard Gil, (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)
Frederic Warzynski, (Aarhus University)

Nation-building and Institutional Change: Lessons from U.s. Special Forces - abstract and paper
Matt Golsteyn, (Fayetteville State University)
Steve Phelan, (Fayetteville State University)

Nation-building and Institutional Change: Lessons from U.s. Special Forces - abstract
Mathew Golsteyn, (Fayetteville State University)
Steve Phelan, (Fayetteville State University)

Land Tenure, Price Shocks and Insurgency: Evidence from Peru - abstract and paper
Jenny Guardado, (New York University)

Endogenous Institutions and Economic Outcomes. - abstract and paper
Carmine Guerriero, (ACLE and University of Amsterdam)

Why Would Inefficient Contractual Arrangements Persist in Agrarian Society in Indonesia? - abstract
Yohanna M. L. Gultom, (Universitas Indonesia/Oregon State University)

The Carbon Market and Economic Factors That Can Affect Emissions Reduction Success - abstract and paper
Sara Gurfinkel M. Godoy, (University of São Paulo)
Sylvia Saes, (University of São Paulo)
Rubens Nunes, (University of São Paulo)

Microfoundations of the Rule of Law - abstract and paper
Gillian K. Hadfield, (University of Southern California)
Barry R. Weingast, (Stanford University)

More is Less: Why Parties May Deliberately Write Incomplete Contracts - abstract and paper
Maija Halonen-Akatwijuka, (University of Bristol)
Oliver Hart, (Harvard)

Demanding Supply: Path-dependent Informality in Jordan's Water Sector Under King Abdullah Ii - abstract
Allison S. Hartnett, (University of Oxford)

Beyond Asset Ownership: Employment and Asset-less Firms in a Property-rights Theory of the Firm - abstract and paper

The High Quality of Piece Rate - abstract
Walid Hejazi, (University of Toronto)
Brian S. Silverman, (University of Toronto)
Brent Perekoppi, (University of Toronto)

Impact of Federal Preemption on Competition in the United States Telegraph Market - abstract
Aaron M. Honsowetz, (George Mason University)

England: Dominant Coalition in Transition: the Rise of the Merchant-navy Alliance After 1600 - abstract and paper
Jerry F. Hough , (Duke University)
Robin Grier, (University of Oklahoma)

Contagion Entrepreneurship: Institutional Support, Strategic Incoherence and the Social Costs of Over-entry - abstract and paper
Richard Hunt, (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)

Demand-side Drivers of Entrepreneurial Activity: a Cliometric Reassessment Using Socially Embedded Historical Artifacts - abstract and paper
Richard Hunt, (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)

Increasing Vertical Integration in Brazilian Orange Juice Sector After 1990: Power and Transaction Costs - abstract and paper
Nobuiuki C. Ito, (University of São Paulo)
Decio Zylbersztajn, (University of São Paulo)

Institutional Development, Capital Accumulation, and the Emergence of Civilizations - abstract and paper
Thorsten Janus, (University of Wyoming)
Jamus Lim, (World Bank)

Wealth Effects Versus Credit Constraints As Drivers of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Mortgage Reform - abstract
Thais Jensen, (University of Copenhagen)
Soren Leth-Petersen, (University of Copenhagen)
Ramana Nanda, (Harvard Business School)

Taxes, National Identity, and Nation Building: Evidence from France - abstract and paper
Noel Johnson, (George Mason University)

Business Cycles with Revolutions - abstract and paper
Lance Kent, (College of William and Mary)
Toan Phan, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Incumbent Vertical Market Power, Experimentation, and Institutional Design in the Deregulating Electricity Industry - abstract and paper
L. Lynne Kiesling, (Northwestern University)

Evaluation of Community-driven Development in Nigeria's Niger Delta Region: Use of the Institutional Analysis in Development (iad) Framework - abstract and paper
Mwangi S. Kimenyi, (Brookings Institution, Africa Growth Initiative)
Temesgen T. Deressa, (Brookings Institution, Africa Growth Initiative)
Jessica E. Pugliese, (Brookings Institution, Africa Growth Initiative)
Andrew Onwuemele, (Nigerian Institute for Social & Economic Research)
Micah Mendie, (Partnerships Initiatives in the Niger Delta)

Reverse Engineering Chinese Censorship - abstract
Gary King, (Harvard University)
Jennifer Pan, (Harvard University)
Margaret E. Roberts, (Harvard University)

Institutional and Organizational Governance: Design Principles and Adaptation - abstract
Peter G. Klein, (University of Missouri and NHH)
Joseph T. Mahoney, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Anita M. McGahan, (University of Toronto)
Christos N. Pitelis, (University of Bath)

International Cooperation, Parties and Ideology - abstract
Jan Klingelhöfer, (RWTH Aachen University)

Unified China and Divided Europe - abstract and paper
Chiu Yu Ko, (National University of Singapore )
Mark Koyama, (George Mason University )
Tuan-Hwee Sng, (National University of Singapore )

Some Controversial Aspects of the Financial Meltdown of 2008 - abstract and paper
John Komlos, (Duke)

An Empirical Analysis of Self-enforcement Mechanisms: Evidence from Hotel Franchising - abstract and paper
Renata Kosova, (Imperial College London)
Giorgo Sertsios, (Universidad de los Andes )

Institutional Development, Non-market Transaction Costs and Economic Growth: Evidence from a Cross-country Investigation - abstract and paper
Mitja Kovac, (Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana)
Rok Spruk, (Utrecht University Department of economic history)

The Price of Justice: International Criminal Accountability and Civil Conflict - abstract and paper
Daniel Krcmaric, (Duke University )

The Birth of Surrogate Motherhood Law: an Economic Analysis of Institutional Reform - abstract and paper
Pavel Kuchar, (University of Turin)

Agency Problems in Entrepreneurial Firms - abstract and paper
Elena Kulchina, (Duke University)

Fighting Against Democracy. Military Factions in the Second Spanish Republic and Civil War (1931-1939) - abstract and paper
Alvaro La Parra-Perez, (University of Maryland)

Serial Entrepreneurship: Learning by Doing? - abstract and paper
Francine Lafontaine, (University of Michigan)
Kathryn L. Shaw, (Stanford University)

Regulatory Design Choices in Communications Policy – Investment in Infrastructure and Net Neutrality in the Usa and the Eu - abstract and paper
Pierre Larouche, (Tilburg University, Tilburg Law School, TILEC)

Business Associations, Lobbying, and Welfare - abstract and paper
Maria Larrain, (Tilburg University)
Jens Prüfer, (Tilburg UNiversity)

What Led to the Ban on Same-sex Marriage in California?: Structural Estimation of Voting Data on Proposition 8 - abstract
Vardges Levonyan, (ETH Zurich)

Filling the Institutional Void: Roles of Associations in China’s Healthcare Sector - abstract and paper
Mingzhi Li, (Tsinghua University. China)
Kai Reimers, (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
Bin Xie, (Tsinghua University, China)
Xunhua Guo, (Tsinghua University, China)

The Burden of Past Promises - abstract and paper
Jin Li, (Kellogg M&S, Northwestern University)
Niko Matouschek, (Kellogg M&S, Northwestern University)
Michael Powell, (Kellogg M&S, Northwestern University)

The Successor’s Dilemma in Authoritarian Regimes: Theory and Evidence - abstract
Yuan Li, (U of Duisburg-Essen; Stockholm School of Economics)
Shu Yu, (University of Groningen)
Yongjing Zhang, (University of Ottawa)

Independence of the Judiciary: Measuring the Political Bias of the Brazilian Courts - abstract and paper
Felipe M. Lopes, (Sao Paulo School of Economics)
Paulo F. Azevedo, (Sao Paulo School of Economics)

Make or Buy Decisions for Strategic Problem Solving: a Knowledge-based Examination in Medical Device Manufacturing - abstract and paper
Jeffrrey Macher, (Georgetown University (McDonough))

Inside the Mnc: Structuring Ownership of Firm-specific Advantages - abstract and paper
Catherine Magelssen, (London Business School)
Susan Feinberg, (Temple University)

Vertical Scope and Location Choice - abstract
Octavio J. Martinez, (University of Toronto)

The Rise of Deep Determinants - abstract and paper
Robbert Maseland, (University of Groningen)

Productivity and Quality in Health Care: Evidence from the Dialysis Industry - abstract and paper
Ryan McDevitt, (Duke)
Paul Grieco, (Penn State)

Endogenous Parliamentarism - abstract and paper
Stephan Michel, (University of Hamburg )

Mechanisms of Community Prosecution: Evidence from Cook County - abstract
Thomas Miles, (University of Chicago Law School)

Ex Ante Investment, Ex Post Adaptation, and Asset Ownership - abstract and paper
Yusuke Mori, (University of Tokyo)

Trust, Organization and Efficiency: Evidence from Rwanda's Coffee Wet Mills - abstract
Ameet Morjaria, (Harvard Academy)
Rocco Macchiavello, (Warwick)

Public-private Monopoly - abstract and paper
Marian Moszoro, (Berkeley-Haas)

Theorizing Urban Form in Developing Countries: Informal Property Markets and the Production of the Built Environment - abstract and paper
Ephraim K Munshifwa, (University of Cape Town)
Manya M Mooya, (University of Cape Town)

Female Brain Drains and Women’s Rights Gaps: a Gravity Model Analysis of Bilateral Migration Flows - abstract and paper
Maryam Naghsh Nejad, (IZA)
Andrew Young, (West Virginia University)

Career Experience Replaced: Emergence of Japanese Internal Labor Markets - abstract and paper
Masaki Nakabayashi, (The University of Tokyo)

The Regulation of Exit: Political Economy of Passport Costs - abstract and paper
Timur Natkhov, (Higher School of Economics)
Leonid Polishchuk, (Higher School of Economics)

The Effects of Prenatal Testosterone on Adult Wages: Evidence from Russian Rmls Data and Measured 2d:4d Digit Ratios - abstract and paper
John V.C. Nye, (George Mason University)
Ekaterina Kochergina, (Higher school of economics, Moscow)
Ekaterina Orel, (Higher school of economics, Moscow)
Maria Yudkevich, (Higher school of economics, Moscow)

A Blessing and a Curse: How Oil Impacts Center-seeking and Separatist Civil Wars - abstract and paper
Jack Paine, (University of California, Berkeley)

Does Trade Reduce Infant Mortality? Evidence from Sub-saharan Africa - abstract and paper
Pallavi Panda, (University of California, Riverside)

Liability Rule Failures? Evidence from German Court Decisions - abstract and paper
Annika Pape, (Leuphana University Lueneburg)

Resource Cursed or Policy Cursed? the Violent Consequences of Conflict Mineral Legislation in the Drc - abstract and paper
Dominic Parker, (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Bryan Vadheim, (London School of Economics)

Seduction and Violence in Autocratic Regimes - abstract and paper
Jean-Philippe Platteau, (U. of Namur & U. of Oxford)
Petros Sekeris, (U. of Portsmouth)

Legislative Changes and Their Impact on Divorce, Separation and Marriage Rates in Brazil - abstract and paper
Antonio J. Porto, (Getulio Vargas Foundation)
Pedro H. Butelli, (Getulio Vargas Foundation)

If Congestion Pricing is So Wonderful Why Are There So Few Examples? - abstract
Charles Prestrud, (Washington State Dept. of Transportation)

Trusting Privacy in the Cloud - abstract
Jens Prüfer, (Tilburg University)

The Politics of Redistribution: Beliefs, Institutions and Evidence from 63 Countries - abstract and paper
Jiwei Qian, (National University of Singapore)
Araral Eduardo, (National University of Singapore)

China’s Expanding Social Assistance Programs and “fragmented Authoritarianism” - abstract and paper
Jiwei Qian, (National University of Singapore)

Private Scope in Public-private Partnerships: Experience and Institutional Determinants - abstract and paper
Bertrand V. Quelin, (HEC Paris, France)
Sandro Cabral, (Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Brazil)
Sergio Lazzarini, (Insper, Brazil)
Ilze Kivleniece, (Imperial College London, UK)

Providing Public Access to Confidential, Big Social Science Datasets - abstract
Jerome P. Reiter, (Duke University)

Organizational Rigidities in and Organizational Innovation in Non Profits: the Marketplace for American Jewish Institutions - abstract and paper
Barak Richman, (Duke University)

Institutional Innovations for Environmental Governance when Monitoring is Limited: the Case of Small-scale Gold Mining - abstract and paper
Luz A. Rodriguez, (Duke University)
Alex Pfaff, (Duke University)
Maria Alejandra Velez, (Universidad de los Andes)

A Multilevel Analysis of the Effects of Perceptions of Justice on the Use of Social Sanctions - abstract and paper
Maïva Ropaul, (Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II))

Small is Beautiful? Firm Size, Prevention and Food Safety - abstract
Elodie Rouvière, (AgroParisTech)
Raphael Soubeyran, ( INRA-LAMETA)

How to Screen Miners’ Skills: Recruiting in the Coal Mining in Early Twentieth Century Japan - abstract and paper
Mayo Sakai, (The University of Tokyo)

Democracy Versus Dictatorship? the Political Determinants of Growth Episodes - abstract
kunal sen, (University of Manchester)
Sabyasachi Kar, (Institute of Economic Growth, India)
Selim Raihan, (University of Dhaka)

How to Indirectly Measure Market Transaction Costs - abstract and paper
Felippe Serigati, (São Paulo School of Economics - FGV)
Paulo Azevedo, (São Paulo School of Economics - FGV)

One Case That Illustrates the Role of Institutional Analysis in Overcoming the Hostility Tradition in Antitrust - abstract and paper
Andrei Shastitko, (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Svetlana Golovanova, (National Research University - Higher School of Ec)

Economists and Lawyers: Implacable Enemies or Potential Best Friends. - abstract and paper
Anastasia Shastitko, (Lomonosov Moscow State University )

Relational Influence Buying - abstract
Orie Shelef, (Stanford University)

How Organizational Hierarchy Affects Information Production - abstract and paper
Janis Skrastins, (London Business School)
Vikrant Vig, (London Business School)

The Elements of Possession - abstract and paper
Henry E. Smith, (Harvard Law School)

From Communal Irrigation to Irrigation Districts: an Economic Assessment of New Mexico’s Transition - abstract and paper
Steven M. Smith, (Haverford College)

Enforcing Covenants Not to Compete: the Life-cycle Impact on New Firms - abstract and paper
Evan Starr, (University of Michigan)
Natarajan Balasubramanian, (Syracuse University)
Mariko Sakakibara, (University of California Los Angeles)

Are Autocrats More Environment-friendly Than Democrats? Investigating the Impact of the Regime Type on Environmental Targets in Developing Countries - abstract
Katharina M. K. Stepping, (German Development Institute (DIE))
Lilli Banholzer, (German Development Institute (DIE))

Accounting for the Size of Nations: Empirical Determinants of Secessions and the Soviet Breakup - abstract and paper
Marvin Suesse, (Humboldt University of Berlin / UC Berkeley)

Franchising and Productivity in the Retail Establishment Sector - abstract and paper
Matthew Sveum, (University of Missouri)
Michael Sykuta, (University of Missouri)

Did the Military Spearhead the Fight Against Corruption in Thailand? - abstract and paper
Supruet Thavornyutikarn, (Thammasat University)

Financial Regulation and Financial Development: Tradeoff or Synergy? a Transaction Costs Approach - abstract and paper
Stavros B. Thomadakis, (University of Athens, Greece)
Konstantinos I. Loizos, (University of Athens, Greece)

Relational Contracts and Corruption - abstract
Marta Troya Martinez, (University of Oxford)
Liam Wren-Lewis, (Paris School of Economics)

Forensic Laboratory Independence, Control, and the Quality of Forensic Testimony - abstract and paper
Patrick L. Warren, (Clemson University)

Employment, Markets, Contracts, and the Scope of the Firm - abstract and paper
birger wernerfelt, (mit)

Colonial Democratic Legacies - abstract
Steven Wilkinson, (Yale University)
Massimiliano G. Onorato, (IMT Lucca)

Culture and the Cost of Contract Enforcement - abstract and paper
Claudia Williamson, (Mississippi State University)

Raising Dragons - abstract
Melanie Meng Xue, (George Mason University)
John Nye, (George Mason University; )

An Impact of Different Regulatory Regimes on the Effectiveness of Public Procurement - abstract and paper
Andrei Yakovlev, (Higher School of Economics)
Andrey Tkachenko, (Higher School of Economics)
Olga Demidova, (Higher School of Economics)
Olga Balaeva, (Higher School of Economics)

Inequality and Corruption: the Role of Land Reform in Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines - abstract and paper
Jong-sung You, (UC San Diego)

The Intrinsic Social Cost of Public Goods: Revising (downward) the Optimal Size of Government - abstract and paper
Martin Zelder, (Duke University)

Perceptions of Fairness and Preferences for Redistribution After Information Exposure: Evidence from an On-line Experiment - abstract
Jan Zilinsky, (University of Chicago)